Top 3 Nathan Furniture Available for Immediate Delivery

Top 3 Nathan Furniture Available for Immediate Delivery

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May 20th, 2024

We all love that rapid Amazon next-day delivery, but does it apply to furniture outlets, too? Luckily, Hunter Furnishing offers a range of Nathan Furniture available for immediate delivery, so you can get whatever you want as quickly as you need.

The range of immediate delivery items is pervasive, so if you have a broad range of furniture items you need, then there is a good chance you will find them here. You can rest assured that you are also getting the best quality from Nathan Furniture. This guide will showcase the top 5 Nathan Furniture pieces available to buy right now.

3 Best Nathan Furniture Available for Immediate Delivery

  • Nathan Cornholme Desk

Nathan Cornholme Desk
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On the search for a desk to suit your ideal home office? Look no further.

The sleek, glossy oak finish on the desktop gives off that feeling of new working space, offering plenty of room for laptops, monitors, or paperwork. Stick a lovely plant on top to achieve that organic feel. On top, you will also find two flip-out oak wood hinges offering a perfect place to hold power bricks, chargers, and any electric devices. The wood includes two small slits to fit any wires through, offering that brilliant ease of use.

Moving down the desk, you will find two pull-out drawers with handles for easy use. Offering you optimal space for whatever stationery you might have but don’t want to clutter your worktop. The opposing African walnut drawer handles contrast well with the rest of the desk and clearer indicate its intended use.

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The desk features four slanted oak legs designed to keep the desk sturdy at all times while keeping it solid and durable throughout its time.

It can be hard to find modern desks with exceptional quality built to last you a lifetime. However, that can’t be said for this beautiful Cornholme desk. The oak wood makes this desk simple yet striking at the same time while offering supreme durable quality. The opposing African walnut drawer handles contrast well with the rest of the desk and clearly indicate its intended use.

  • Ercol Pebble Nest of Tables

Ercol Pebble Nest of Tables
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This one is for you for those who feel they need more space in the living room. These nests of tables are perfect for those looking for a unique piece of furniture while keeping that neutral, modern approach to their home. The organic leaf shape offers a unique design rarely seen in nested furniture.

The sleek Elm & beech matt finish gives off a beautiful finish for a contemporary look. The practicality purposes are self-explanatory. Built to fit neatly amongst each other, these tables can be pulled out according to how much space you need at the time and can be pushed back under to clear up the room. It’s perfect for those who have frequent visitors or children who come over and need that additional temporary space.

  • Venjakob Albero Display Cabinet

Venjakob Albero Display Cabinet
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Storage space within any room is important; sometimes, it can take time to have enough of it. This tall, contemporary-styled display cabinet is the perfect storage solution. The intelligent glass displays midway through the cabinet offer you a space to showcase your favorite ornaments, providing you with a practical and aesthetical piece of furniture. To top it off, the bottom and display section of the cabinet features internal plinth lighting to capture what you showcase.

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The top and bottom feature two pull-open cabinets, each offering plenty of storage space for the stuff you don’t mind not having on display. The lacquer matt white finish on the cabinets and the striking light oak pillar through the center create a unique modern look. It is undoubtedly a centerpiece for any room.

Overall, this display cabinet is a substantial investment for all homes with a contemporary style, offering both a statement piece and practical use.

To Summarise

Hunter Furnishing offers an extensive range of Nathan Furniture, all available for immediate delivery. The range varies from chairs, desks, mattresses, sofas, or cabinets. Whatever it is you may be looking for, there’s a good chance they might have it.

The delivery process couldn’t be any easier. On the day of the delivery, ensure that the delivery team can maneuver and access the desired room as quickly as possible. That means providing the room is clear of any clutter or furniture that could cause a hazard. The team will unwrap and place the goods in the position you require and assemble anything needed unless it is a large piece, like wardrobes, where there may be additional costs.

It’s as easy as that, all curated by the beautiful delivery team and sealed off by your approval. Happy shopping!

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