6 Things Your Bedroom Needs for A Successful Slumber 

6 Things Your Bedroom Needs for A Successful Slumber 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Home Decor, Updated On
April 25th, 2024

Sleep hygiene and experiencing better sleep are vital for everyone. Some are in a routine of eight hours a night, and others get a few hours of sleep. What could be the difference between the two? You must be in charge of certain things to have a good night’s sleep. For instance, you can do some stretches before bed, invest in these mattresses at Costco, avoid some foods that keep you up, and try distressing activities before bed. But there are some things you may be overlooking, and they are vital for a good and restful sleep. Here are things your bedroom needs to help you sleep better.

6 Things Your Bedroom Needs for A Successful Slumber

  • A clean floor

Messy clothes, books piled on chairs, laundry everywhere, work files all over the floor, and any other type of clutter are all distractions. Also, such an environment causes stress, and the bedroom should not cause any anxiety. But be a place to feel calm, restful, and relaxed. Your bedroom should be minimalist in appearance and design. Therefore, hang clothes and clean up before bedtime hour. So when your head hits the pillow, you are calm and do not get overwhelmed with how your room looks when you lie down to sleep.

  • Softly coloured walls


What colour do you have on your walls? Does it calm you when you enter the room or make you feel excited to do something else? Bright colours such as red, pink, and yellow are intense for the bedroom. So, they will only affect the quality of sleep you get. Choose a blue colour for your bedroom. Research supports it as the best to promote sleep, and you can opt for other short shades of yellow and green that create a calming atmosphere. If you have always had bright colours, choose soft colours if you want a successful slumber.

  • The thermostat set at 65


One rule for good sleep is quiet, dark, and calm. Thus, for better sleep every night. Have your thermostat set at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It promotes the longest and deepest sleep. The reason to choose this temperature is that the hotter you are, the more you will experience shorter and lighter sleep. Choose a temperature where your body remains cool to promote falling asleep fast, deeper, and longer. So, the 65-degree Fahrenheit temperature should work for most people.

  • Minimal bedding


Sleeping under heavy blankets at night is a setup for a restless night. No matter the temperatures outside, you need your body temperature to be below average to sleep better and stay asleep. When you are too warm, it is difficult for your body to cool down. Therefore, it is a challenge for you to sleep well. Thus, look for light and comfortable bedding, and if you sweat a lot at night, consider using moisture-wicking products. Also, you can decide to sleep with no pyjamas, and you will be surprised at how comfortable you will be.

  • Have no electronics

have no electronics

An hour to bedtime should be the time to meditate and prep for sleep, not rushing through social media before you sleep. Most people are guilty of binging under the cover, before bed emails, and other things people do online, but good sleepers know what is better for them. The devices people use at night produce a blue light, blocking the flow of melatonin and delaying the onset of sleep. So, it is best to leave your phone and laptops in the living room or the next room to make it a habit not to use them in bed, and your sleep quality will improve automatically.

  • Have a pitch-black room.

Have a pitch-black room 

How dark is your bedroom after you switch off the lights? If you still have blinking lights from the air conditioner, alarm clock, air filter, and other things, it is not dark enough. The environment of your sleeping area should be pitched back if you want to experience better sleep. The little lights can disturb sleep even through closed eyelids. So, unplug before bed, cover items with blinking lights, or turn them off to create a pitch-black room to sleep soundly.

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