Wonderful Hair Techniques: How Permanent Is Hair Transplant?

Wonderful Hair Techniques: How Permanent Is Hair Transplant?

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September 26, 2021

The latest technologies have brought about a great improvement in hair transplant procedures. Unlike the pronounced and visible hair plug techniques of the past, hair transplants now produce natural and long-lasting impressions.

Hair transplant or hair implantation is a successful procedure to restore fallen hair. It involves the shifting of your hair follicles from the healthy donor areas to bald areas on your scalp.

Usually, people suffering from hair fall are the right candidates to receive the treatment. However, the treatment generates long-lasting outcomes. Due to a long-term effect, hair transplants are deemed permanent hair fall solutions. You can even have professional hair transplant in Karachi Pakistan a third-world country.

Wonderful Hair Techniques: How Permanent Is Hair Transplant?

This write-up will include information that will help you understand, how permanent is hair transplant? Moreover, it will also include knowledge regarding the procedure and its recovery.

What are the commonly used hair transplants?

The two types of hair transplantation procedures that are presently in use are:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This method includes the removal of a patch of skin from the donor location. Next, the hair follicles are separated and infixed into the afflicted areas on the scalp.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): It involves the extraction of hair follicles individually to transplant them to the targeted areas on the scalp.

How permanent is hair transplant? Does it last a lifetime?

Once your surgeon completes the procedure, you will go home. Your surgeon will prescribe you a few medications that will help you recover soon. However, the skin takes a little time after the surgery to heal.

You might experience shock hair loss soon after your comeback during the first three months of your surgery. Shock hair loss refers to the loss of transplanted hair. It is usual and is common after the surgery. The prominent results are visible within 6-12 months after surgery.

Natural hair growth improves and provides an aesthetic appearance after the surgery. The hair follicles moved to a new location are permanent and there is no way back to their previous spot.

Hair transplants are assumed to be permanent due to their long-term positive impact on hair growth and development. Nevertheless, similar to every other hair follicle on your scalp, the transplanted follicles also have an expiry period. So, after a certain time, hair development might slow down.

Therefore, hair transplant as a permanent solution means a long-time remedy that might, in some cases, deteriorate or slow down.

Are follow-up treatments important after the first hair transplant?

Follow-up treatments are important when the desired look is not achievable in a single session. The result decides whether the candidate wishes for follow-up treatment or not. However, for some people, the surgeon recommends more than one procedure to obtain outstanding results.

What should I expect from the transplanted hair?

The growth of transplanted hair is visible within a year. As you are the one who donated the hair follicles, the hair you receive will be identical to the rest of your scalp hair.

The improvement in growth and development of the hair will result in a fuller hairline. Furthermore, you can effortlessly style transplanted hair as per your choice.

What should I do before the course of action?

Before getting the procedure, consult your surgeon and discuss the effect of the treatment. Share your fears and what you expect your hair to look like. Look at the previous patients’ before and after pictures to gain an idea of what a transplant looks like.

The bottom line:

The hair transplant technique is a wonderful remedy for hair thinning. The transplanted hair stays for a longer duration and furnishes you with good looks and confidence.

The hair transplant technique itself is irreversible and so is known as permanent. However, the selection of a proficient surgeon is necessary to attain the desired and natural-looking hairline. You can search for a highly experienced hair specialist in Karachi online and book your consultation session as well.

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