How Successful Is A Hair Transplant?

How Successful Is A Hair Transplant?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
July 30, 2021

Before we start discussing the process for hair transplantation, we must discuss what hair transplantation is.

Hair transplantation is a process opted by people looking for hair fall treatment options. When people have tried out all the oils and shampoos in the world that claim to do the job, and they don’t work, this leaves them on a hunt for a permanent option like transplantation.

Hair transplantation works for anyone facing hair thinning issues. It is a one-stop solution to resolve the constant trauma of hair fall and the gradually increasing visibility of the scalp.

How is hair transplantation done?

How Successful Is A Hair Transplant1

A hair transplant is performed by experts in the field by taking hair from other parts of the body. After gathering the hair, it is attached by grafting onto the part of your scalp that needs hair.

Many men and women lose hair every day and usually resort to over-the-counter pills as a restoration method that may or may not work. Hair transplantation is another form of restoration method for hair loss but has guaranteed results for working.

How do hair transplants work?

Hair transplantations have larger success rates than over-the-counter drugs.

There are 80% chances of the transplanted hair growing back. However, it takes approximately four months for that to happen.

It is important to note that a hair transplant will revive back your regular hair, and therefore it will thin over the years.

Many people frequently have dormant hair follicles that stop hair from regrowing. Thus, people with hair follicles that do not allow regrowth will not benefit from a hair transplant.

In such a scenario, hair transplantation is usually not as successful. However, the transplantation may succeed if the person decides to get plasma therapy after getting a transplant.

Although hair transplants are becoming largely popular, they might work for everybody. They only work when you have naturally thinning or have lost hair due to an injury.

Most of the hair transplants are done with the existing hair on your body. Therefore, they may not work with cancer patients who have lost hair as a result of chemotherapy. Additionally, a hair transplant may not cover a thick scar from a deep scalp injury.

What determines the cost of hair transplantation?

The cost of a hair transplant differs from one clinic to another. It is best to get it done from the best hair transplantation clinic in Bangalore to ensure quality results.

The costs of a hair transplant at any clinic will depend on how many sittings your procedure takes, the surgeon you choose, and the surgical technique you choose for your transplant.

Your health insurance will not cover your hair transplant as it falls into a cosmetic expense. This means that you will have to bear the cost of a hair transplant all by yourself.

There are aftercare hair transplant medications that you might have to consume after the procedure. Therefore you’ll also have to consider those costs while budgeting for your hair transplant.

Final thoughts

Hair transplantations are a completely safe hair restoration option to go for under medical supervision. Before getting a hair transplant, you should check with your doctor or the medical professional at the clinic if you’re eligible for one.

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