What is body scrubbing and why is it important?

What is body scrubbing and why is it important?

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March 10, 2021
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We all are always conscious and remain concerned about our faces and try ways to have clear and radiant skin. But while doing that we often neglect the other parts of the body which demands our equal attention. Just like the face, we need to use a scrubber to exfoliate our skin to make it soft, smooth, and supple. Skincare routine is not just limited to the face, it includes your body, hands, and legs as well. Every body part needs proper care thus in this blog we will make you aware of what is body scrubbing, how it is important and how to do it. It is time to upgrade from the normal soaps to effective body scrubbers.

What is body scrubbing?

Body scrubbing is a way of removing the dead skin cells from the skin to take out the baby’s soft skin which feels smooth and supple. Body scrubbing also increases blood circulation. The granules of the scrubber when rubbed on the skin, it increases the blood circulation in the skin surface. Here it must be remembered not to be too harsh with your rubbing the body scrubber to your skin else it will in turn damage the outer layer of the skin and would cause skin irritation and break out. Sugar and salt particles are the essential element which makes the granules of body scrubber as they work very effectively to remove the dirt and impurities from the pores of the skin and also remains gentle on the skin. By removing the impurities, clear and radiant skin will appear.

Importance of body scrubbing

This method of body scrubbing is native to Egyptian people who used to exfoliate their skin by mixing sugar in perfumed oil. The effective method has now become a famous part of the skincare regime of people of the current times. It has numerous benefits not only to the skin but also in the mind of the people. You must have heard that taking care of the outer body is effective for the positive well-being of the mind and soul as well. So, the cloth that is donning our inner self needs to be taken care of time and then. The experienced skin whitening specialist of Skinhairandyou always puts emphasis on taking proper care of the body. You may contact them to get the best body scrubbing treatment. There are three types of body scrubbing, water-based, oil-based, and powder form. Choose anyone and start using it on your own or get a spa treatment for a more relaxing and rejuvenating session along with exfoliation.

Smooth and polished skin

As already mentioned, the sugar and salt granules in the scrubber draw out the dirt, dust, pollutants and other impurities from the pores of the skin and the gentle massage of the scrubber in the body exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin making it look brighter and softer. It is very important to scrub the areas of the knees and elbow where there occur many small bumps and make the skin rough.

Boosts the blood flow in the skin

Exfoliation of the skin increases blood circulation and skin cell turnover. Good blood circulation in the skin is very needed to have healthy skin as it helps to remove the waste product and free radicals from the skin. When more oxygen will reach the cells, they will have healthy growth and you will have radiant, nourished, and younger-looking skin. The scrubber is the best way to boost blood flow by massaging the skin.

Prevents ingrown hair

Body scrubbing helps in preventing ingrown hair. Exfoliating helps in removing the dead skin cells from the pores which clog it and offers a way for ingrown hair. Having pimples or bumps are the symptoms one must be having ingrown hair and it is very important to treat it. Before shaving the body, one must properly exfoliate it. This doesn’t take much time and also it leaves the skin soft, smooth, and brightened.

Helps in better moisturizing

Exfoliating the skin helps in removing the dead skin cells and removing impurities from the clogged pores making the pores open. At this point in time if applied moisturizer, enters deep into the skin which helps in better working of the moisturizer. Thus, it is always recommended that after scrubbing apply moisturizer nicely which will help in having nourished and healthy skin and also increases skin hydration. Having hydrated skin is very important to have a nice glow to the body.

Stress relief

Scrubbing is beneficial in relieving stress. It has a soothing effect on the body, mind, and soul. Having clear and soft skin itself feels good to have and removing the impurities from the skin also helps in bringing a positive mental state. A calm and relaxed mind is very good for health. It is time for relaxation and rejuvenation with body scrubbing.

The direction of using a body scrub

  • Body scrubbing is an essential part of a skincare routine but it shouldn’t be done regularly.
  • Twice to thrice a week is only recommended.
  • Definitely scrub and exfoliate your body before shaving to have a better result.
  • With gentle massaging scrub your body from shoulder to toe.
  • After applying scrubbing use a moisturizer or body lotion on your slightly wet body.
  • Do not apply body scrubbing if you have any wounds in your body.
  • Have a brighter and softer baby soft skin.

To have more effective results on body scrubbing, you may opt for a body spa treatment in Skinhairandyou where the skin specialist inspects your skin type and know which product will be best suited for you. Allow yourself to have a few hours of rejuvenation session.


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