Myths about Grey Hair You Should Not Believe

Myths about Grey Hair You Should Not Believe

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Health, Published On
August 25, 2021

Many people experience premature greying. 3 in 5 people say that they have their first white hair in their early 20s. There are many myths about restoring your natural hair color, but you need to avoid these foolproof home remedies. When I was in my childhood, I heard that white hair is a sign of wisdom and maturity while it is not.

Healthy food is helpful to get healthy hair, but it will not restore natural hair color if you do not have a nutritional deficiency. My cousin had the best hair transplant in Lahore where he learned that white hair is a sign of the deficiency of the production of melamine. Eating lots of green and veggies can help to meet the deficiency.

If age is the factor that contributes to aging, you need to debunk the myths because you are just wasting your time. People often use chemicals containing products for hair health that damage the hair. Here are some myths that you need to avoid.

Myths about Grey Hair You Should Not Believe

  • Stress gives you instant gray hair

Stress cannot grow your hair gray overnight. Long time stress without age factor can result in gray hair. But if you already have white or gray hair, stress can trigger the process.

  • Plucking One White hair can grow more

It is a common myth that we should not pluck white or gray hair, as it can grow more. Never believe in such myths. It might be possible that you pluck the black hair color instead of the white that results in fresh grey hair growing in its place.

  • Lifestyle does not associate with gray hair

A healthy lifestyle affects your overall body. If we talk about smoking, it can damage your internal organs, plus can cause you to turn your natural hair color into gray before time. Vitamin B deficiency with folic acid is associated with white colors. An unhealthy lifestyle can trigger your gray hair process, but a well-balanced nutritious diet can keep them at bay but will not reverse the process.

  • Sun can turn hair into gray

Ultraviolet rays are harmful, but they do not cause any harm to your hair or skin instantly. Sun dries out the hair, but it can damage your gray hair too, if you do not cover them and go outside without wearing a hat or a scarf. Experts always suggest wearing a hat and any cap to cover up hair, or it can dry out the hair because it already has less melanin.

  • The highlight is the best solution

Hair experts say that using the same color for overall hair is a good choice rather than going for highlights. Usually, highlights disguise gray hair, and it can give you a very added look.

  • More color can give you faster gray Growth

I always hear this myth that the more you color, the faster you will get gray hair. Once you start disguising gray hair with any other dye color, it increases the contrast between the gray shade and the new color. Gray roots will be more apparent. That’s the reason why people consider this myth more often.

  • Parents to blame

Genetics can be a major cause of white hair and can put you at a high risk of getting gray hair at an early age. Genes are the factor, but they can show more signs if you are living with unhealthy lifestyle choices. For example, if you smoke, it can increase the chances of early age white hair. Studies reveal that changing lifestyle choices can be beneficial for the overall body, including hair, teeth, lungs, heart, kidneys, skin, etc. Going with a healthy diet and a clean lifestyle can delay the aging process and gray hair.

  • Permanent color is the solution

You should not believe in such myths that can put your hair health at high risk of damage. You need to go with quality products.

  • Final Thought

Visit a doctor to find out the cause of the gray hair if it’s not caused by the age factor. Healthy eating and lifestyle choices can delay the gray hair process.

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