Home collection of blood samples: Became easier in Bangalore   

Home collection of blood samples: Became easier in Bangalore  

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December 3, 2022
Last modified on January 10th, 2023

We live in a world that has faced so many adversities in recent years. In 2020, the world was struck by a deadly pandemic that has taken the lives of many. It has taken so many of our dear ones in such a short time period. Corona Virus disrupted our reality and has brought forward the tenets of a New Normal alongside it.

Some of these rules stay with us in our present or current reality. And one such New Normal tenet is the adoption of the practice of collecting blood samples from homes itself, so you can take care of your health alongside being in your comfort area.

The home collection of blood samples has contributed to the growth of our society and added up to the modern world we live in today. This practice has penetrated India as well and has found its place in the Silicon City of Bangalore too.

The pandemic was a ruthless period, but it had some good impacts as well which involved blood sample collections at home. We are moving towards progress with innovation in our hands.

The procedure of Blood Sample Collection at Home

Home collection of blood sample-

The procedure of home collection of blood samples was generated to aid those who could not arrive at Laboratories because of a certain compulsion one may or may not have. During the Pandemic when social distancing was promoted, it is evident that this procedure flourished. This practice also abided by the rule of social distancing.

These sample collections are further sent to be tested for blood tests. Through the results of these blood tests, the doctors become aware of what ailment a patient suffers from, or what the same is lacking, in terms of their bodies and health.

This procedure is done through a needle which is inserted into a vein in the arm and a small portion of the blood is sucked into tubes which are further sent to be diagnosed by Professionals.

The Side Effects

  • Infection may or may not be manifested at the spot where the needle has protruded.
  • The patient may or may not feel dizziness post-blood test.
  • The bleeding is inevitable; it may or may not lead to excessive bleeding.
  • The patient may feel heaviness or pain at the insertion spot, which will normally go away in a few days.

The Precautions

  • Aftercare is necessary. It is important to check the needle mark in case there is blood clotting or excessive bleeding.
  • Make sure to apply a bandage after drawing blood to heal it quickly.
  • Always use a new syringe to draw the blood.

Benefits of Blood Testing from Home

Home collection of blood sample-

As the home collection of blood samples is quite prevalent in all parts of the world, including Bangalore, it has become extremely convenient for people. It has even strived to help the ones who cannot physically go to the laboratories near or close to them. The benefits will be discussed accordingly: –

  • Sample collections at home save time. You do not have to reschedule your blood tests due to some other engagements, as this process is quick and very convenient.
  • Dwellers from remote places who do not have any labs near them can also make use of this service which will make it easier for them.
  • You no longer have to wait in lines to give your sample in the lab.
  • The sick and physically challenged can also use this facility from their homes.
  • This is also very convenient for elder people who cannot easily go to labs near them.
  • It reduces the spreading of any infection and diseases which are contagious in nature. The pandemic is proof enough for that.

Is this Process trustworthy and safe?

The simple answer to it is yes, it definitely is!

You do not have to worry about it at all as the blood samples will be taken by professionals who know the best and will carry the blood samples intact and uncontaminated to the lab where they will be checked by professional doctors. The report of the test will thus reach you in a very accurate shape and you can completely trust the same and utilize it in your further treatment of any kind.

This is enough to emphasize that this procedure has made it very easy for everyone. And the same has spread through Bangalore, making it very convenient for the people living there. If you live in Bangalore and are in need of getting some blood tests done, then this is the perfect medium through which you can get it done within the comforting walls of your home.

Forget all the trouble which may require you to go through all the technicalities of laboratories, as this is over. Step into the new age and taste the fruits of its comfort with the home collection of blood samples in Bangalore at your convenience!

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