4 Reasons to Explore Alternatives in Supplemental Healthcare

4 Reasons to Explore Alternatives in Supplemental Healthcare

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Health, Published On
January 10, 2023

If there is one thing most consumers can agree on it would be that the Affordable Care Act left us no better off than the state of healthcare prior to that legislation. There was so much hype going into what is often still labeled as Obamacare that once the dust settled, consumers began to realize they were no better off than they were before the legislation passed. Insurance companies that backed the bill were also disenchanted with the outcome.

They began losing money and, as a result, were covering far less than they had previously covered, financially that is. It seems like everyone came out a loser and that includes former President Obama who took the flack over a failed healthcare plan that everyone had been so excited about. Since it is a given that healthcare in America is lacking, supplemental coverage has become all the more important. Even so, which alternatives in supplemental healthcare insurance have the most to offer?

4 Reasons to Explore Alternatives in Supplemental Healthcare

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The Number and Kinds of Supplemental Benefits

In an effort to find out which supplemental insurance is best, it is vital to compare the number and kinds of benefits they offer. Take for example this comparison from InComm, a FirstLine Benefits alternative for supplemental coverage, where you can clearly see that InComm has more coverage. In fact, it offers much more coverage than FirstLine that only covers a few things and limited coverage at that. For example, InComm covers coverage for dental and vision which FirstLine doesn’t offer.  The list could go on, but the point being made is that all that coverage makes one superior over the other.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Otherwise Unaffordable Products

Sadly, there are altogether too many out-of-pocket expenses with even the best healthcare insurance and so the more coverage you get with supplemental insurance, the more attractive that coverage is. Whether you are seeking supplemental healthcare insurance as an individual or as an employer offering extra benefits to employees, it’s important to look at all the ways you can save money that you would have otherwise been paying for.

Inclusion of Nutritious Foods and Supplements

Have you ever heard of a health insurance product that offers nutritious foods to members? This is something that is extremely attractive to today’s consumers because, like everything else, the cost of groceries is through the roof. While some supplemental insurance products only include healthy foods on a few select plans, others offer it as a standard coverage on most of their plans.

OTC Product Coverage

Getting back to those dreaded out-of-pocket expenses, OTC medications are among the most dreaded. Which insurance have you ever had that enabled you to go into a pharmacy and purchase a bottle of aspirin or Tylenol that was covered by your plan? This is where supplemental insurance comes in handy, so when you need an OTC medication or health-related product, it isn’t totally out of pocket. You may have deductibles on certain supplemental policies, but that is minimal in comparison to paying the entire cost.

These are the most important reasons to explore alternatives in supplemental coverage, but they are options that cost you less and provide products not covered by your main healthcare policy. That’s a win every time.

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