Top 5 Things Why You Need Resume Editing Services

Top 5 Things Why You Need Resume Editing Services

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April 15th, 2024

The labor market is going through tough times, and finding a good job is no longer as easy as it used to be. Therefore, when looking for a job, it is essential to write a resume competently and correctly. After all, before you get to the interview and get to know your immediate superiors, a recruiter will read your resume and decide whether you are suitable for work in this company. Therefore, when everything is ready, proven, and checked, it is better to give it to your friends or acquaintances for rechecking. Ideally, you should show HR managers you know and ask their opinion.

Top 5 things why you need resume editing services

Top 5 things why you need resume editing services

In this article, you are going to meet a professional resume and CV writing company providing editing services online on the editing service of resumes. You will find what mistakes job seekers make in their resumes that irritate HR managers and employers. These are the reasons why it is important to let professionals edit your resume before you show it to a potential employer.

  • Text formatting

Different sources interpret the acceptable font size differently—from 8 to 14 points. Let’s dwell on a reasonable middle, primarily since 80% of resumes are written in 10-12 type Arial or Times New Roman. A more intricate font can cause it to be displayed incorrectly on another computer (for example, at a recruiter) and end up in the trash can.

The wrong font size also plays a negative role: the recruiter reacts in the same way—negatively—to a file stretched over five sheets in 14 font or to a page filled with a size 6 “fraction.” The text should be not only of a sane size but also structured in meaning—divided into paragraphs and indented. Otherwise, some of the nuances will be lost (unreadable).

  • Graphic design of the resume

Kill the designer within you if you’ve never worked as one. An inadequately painted resume is more a disadvantage than an advantage. You don’t need several fonts of different colors on a pink background with gray polka dots. The best option is a maximum of 2 fonts and the same number of variations (bold/italic). AND NO CAPITAL LETTERS – it’s just bad manners.

The classic text is better—black and white. Other variations are only for specialists in creative professions. In this case, restraint and good taste are above pretentiousness and eclecticism. Even for designers, artists, and writers, it is more rational to show their talents in the accompanying portfolio and not in the resume itself.

  • Literacy VS resume

We have to repeat that checking the “spelling” before sending it is not desirable, but it is an obligatory action. Regardless of whether you are a young professional or a leader with experience, do not be lazy; check for mistakes and typos. Then you don’t have to blush for stylistic howlers such as: “flogger,” “pear garbage,” “Hand-guiding position,” “straightforward,” or “pleasant for abstraction, answering. These are, unfortunately, quotes from real resumes. What do you think the employer representative imagines when reading the above? A “responsible” and punctual employee or a sloppy and careless “salary applicant”? A sample for a clean resume could help you identify how to structure your resume accordingly.

  • Photo in resume

It is another standing joke. There are two rules for a resume sent to a company.

First, if you are not applying for a position related to the responsibility of “being the face of the company,” or there is no request for a resume with a photo in the vacancy, send your resume without a photo, and you will be correct. It is hard to understand why programmers sometimes send a resume with a picture… but it happens.

Second, if you need to send a photo, you need to make a professional photo of good quality. At the same time, when inserting an image into a resume, you need to control the size of the resulting file – in some companies, there is a limit on the size of incoming messages.

A necessary clarification for ladies: as soon as you change your image, the next day, you need to change the photo in your resume online. As practice shows, while you might be looking around the hall for a blonde with a lush braid, you will be closely watched by a raven head with fashionable bangs right up to her eyelashes – your applicant, who decided to start a new life for the weekend. Only a sense of humor on both sides might help smooth out the interview that began with such an incident.

  • Obvious absurdities and absurdities with a claim to originality

A resume is not an essay about your own life, not a review or an account on social networks. It is a business document, first and foremost, and originality is the least expected of it. Therefore, an acutely protruding desire “to be different from everyone else” can be conveniently placed in the same social networks, on the pages of a blog or paper diary, at a personal exhibition, finally. But not in the resume.

Such statements as:

  • Office in the center of the Universe, doh … London;

  • Worker anywhere;

  • Bodyguard driver with intimate services included;

  • Having a high intellectual;

  • I have a tractor driver’s wallpaper degree;

  • Responsibilities: Searching for villagers with land plots for planting winter garlic of the Lyubasha variety

It will attract an entirely different kind of recruiter’s attention. That is, you will most likely find yourself on the service with a collection of funny quotes. But to work for the desired vacancy—no. Do you need it? Of course, we have chosen the most striking and hypertrophied forms of mistakes in the resume. Unfortunately, they are still found, so we draw your attention to their availability.

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