5 Reasons to Visit a Distillery Nearest You

5 Reasons to Visit a Distillery Nearest You

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
May 19, 2021

If you are fond of drinking gin, then you may have tasted numerous brands already. With so many gin distilleries popping up worldwide and even in your own country, knowing which brands to choose for your home bar may be a challenging task. Sure, you may stick with the old brands that your father and your father’s father have been drinking, but this option will leave you with a boring gin selection at home.

Fortunately, many distilleries have been opening up their doors to the public by offering gin tasting and gin masterclass experiences right within their distilleries. This strategy of distilleries is effective in creating customers who will be loyal to their brand. When customers engage by touring, tasting, and creating their gin cocktails, they tend to have a personal connection with the brands that the gin distillery is offering.

5 Reasons to Visit a Distillery Nearest You

If you are invited to a distillery, it is best to clear your schedule to attend one. Visiting a distillery for a tasting or a masterclass will give you these benefits.

Understand Gin Better

You may still get confused when between vodka and gin. When you attend a masterclass, you learn that vodka is produced flavorless during its distillation. Distilleries have distillery history, the option of adding in flavors after the neutral spirits have been distilled. On the other hand, gin needs to have a distinct flavor of juniper berries whether these botanicals are infused during or after the distillation process.

Know Why Gins Differ in Taste

Gins coming from different distilleries often taste significantly different. The reason for this is because each gin distillery has the option to modify its recipes. While the standard for gin to be called gin is juniper berries, each distillery is free to add whatever botanicals such as citrus, nuts, and spices that they prefer. When you tour a distillery, you will understand the distillery’s decision to use such botanicals and their choice of the distillation process.

Building a Brand Community

Distilleries are a reflection of their geographic location and their communities. If you visit the distillery nearest you, you will learn the distillery history and understand all the processes involved in creating their gin brands. Knowing the provenance of your gin will become a great conversation piece when you have guests at your home. Likewise, if the gin distillery is near you, then you will get to belong to a community that will remain loyal to that brand, akin to sports fans rooting for their local baseball team.

Learn to Create Your Gin

 Most masterclass tours will allow guests to create their gin flavors. You can have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of creating a gin with the botanicals that you choose. Likewise, some distilleries will let you create and name a gin bottle that you formulated.

Learn how to “Nose” and Drink Gin “Neat.” A gin distillery tour will come with a class on how to properly “nose” your gin so that you can appreciate all the aroma and flavors contained in the blend. Likewise, you will learn how to drink gin “neat.”

Chance to Purchase Rare and Special Blends

 If you visit a distillery, they may allow you to purchase special edition bottles at a much lower price than if you would purchase them from a liquor store.

There are a lot of reasons why you must visit a distillery nearest you. So, go ahead and book a schedule.

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