Top 14 Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Top 14 Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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January 16, 2021
Last modified on April 6th, 2023

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to clean your countertops & stove to clear the stubborn grease that will simply not disappear? How much money have you spent on cleaning items that are professional in the hope of solving your dirt and encouraging the cleaning services up of your kitchen? If you have not found any of these solutions and are searching for cheaper, better, and environmentally-friendly choices, you’re in the right place as no less than the top 14 simple kitchen cleaning tips are available to each woman!

Top 14 Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

kitchen cleaning tips

Water And Lemon Clean Your Oven!

We sometimes forget the microwave when it comes to the purification of our kitchen and all the appliances adjacent to it, when it is really worth our attention. The microwave is equally greasy as your kitchen sink or stove, so it needs to be washed and grated frequently – and you only have to add lemon to a cup of water! Insert and heat the oven, as the steam makes it much easier to extract the fat. Check it out!

The Easiest Way – Clean Your Toaster!

The toaster is one of the toughest kitchen utensils to clean – one thing is to eliminate small crumbs, so all toasters now have a small bread crumb tray, but how about the dirt and waste that appears to build up both inside your toaster and outside it? This is an easy, cost-effective and super quick way to clean up your toaster squeaky – you never have to worry about the germs you stick to your morning toast!

Blender Hack Fast Cleaning

There are many ways to clean a blender – you can either do it under a simple water jet, or you can extract the fruits and veggies often trapped there from an old toothbrush. However, the easiest and most effective tip to cleanse your blender if you are looking for an alternative to that is still there and it will always work to the fullest!

Clean the dirty cups of your dry cup!

This is by far one of the most impressive cleaning tips for your kitchen – who knew that you could quickly remove all your grease and food baked by adding a dryer plate and filling it with warm water? If the hot water hits the plate, it creates grazing bubbles and the sheet simply absorbs all the dirt! Fast, simple, and super effective!

With Lemon and Salt, Wipe Your Wooden Cutting Boards!

kitchen cleaning tips

This is one of the best of our top 14 simple kitchen cleaning tips. Wooden cutting boards are considered to be super hard to clean because they have a pore surface that provides a perfect bacterial atmosphere. But here is a fresh and innovative way of washing, degreasing & disinfecting your wooden cutting boards. All you need is a half lemon, a generous pinch of salt, few water drops, and a sponge that you can use to remove all food particles!

Friend Works like magic in the Liquid Bar!

It can take a lot of time to clean up your cupboards, particularly when it wasn’t done in a while and dirt began accumulating them all around. Fortunately, the liquid bar Keepers Buddy is now the perfect choice for traditional cleaning products. This simple solution will work like magic and make your wardrobes look fresh, easy to use, and sturdy, and with a nice odor. Test it and on your own closets. Check it out.

With Lemon Oil and Vinegar in 5 minutes clean your microwave!

This is another alternative to the above-mentioned cleaning method, water, and citrus fruits. With vinegar, some water, a couple of drops of lemon essential oil, and a small toothpick, you can easily achieve the same excellent results! See this way to see if it applies to you!

Clean the oven & grill cleaner for your crockpot

It can be considered to be the simplest one from our list of top 14 simple kitchen cleaning tips. Not only does it mean that you will not be able to use a cleaning product in other appliances & gadgets if it is made of metal, since it is marketed only as an ‘oven & grill cleaner’ guide. This guide will show you how to better make your traditional, multipurpose oven & grill cleaner and how fast and simple it is to remove all the dirt from your crockpot. Even for the old hard dirt that is most difficult to extract – just make sure that you have some hardcore brushes.

Copper Cleaner’s Ultimate!

This one is the ultimate tip to clean the copper from the list of the top 14 simple kitchen cleaning tips. You might also recommend salt and vinegar if you want the copper pots to be sparkling, clean, and bacteria-free! Vinegar is extremely acidic and that’s exactly what makes it your strongest friend in battling hardened dirt and grease – add some salt, and its effect will be even greater. Actually, if you wanted to clean your whole kitchen – it could operate on almost any surface, the vinegar and salt are the last combinations!

Baked Soda Clean Your Oven!

All of us know how irritating your skin & your eyes can be traditional oven and grill items, particularly if you don’t wear gloves – however, why risk the development of asthma, irritation, allergies, bronchitis, or other serious respiratory conditions when you use baking soda & achieve exactly the same outcome? How do you do it here!

With baking soda, wipe the grey stove hood!

Baking soda is certainly an ingredient stronger than vinegar or lemon juice. Baking soda will help you clean the fat stove hood cheap and readily available at just about any store or supermarket – if you have delayed it until now, maybe it is time to tackle it in your own hands. You’ll also be astonished to see how simple it is!

Oil with Oil War!

kitchen cleaning tips

As insane as it may sound, one of the most successful ways to rid your stove and kitchen of that greasy oil is by using oil! You say that drinking alcohol in the morning is the best way to cure your haven and the same is true when cleaning your oil sprinkler – but, be careful, because no oil is sufficient. In this case, mineral oil is the best option!

Super Clean Stove Burners with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda!

You will be amazed to know that this method is considered to be the super cleaning method from the list of top 14 simple kitchen cleaning tips. Hydrogen peroxide is the ultimate remover of grapes in conjunction with baking soda. Combine these two extremely potent and efficient grate removers and use them to get rid of your burners. You never have to worry about getting stained when you put on the frying pan! You never have to fret and worry about it!

Your coils are vacuum!

You would be shocked to learn, if you have one of those lightweight, handy, and portable vacuum cleaners Dyson Ball Animal 3 vs Extra like for your car, you can also clean your coils easily! This is a guide to help you understand how you can effectively use a vacuum not just for spindles but also for your air conditioning system.

Useful tips for keeping a clean kitchen

It is not enough to clean and degrease your kitchen – even when you cook or bake it must stay clean. This minimizes the time required to clean it. Here is a guide that contains some helpful ideas, suggestions, and pointers to help!

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