Different Ways to Get Mini Statement and make balance inquiry of Union Bank and PNB

Different Ways to Get Mini Statement and make balance inquiry of Union Bank and PNB

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November 16, 2022

There are several ways for Union Bank of India account holders’ clients to check their bank balances. One can check their current account balance in minutes, if not seconds, using mobile banking, SMS banking, or the union bank balance inquiry number.

Balance Inquiry Number:

Call the Union Bank balance inquiry missed call number from your registered mobile device (the one that is connected to your Union Bank of India account). The call will automatically end after two or three rings, and you will then receive an SMS on the same registered mobile number with information on your current bank balance. Customers can call the following number to check their balances: 09223008586.  Dialing the union bank balance enquiry number to receive your current balance right away is the simplest way to check your account balance.

It’s crucial to keep the bank informed of any changes to your mobile number. If your latest mobile number is not updated on Union Bank records, you will not get your balance update by choosing this option.

Union Bank SMS Banking Balance Inquiry:

To receive an immediate update on your current bank balance, draft an SMS in the format mentioned below and send it to the union bank balance enquiry number:

Text “UBAL” to 922 300 8486. (for a primary account)

Send the text “UBAL <space>Account Number” to 922 300 8486. (for other accounts)

Customers who have a savings or current account with the Union Bank of India are eligible for this service. Union Bank of India charges and fees for SMS banking is Rs. 15 every quarter.

Union Bank Mobile Banking Balance Inquiry:

Different Ways to Get Mini Statement and make balance inquiry of Union Bank and PNB

The Union Bank of India provides all of its clients with a 24*7 facility to make any balance inquiries via their mobile banking app UMOBILE. Simply download the “UMobile” app from the Play Store or App Store, install it, and create an account. To register, log in with your net banking or debit card information.

When you reopen the app after registering, you will be able to see your account balance on the pre-login page. Log into the app, navigate to the Accounts section, and retrieve your mini statement, bank statement, and more if you want to get more specific about your account balance.

Union Bank Balance Enquiry by Net Banking:

You can immediately use the Union Bank net banking portal if you are familiar with the internet banking option. To use net banking, follow these steps to run a Union Bank Balance Enquiry:

  • Visit “Union Bank Internet Banking Portal”
  • Type in your User ID, password, and verification response before clicking “Login.”
  • You can check your current bank balance as soon as you log into your net banking account. Go to the Accounts section if you want more information about any single account.

Ways to Get PNB Mini Statement

The past five transactions made in your PNB account are listed on your PNB mini statement. It is important to check your bank mini statement to spot any errors in them. Customers of PNB can quickly get their most recent mini statement by dialling the mini statement number.

As with the union bank balance enquiry number, one must first register their number with PNB for this. Let’s talk about the ways to get a Mini Statement from PNB.

PNB Missed Call:

To check the last 5 transactions related to your PNB bank account, you need to dial the following numbers to get the mini statement instantly on your phone.

0120-2303090 (chargeable)

1800-180-2223 (toll-free)

PNB SMS Mini Statement Enquiry: Type ‘MINSTMT16-digit Account Number’ and send the message to 5607040

PNB mini statement using mobile banking: You can get the PNB mini statement via PNB mPassbook App. From the Play Store or App Store, download the PNB mPassbook mobile application.

  • To sign in to this app, use your MPIN.
  • Select the account, in case you have more than one, for which you want to see the last 10 PNB transactions
  • Your recent 10 transactions will be reflected here  in the account.
  • Choose “Mini Statement” from the menu.

PNB mini statement through the Net-Banking option: By logging into PNB net-banking portal, customer ID and password.

Here are the steps to check your PNB mini statement:

  1. Visit the PNB internet banking website.
  2. Type in your User ID* and click Continue.
  3. After providing your password or PIN, click the Login button.
  4. Review your most recent transactions and account statement under “Account.”

*The customer ID listed on the cover of your PNB passbook is this one.

PNB SMS Banking:

Get your mobile number registered with the bank in order to receive a PNB mini statement by SMS. After that, send the SMS in the following manner after signing up and activating your SMS alerts service:

MINSTMT Account Number to 5607040

Contact the PNB Customer Care Center for further information on the PNB mini statement, PNB credit card, and other topics. Along with toll-free PNB helpline numbers, there are different PNB customer service numbers for residents of India and international clients.

How Can a Mobile Number Be Registered for a the Mini Statement?

To register their mobile number with the Punjab National Bank, all customers must visit their base branch. All online transactions are validated by sending an OTP to the registered number; this is done to prevent online fraud. If the information could be updated online, the likelihood of online banking fraud might rise.

Benefits of Checking Balance for Union Bank of India

It is imperative to check your bank balance, whether it be through the Union Bank of India balance enquiry number, UMobile, or the net banking platform. The Union Bank of India’s balance enquiry services benefit its customers in the following ways, among others:

  • Keeps clients informed about their finances
  • Via tracking, it helps customers to stick to their monthly spending plans.
  • Internet and mobile banking services are free of cost. Hence, anyone can use it.

Benefits of Getting Punjab National Bank Mini Statement

There are a number of advantages to getting and checking PNB Mini statements, such as,

Helps you stay up-to-date with daily transactions

  • There is no requirement to wait for the monthly bank statement.
  • Calling the PNB mini statement missed call number is free of charge.
  • PNB SMS or missed call alternatives are useful if one doesn’t have access to the internet or a smartphone.
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