6 Easy Ways to Find Business Email Addresses

6 Easy Ways to Find Business Email Addresses

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May 19th, 2024

Where to Find Business Email Addresses?

Despite being invented way back in the 1970s, email is still one of the most effective ways to connect with prospects and customers. Email marketing forms the backbone of any successful outreach campaign and is used by companies every single day to win new customers. You can use mailrush.io for email marketing. However, there is one problem: how do you find direct email addresses for decision-makers at companies? We are going to show you how!

  • Head to the Company’s Website

A simple and free way to get in touch with a company is to open their official website and click on their Contact Us page. Virtually every company will have at least a general email address listed here. Typically, the email address is contact@companyname.com. Some companies may list the emails for specific people within the business; unfortunately, that is not super common.

Before you close the website, you should click on our team page. On this section of the website, companies will often list the names, emails, and phone numbers of managers and include a short description of them and their roles. However, not all companies have this page and share direct email addresses.

Another way to track down a prospect’s email address via social media is to open their Twitter profile. Many Twitter users include their email addresses in their profiles.

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If you can’t find a direct email address on a company’s page, you can always send a message to the general email address and ask for the email address of the decision maker you are trying to get in touch with. This is a low percentage method as often your email won’t even get read or will be swiftly deleted.

  • Make an Educated Guess

Companies use the same formula for email addresses throughout the organization. The typical format is a person’s initial + their last name @companyname.com. For example, B.Smith@nike.com. If you are really struggling to find a person’s business email, you can try a number of different combinations and hope you get lucky.
Alternatively, if you can find one direct email address for the company, you can then follow the same format and replace their name with the prospects. This method can be very time-consuming, and the chance of success is low, but if you are very desperate, it is worth a shot!

  • Connect Via Social Media

Following someone on Instagram or sending a friend request on Facebook may be a little extreme, but sending a message on LinkedIn is totally fine. To send a message on LinkedIn, you will need to be connected with the prospect first unless you have the paid version.

When messaging people on LinkedIn, remember not to start pitching immediately. It would be best if you first started by building rapport and telling the prospect a little about yourself and your company. Once you have established common ground, you can invite the prospect to connect via email or organize a phone call.

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If you can’t find the prospect’s social media profile, you can try messaging the company’s general social media page. Try your luck and send a Facebook message explaining who you are and why you want to connect with a specific prospect.

  • Use an Email Finder Tool

6 Easy Ways to Find Business Email Addresses

Why waste hours of your life desperately searching company websites, trawling through LinkedIn, and straight-up guessing email addresses when you can use an email finder tool? The best tool on the market is SignalHire.

SignalHire has a 650 million robust B2B database, which allows you to search by name, company name, email, or phone number. After hitting the search button, you will find direct business email addresses for prospects from all over the world. SignalHire’s data is 97% accurate, and it has a built-in email verification tool, so you will never waste your time sending emails to dead accounts.

SignalHire also comes with a free email finder extension. The extension will instantly pull business email addresses from company websites and LinkedIn profiles. To use the extension, simply download it from the Chrome Web Store and open a prospect’s LinkedIn profile with your Chrome browser. Then tap on the extension and hit Reveal contacts. Just like that, you will have the prospect’s business email, phone number, and social media profiles. To find out more about SignalHire, visit the website.

  • Call the Company

Fortune favours the bold! If you are having no luck finding a prospect’s email address and you really need to connect with them, then try ringing the company’s direct line. You will be associated with the gatekeeper, and then you can ask to be transferred to the prospect, or you could ask for the gatekeeper for the prospect’s email.

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Unfortunately, this tactic is very hit-and-miss. Most gatekeepers are explicitly instructed not to give out contact information for employees and won’t transfer your call. You may have to get creative and tell a few white lies to convince the gatekeeper to transfer your call, such as saying you have a phone meeting scheduled with the prospect or the prospect asked you to call them back, but you lost their number.

  • Search the Web

Sometimes, you can get lucky by simply entering the prospect’s name into Google. You will be amazed at the amount of information that can appear! To improve your chances, you can include the prospect’s name + company name + email.

You can also try and track down their personal website and blog. If you can find their blog, simply go to their Contact Us page and locate their email address. Not everyone will be happy about being contacted via their website, but if you have a truly compelling offer for the prospect, it is worth the risk!

Final Thoughts

Getting direct business emails for prospects is extremely important as it allows you to market to them effectively and helps you establish a relationship. Your next big client is just one email away! To help you find business email addresses, we recommend using the above-mentioned advice.

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