Orbeez Gun: A New Toy Launcher

Orbeez Gun: A New Toy Launcher

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March 13, 2023

Recently, there has been a lot of content on TikTok about guns and orbeez launchers. Short videos of people shooting orbeez balls through a gun went viral, making more people want these toys. This orbeez gun is shocking to both kids and adults. So, what is an orbeez gun, really? Is it okay for kids? Read on to find out more.

How do you use an orbeez gun?

A toy gun that shoots small, colourful balls is called an “Orbeez gun.” The balls are made of a gel-like substance called Orbeez. Children like Orbeez guns, which they often use to decorate their rooms or play games with.

How does an orbeez gun work?

Orbeez guns shoot Orbeez balls out of the gun by using air pressure. To shoot the balls, you just put the balls in the gun, pump them up, and pull the trigger.

Why would you want to use an orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns can be used as decorations, as a way to relieve stress, or as a toy for children. People often use them as decorations because the beads fly a long way. They are also used as stress-relieving toys because the act of shooting the beads can be relaxing.

Things to know about Orbeez

Orbeez guns are toys for kids that shoot water beads or Orbeez. They are often used to add more excitement to water battles. Orbeez guns can be different sizes and shapes, but they all have the same purpose: to shoot water beads or Orbeez at an opponent. The Orbeez gun has a chamber that is filled with water and a pump that is used to make air pressure. When you pull the trigger, the pump sends a blast of air into the chamber. This pushes the beads out of the gun and towards the target. Orbeez guns can be a lot of fun, but you need to be careful when you use them. Before you use the Orbeez gun, make sure to read the instructions that come with it. As with any toy, make sure kids are supervised when they play with Orbeez guns.

Best Orbeez Guns in 2023

In the past few years, the Orbeez market has changed a lot. We’ve seen a lot of cool orbeez guns come out in 2022, and in 2023, there will be even more of them. The Biu Blaster spent weeks looking into market statistics and customer feedback. In this article, they list the top five orby guns that you shouldn’t miss. They are well-made, and you should buy them. This ultimate review and buyer’s guide for 2023 will tell you not only what’s popular in the toy gun industry but also what you should buy. I’m sure that this list won’t let you down.

X5 Orbeez Gun

X5 Orbeez Gun

This is a toy gun made by Orbeez that looks like the famous jm-x2 gel blaster. The X-5 looks like a Colt 1911, and it’s built well and costs a reasonable amount. The new x5 orby gun is better on the inside and has a better gear ratio.

UZI Orbeez Splatter Ball Gun

UZI Orbeez Splatter Ball Gun

This uzi splatter gun is very popular and has a lot of fans. It runs on electricity and is fully automatic. Not only does it look like an uzi, but it also has a rotatable drum magazine that can turn on its own while you shoot.

CS0966 M4 Orbeez Gun

CS0966 M4 Orbeez Gun

Biu Blaster came up with and made this one-of-a-kind Orbeez gun. It looks like an M4 and is bright blue and white. The foregrip and butt stock can be changed. The m4 gelsoft comes with a drum mag that can hold more than 1,000 gel balls, so you can have fun without having to change mags.


Are Orbeez Guns Safe for Children?

The materials used to make Orbeez guns are safe and won’t hurt you. The beads are made of a soft, squishy material that kids can play with safely. The guns are made so that kids can use them without getting hurt. There are no parts that are too small or have sharp edges that could cause choking. Orbeez guns are also fun for kids of all ages because they are brightly coloured and easy to use.

Are Orbeez guns in trend?

Right now, Orbeez guns are very popular. They are so much fun to use that everyone loves them. You can shoot Orbeez at your family and friends and watch them bounce around.


A toy gun that shoots small, colorful balls is called an “Orbeez gun.” Children like them, and they can be used inside or outside. Orbeez guns are safe and easy to use. Children no matter their age can spend their time with Orbeez gun for hours.

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