Lies of P – Review

Lies of P – Review

Written by Moli Mishra, In Games, Updated On
November 13th, 2023

I wondered how we got here as a people after witnessing Pinocchio chop through his 200th rampant puppet with a screech of grinding gears. In a year where Elden Ring’s expansion is still in development and Lords of the Fallen is employing 2014’s worst Soulslike moniker, a Korean-Italian puppet, and his chatterbox cricket friend are our best chance at an off-brand Dark Souls. Yet Pinocchio’s hands seem correct with an enlarged bone saw. While Lies of P stumbles over technical clumsiness and can’t escape its origins, it’s a solid action game with interesting experimental tools. Perhaps more impressively, puppet brutality makes it an effective gothic folktale reinterpretation.

Everything About Lies of P

Great, scary puppet opponentsSome weapon, boss, and combat imbalances
Flavorful, heavy combatLevelling up is difficult.
Well-made and sleek
Interesting steampunk setting and tale

Now Pinocchio is hip. That simple claim makes Lies of P happy: He’s a blank-faced metal death machine with a Timothee Chalamet vibe, not a happy singing puppet. When “Ergo,” the magical fuel fueling your city’s puppet automata workforce, turns them into murderous robots, you need a weaponized, beautiful boy. I had nearly crazy, surreal joy battling as Pinocchio, even when the gameplay faltered since it’s such an outlandish concept.

Uncanny likeness

Lies of P happy

I have dodge, light, and heavy attacks—no shields, but I can block with any weapon—as Pinocchio. Sekiro is present. If I block within a tight parry window, Perfect Guards neutralise damage, and foes with stagger damage can be executed. Bloodborne’s DNA slips through, allowing him to strike and recover from chip damage. Lies of P mixes familiarity with audiovisual weight: Pinocchio’s weapon swings hit with sparks and grinds his gears, gratifying his piston-driven steel.

Unfortunately, comparisons don’t always help Lies of P. I lost some battles because Pinocchio doesn’t transition between moves as cleanly as my Dark Souls muscle memory would suggest. Ergo represents souls. Similarities continue with Krat’s Yharnam mood and interface design. The soul’s influence is obvious. I noticed how perfectly it matched my Bloodborne beat sequence when descending into some creepy woods following a boss fight in a chapel against a big mutant priest. Each portion gives your weapon one of its two Fable Arts, resource-intensive special assaults like Elden Ring’s. Once I find a weapon, I may disassemble it and customise its blade and handle. If an adversary resists my sword’s slash assaults, I can use a pickaxe head to dull damage.

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Parts spare

Adding P’s upgrades and improvements to your arsenal creates a rich, diverse customization system. You can create P to fit any strategy with legion arm weapons and powers, magical cubes with fight-saving skills, equippable rings, amulets, and armour, and cranks to change weapon handles. Attaching quartz to P’s core creates a P-Organ, which grants weirdly modest benefits (such as more damage after healing) related to significant skills or perks. This inevitable experimentation isn’t ideal either. You may chase and upgrade a weapon you like, then switch to one that doesn’t take advantage of those level-ups. This can put you in a corner you’ll need to level up out of and impede your specialty vs. experimentation balance. Even with great possibilities, it might feel like many moving components need to be learned.

Well-oiled machine

Lies of P happy

The eerie Belle Époque-style city of Krat is stunningly realised and full of atmosphere. Each location is unique and has a straightforward layout with subtleties and shortcuts for navigation and the perfect balance of explorable and perilous pathways per stargazer. You must explore to find Ergo, the game’s “souls” and cash for levelling up, upgrading weapons, and buying stuff at merchants. Ergo can be obtained by defeating enemies, but there are also side quests from open windows and NPCs in tunnels, secret rooms locked by a riddler who speaks to you via street telephones, and cryptic cyphers that only a base genius can decipher for rewards and loot.

Finding these tasks and NPCs showcases the game’s lying system. P, a particular puppet boy, can lie like a person, breaking Krat’s rule. Listening to valuable vinyl songs and making motions with Hotel Krat characters appear to humanise P. Both of P’s internal gears seem to be shifting.

Many creative and diverse enemies dwell in Krat and its surroundings. Since the game’s adversaries are inspired by toys, they have many “WTF” moments and will surprise, entertain, frighten, and annoy you in each level. The enemies are excellent, from exploding jesters to rolling clowns, ruthless thugs to crawling dolls, skillful human survivors, to bizarre (and multiphase) boss fights (I’m looking at you, The Archbishop). While the puppets take centre stage, other bastards are attempting to screw you up, so you’ll need to use all your weaponry and know what extra status strikes will aid you from opponent to adversary.

Accessibility characteristics

Lies of P has basic accessibility. Subtitles, button mapping, and a few camera settings are available, but there are no accessibility features. Most options are based on game audio, graphics, and settings.

How did we rate P-Lies?

Lies of P happy

I spent around 30 hours on PS5 playing Lies of P. I tested both performance and quality modes, but the former was better for Lies of P’s flow and fighting. I played the game on a Samsung 4K HDR TV with a speaker and headset without any performance concerns. All of my Dualsense controllers from the game have survived the soul-like effects and monsters.

The verdict

Lies of P plays its soul-like inspiration effectively, like a marionette handled by a talented puppet master in a dark fantasy realm. Its inconsistent difficulty didn’t always make me feel like an underdog, especially when playing as a brawny, overpowering Pinocchio with a large weapon, and fighting pigeonholed me into a specific playstyle while the stages were less open and twisty than others. But with a fantastic weapon-making system, interesting boss fights, and one of the best tales in this genre, I highly recommend spending time with Gepetto and his companions.


Can P lies be hard?

Yes. The game is challenging. There are several methods to ease the burden. It’s half as hard as a FromSoftware game. However, the game remains difficult.

Is Lies of P Multiplayer?

Lies of P has no multiplayer. Despite concerns that this may make the game excessively challenging, there is good news. Summon a “Spectre”. Battle bosses with the Spectre. If the game is too difficult, consult your ghostly companion.

How Many Chapters Are in Lies of P?

Lies of P lacks chapters. The game divides locations into divisions under the Stargazer interface. If we name them chapters, there are 11. A new Stargazer menu chapter appears after most big bosses. Only the last stage contains two multiple bosses. Don’t worry about content. Lots of games!.


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