Kirby Return To Dreamland: A Fun Retro Platforming Experience

Kirby Return To Dreamland: A Fun Retro Platforming Experience

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Games, Published On
March 10, 2024

In Shorts:

  • The adorable pink puffball from Kirby Return to Dream Land Deluxe appears in vivid settings and with nifty replicating abilities.
  • For contemporary players, the Wii classic’s Nintendo Switch remake offers more features, graphics, and a lengthier campaign.
  • With 26 copy skills—including brand-new ones like Sand, Mecha, and Festival—gamers may use Kirby’s endearing personas to approach obstacles and opponents with pleasure.
  • The franchise is charming due to the game’s stunning high-definition visuals, cheery environments, appealing character models, and realistic facial expressions.

Mario is Nintendo’s most flexible character, although Kirby is close behind. Kirby may not play go-karting or tennis, but he has a wide range of games and graphic styles that push the limits of a Kirby game. Kirby Return To Dreamland Deluxe, a Nintendo Switch port of the 2011 Wii title, incorporates several Kirby platformer tropes. However, its colorful personality, user-friendliness, and big new epilogue campaign distinguish it from a rehash.

Kirby Return To Dreamland

Return to Dream Land’s main story is a joyful adventure to build an extraterrestrial ship with a happy soundtrack. Magolor, a round extraterrestrial, crashes on Planet Popstar and asks Kirby and friends for help. Teamwork is important this time with drop-in co-op for up to four players. A squad of different-colored Kirbys and famous characters like Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, and King Dedede can be used. Meta Knight is agile, while Dedede is stronger. Only Kirby Return To Dreamland has the Copy ability to devour adversaries and absorb their powers.

The GoodThe Bad
Classic Kirby platforming remains, and co-op adventurers have many powers.Difficulty Accessing Extra mode requires completing Story mode, which is quite straightforward.
Its gentle tools like Helper Magolor attract novice players.The minigames in Magic Land are generally boring.
New Magolor epilogue is fun for exploring a huge new power set.

Kirby Return To Dreamland: Floaty Fun for Everyone

Kirby Return To Dreamland, like all previous Kirby platformers, keeps the series’ easily approachable gameplay, which revolves around floating, consuming opponents to gain skills, and going through vibrant stages. Players may switch between using a single Joy-Con and a Pro Controller arrangement because to the controls’ intuitiveness. Playing as the cute little pink puffball Kirby, you go through six different worlds that are divided into stages based on different themes, such as beaches, industries full of technology, and volcanoes.

Early on, the level design does a fantastic job of gradually acclimating total novices to the genre with quite basic platforming tasks and obstacles. For seasoned gamers, though, this makes the first few hours nearly monotonously dull. The lack of obstacles or opponents Kirby can truly vanquish robs platforming sections and ability usage of any true joy or sense of accomplishment. You don’t face much risk or stimulus; you primarily hold right and sometimes push leap.

The amazing last few worlds of Return to Dream Land, however, are when things really pick up, as the level designs and gameplay elements get much more creative while ever becoming too harsh. Ingenious ideas include driving little Kirbies in robot mechs, avoiding searchlights to prevent alerts, and engaging in a variety of really interesting boss fights that reinvent well-known enemies. The conclusion itself is a standout feature as well, offering some brilliant moments and unexpected turns as a satisfying reward for enduring the seemingly carefree beginning.

Kirby Return To Dreamland: Copy Skills Increase the Thrill

Kirby Return To Dreamland

A fundamental element of any Kirby Return To Dreamland is imitating unique skills from adversaries in order to extend your attack repertoire. An astounding 26 of these enhancements are included in Kirby Return To Dreamland, ranging from new additions like Sand, Mecha, and Festival to beloved titles like Sword, Fire, and Ice. Playing with these abilities is enjoyable and gives you a lot of options for how to approach opponents and barriers.

Highlights include the ability to use the ultra-powerful Ultra Sword to slash massive energy waves across whole screens or the ability to sneakily lurk behind grass and devour unsuspecting adversaries with surprise strikes. Certain skills even interact with the contextual environment; for example, Water lets you ride waves with ease. Together with their own humorous animations, each features Kirby gleefully adopting various personas, such as a DJ deck spinning alongside Mike or a cowboy swagger with the Whip. These little details give the levels a contagious charm and whimsical appeal that are authentic to the series.

Novel Skills Of Kirby Return To Dreamland

The Mecha ability is one of the coolest new power-ups that turns Kirby into a robotic superpower. You can accomplish amazing things like breaking through walls and easily lifting blocks to find hidden collectible Energy Spheres that unlock mini-games. In order to undertake aerial assaults, Kirby deploys shoulder rocket launchers to destroy targets in pursuit or unleash missile barrages that destroy everything in their path. Mecha Kirby is incredibly satisfying to play in both combat and stage navigation since it seems unstoppable.

Kirby Return To Dreamland: Visual Enhancements

Planet Popstar shines in High Definition thanks to an amazing visual makeover in Return to Dream Land Deluxe, which features everything from vibrant fireworks and swaying foliage to lush water reflections. Scenes are exploding with color, complexity, and energy, whether it’s bubbles drifting past subtly or automatic industrial gears churning. Beautifully deep fore, mid, and background levels with many parallax layers may be seen on lush beaches. Beautiful new models are also given to the characters; Kirby himself looks quite cute. Even facial motions, such as Kirby’s resolute scowls when preparing a fire blast or Waddle Dees’ quizzical blinks, exhibit a tremendous deal of expression.

Enhanced Mechanisms

For this improved port, Nintendo added clever mechanical upgrades in addition to visual ones. The throw attack of the Spear ability now carries considerably more weight and is more accurate, making it ideal for taking down opponents in the air. Additionally, Kirby and the Rick transition have improved movement over the clunky Wii version thanks to revised aquatic physics.

Extended Bonus Campaign

Kirby Return To Dreamland

The biggest addition to Deluxe is the single-player Magalor Epilogue mission, which can be accessed after finishing the main quest. This short sequel allows you to take control of Magalor, a cosmic sorcerer who landed on Popstar and is now trying to recover his lost abilities. It has over a dozen additional stages. In contrast to Kirby’s Copy Abilities, Magalor gains points by defeating opponents and finding hidden items, which allows him to progressively increase his armory in an RPG-style manner. New talents include Fire Bursts and Barrier Guards.

Mayhem in local multiplayer

Kirby Return To Dreamland

Return to Dream Land Deluxe, like other Kirby classic adventures, keeps the hectic four-player cooperative features from its Wii premiere for entertaining couch rivalry or local collaboration. Play as Meta Knight, King Dedede, or Bandana Waddle Dee with your friends. Each character has special attacks, such as Meta Knight’s quick sword skills or King Dedede’s hammer smashes that leave enemies stunned. Given how simple it is to defeat typical adversaries, combat is entertaining even though it can be button mashy. However, navigating stages provides a lot of chaotic enjoyment while attempting to maintain track of four characters at once. Funny things like people slapping each other by accident happen all the time!

In addition to allowing up to four players to play together in the main narrative mode, Magoland has ten multiplayer minigames that can be played with a single Joy-Con. These include fast-paced sword-slicing dueling tests of time, intense food-catching competitions, and button-mashing dancing battles. Minigames, despite their lack of internet features and relative simplicity, offer endless cooperative or competitive fun in short bursts that are likely to excite younger players or groups of friends due to their pick-up-and-play accessibility.

The Bottom Line

When Kirby Return To Dreamland first came out in 2011, its commitment to franchise standards made for a fun and comfortable introduction that was primarily aimed at casual viewers. Return to Dream Land Deluxe, released more than ten years later, proudly upholds the best aspects of its Wii predecessor while including enough new content elements to seem more like an improved remake than a simple transfer. An enjoyable supplementary campaign that broadens the entire experience is offered by Magolor’s Epilogue. Longtime fans will enjoy returning to Planet Popstar because of its vibrant new life brought by stunning HD visuals. Additionally, the series’ renowned approachability is also fully retained to introduce new viewers to Kirby’s charming antics.


What does Kirby Return to Dream Land Deluxe mean?

Kirby Return to Dream Land Deluxe, an improved Nintendo Switch edition of the 2011 Wii classic, is a fun and easy 2D platformer featuring the pink puffball Kirby.

How does the Deluxe edition differ from the Wii original?

The Deluxe edition’s upgraded visuals, features, and campaign freshen and update Nintendo Switch gameplay.

How many copy skills does Kirby Return to Dream Land Deluxe have?

With 26 copy talents, including new ones like Sand, Mecha, and Festival, players may approach opponents and barriers with diverse powers and Kirby’s humorous personalities.

What does Magolor’s Epilogue contribute to the game?

After the main objective, Magolor’s Epilogue is a solo adventure. It adds over a dozen stages, talents, and RPG-style development as players control Magalor on Popstar’s intergalactic trip.

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