Forge Construct Locations: Where To Find One?

Forge Construct Locations: Where To Find One?

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November 22, 2023

With the new Zonai devices introduced in Tears of the Kingdom, exploring Hyrule’s open environment is a breeze. It might be anything from building a superbike to equipping a glider with rockets. The TOTK experience wouldn’t be the same without the Zonai devices, but they require the Zonai Energy Link he carries. Although you begin with a single battery, you may purchase additional packs with crystalline charges to improve your power. You may locate them by defeating the bosses and Yiga Clan strongholds. However, they are also sold at various forge constructs all across Hyrule.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), what exactly are forge constructs?

To create Zonai cores and crystallised charge, the Zonai use specialised machinery known as forge constructs. Zonai devices rely on these components; therefore, having a plentiful supply is advantageous. If you know where to find the Forge Constructs, you’ll have no trouble sourcing Zonai resources for your own wild inventions. Make sure you have plenty of brightbloom seeds on hand for any forge constructed in the depths. If you receive any damage from the Gloom, it’s also a good idea to have some Sundelions on hand. Use it to cook meals and concoct healing potions so you can keep going deep into the depths without running out of energy. The forges constructed in the depths make venturing there well worth the risk.

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A Crystal Processing Plant vs. a Forged Building

Forge Construct Locations

Let’s quickly review Crystal Refinery before entercrystallized construction areas. Yspecializednce the energy stored in your energy cell by bringing your zonate ore to a crystal refinery to be transformed into crystallized charges. Only two crystal refineries can be discovered across all of Hyrule. Both may be found north of Lookoanding; the first can be found on Great Sky Island. Lookout Landing is the most convenient option because you just need to sprint north for a short distance rather than traverse a tunnel to get there.

The Forge Constructs in Tears of the Kingdom may be found in the following areas:

Forge Construct Locations

  1. Great Sky Island Forge Construct (0472, -1680, 1371): Unlocked automatically and provides you with a crystallized charge for three Zonaites. This forge construct may be accessed after defeating the monster in the abandoned central mine (coordinates: -0861, -1941, -0522). You can get one crystallized charge for every three pieces of Zonaite; for every three parts of Large Zonaite, you can get one Lange crystallized charge. This forge construct can be located southwest of the Depths, close to the
  2. Tatayam Lightroom; its coordinates are (-3186, -2508, -0475). One Lange Crystallised Charge may be purchased for three large Zonaite chunks, and one can be purchased for three small Zonaite chunks. This forge construct may be found east of the depths in the abandoned Hateno Mine (coordinates: 3527, -2188, -0588).
  3. The Meda Mountain Chasm provides passage to that area. When using this forge construct, you can get one crystallized charge for three Zonaites or one Lange crystallized charge for three large Zonaite chunks. South of the Meda Mountain Crater is where you’ll find the abandoned forge structure of the Lurelin Mine (2948, -3373, -0453). One Lange
  4. Crystallized Charge is equivalent to three Large Zonaite Chunks; hence, this item may charge three of them. Abandoned Lanayru Mine Forge Construct (3248, 0550, -0750): You must go to the southeast Lanayru Wetlands Chasm to get to this forge construct. For every three Zonaite, you can get one crystallised charge, and for every three Large Zonaite Chunks, you can get one Lange crystallised charge.
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How to Quickly and Easily Locate Every Forge Build Site in TotK

Forge Construct Locations

The following is a comprehensive checklist of everything you’ll need to have a safe and successful trip to the depths in search of the forge constructs. Here are some of them:

  1. Pack your seed closet with enough of Brightbloom and Giant Brightbloom.
  2. You should always stop to talk to a Lightroot you come across, no matter where it is.
  3. Chasm is a useful tool for traversing the underground regions of Hyrule.
  4. To accomplish two tasks at once, collect ore deposits while exploring the depths and before finding the forge construct you desire.
  5. Treasure boxes near mines could contain useful armour, so it’s worth looking around.


Since the only way to improve the energy cells is at Forge Constructs, these areas are crucial in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s also a good idea to stock up on zonaite crystals before you head to these locations so you can turn them into crystalline charges on the spot.

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