Chivalry 2 Review: Is It Worth Playing?

Chivalry 2 Review: Is It Worth Playing?

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November 8, 2023
Last modified on November 10th, 2023

Can you imagine riding a knight into battle like an action movie hero? Do you want to be an archer that snipes adversaries from afar? For medieval fighting, Chivalry 2 has you covered. Nearly two years after its introduction, the game has an active player population and receives unique feature upgrades to keep the hilarious slaughter fresh.

Everything About Chivalry 2  Game

Gameplay is intense but enticing. Melee fighting is shallow.
Excellent presentation and performance Bad console menus
A lighthearted tone is welcome. Customization is lacking
Massive 64-player fights Some animations are unclear.


Chivalry 2—an online multiplayer first- or third-person medieval battle game—turns two this June. Multiple team-based game modes are available for 64 or 40 players. Objective conquests or team deathmatches include attacking or defending massive castles with catapults. The limited-time archers-only volleyball darkens the sky with arrows to break up conflict, and Arenas lets players display their dueling skills. How about armored cavalry storming through opposing lines? Last year, mounted combat and a new faction were added, and the latest content update allows cavalry on more maps!

What Is The Story?

Chivalry 2 Review


Despite no single-player campaign, Chivalry 2 tells a deep plot. Backstory: The game takes place after Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The King of Agatha died after a terrible crusade in southern Tunisia. In the chaos ensued, the Mason Order took the throne and ruled with strength. The feared Masons in red and black want to eliminate all opposition.

Conversely, the former Agatha knights want to unite the kingdom under the genuine heir and king’s blue and gold. Finally, Tenosians emerge from the southern deserts. The crusade destroyed them. Therefore, they want revenge. Storytelling is complex in an online multiplayer-only game, but each map is a distinct faction conflict that drives the tale. Missions may involve assaulting a jail to rescue an Agathian war hero or besieging a castle to kill the Mason heir. While unimportant for fundamental gameplay, the plot motivates each side to fight and marks the “other team.”


The tutorial does a great job of explaining the fighting system, which can be scary. Slashing, stabbing, and blocking are taught before parries and ripostes. A brief bot battle follows to assemble everything. The method lets pros shine while beginners have fun. Death is early and frequent in Chivalry 2. Thus, online learning may be complex. As usual, players may be catapulted or “sniped” before a significant charge. In-person, the game shines despite early hiccups.


Chivalry 2 Review

Classes have various roles and can join the fight. Massive, heavily armoured knights can protect chokepoints or break opposing lines. Stragglers and melee foes are better picked off by wily archers on the fringes. Vanguards may do massive damage despite their minimal armour. Finally, footmen are agile and robust in close quarters. More subclasses and hundreds of weapons per class make the battlefield more diversified. Swords, spears, and maces are flung at you, making fighting exciting.
Other than guns, most game objects can be interacted with. Chandeliers, chairs, and anything else in the setting can be used as weapons. Controller feedback and excellent sound design make successful blows more pleasurable (especially when a swing removes a limb). Medieval battlefields have plenty of blood and gore, making for some great gaming. Players will fight 5v1 opponents, duel in the middle of the battlefield, and more. The game’s appeal is that every match is different. Fast-moving, game-changing cavalry charges make this especially true.


Torn Banner addressed Chivalry 2’s character customization criticisms. Most characters seem like ugly medieval peasants rather than knights, but there are new hair, voice, attitude, and gender possibilities. The hundreds of weapon skins and armour variations enrich character building, but unlocking them may take time. Customers can buy customizable skins. Overall, the technology lets you create unique characters with armour trim and speech emotes.


Chivalry 2 Review

Torn Banner has polished heavily. However, there are still some areas for improvement. Despite advances in customization, developing a character might feel like building a monster. Menu navigation is jerky and sometimes freezes, making it unusable. Friends and foes jostle your character in battle, preventing forward progress. People blocking the path to an aim in a confined area are incredibly frustrating. The PS5’s thrown object controls are delicate, which can be frustrating for javelin throwers. Each update reduces this list of complaints as developers improve the game.


The comedy of Chivalry 2 makes it unique. Combat and character voice lines can be humorous and ludicrous. Since almost everything on the map may be armed, including cattle, there are many bizarre fatalities. Anvils fall from castle walls, severed limbs can be thrown back against opponents, and chickens can be used to smash enemies.


Chivalry 2 is a great multiplayer game with a large community and frequent updates. There is a stiff learning curve, but it has been out long enough that if you lose your way, a YouTube search for “Chivalry 2 combat tips” should clear up the brain fog. It mostly comes down to practice. You’ll die often. But their deaths will teach you and make you better. Since its producers know the player base, Chivalry 2’s development route is healthy and thriving. If you missed the hype train and want a game that will give you the greatest bang for your buck without a significant time commitment, go as far as Chivalry 2.

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