Why a Roku Controller Doesn’t Work with FireStick

Why a Roku Controller Doesn’t Work with FireStick

Written by Moli Mishra, In Gadgets, Published On
December 3, 2022

The Amazon FireStick is a streaming device featuring a remote control to make navigation on fire TV easy for the users. On the contrary, Roku is a media streaming device for Roku TV and also features a controller.

If under any circumstances, you end up with a non-functioning FireStick remote, you may consider using a Roku controller. However, the question is whether the Roku controller will work with the Fire TV. Let’s have a look.

Can a FireStick be used with a Roku Remote?

Roku Controller

Perhaps you have watched numerous videos online claiming you can attach the Roku controller to the FireStick and are now unsure whether the Fire TV would operate regularly. Allow us to clarify the situation.

The FireStick can only decode signals from its remote. Therefore, using a Roku controller on the FireStick may not be possible.

Why the FireStick Controller cannot be used on Roku?

There are two primary reasons why the controller may not be functioning. We’ll talk about them below:

  • Undetectable Signals

The distance at which signals transmitted by the majority of Roku remotes can be received is constrained. A Bluetooth-enabled FireStick remote’s transmissions can be picked up within a 30-feet radius, and you do not necessarily need to point it at the TV.

On the other end, the Roku controller employs infrared rays. You should aim it at the television and ensure nothing hinders the rays’ pathway. In other words, ensure the controller is directed at the TV and that you are inside the radius or that the passage is unobstructed.

  • Pairing Issues

Before operating it, you must pair its controller with the FireStick. The pairing procedure usually involves sending a pin to the Fire TV, which must then be typed into the remote to complete the process.

The HDMI wire is connected to the controller as well. When you input a command, signals are delivered over the cable to operate the FireStick.

You might now be wondering why the Roku controller would also need to be connected because the HDMI link was stated. Wouldn’t that imply that the FireStick will be controlled by the Roku remote when linked through HDMI? 

Signals from a Roku controller linked to an HDMI cable are received and translated by the TV, not the FireStick. Since there is no interpretation of signals from the FireStick, no commands can be given.

Future Compatibility of Roku Controller with the FireStick

Even though both Roku and FireStick are streaming devices, they differ significantly. Let’s see a brief Roku vs. FireStick comparison for an example.

The FireStick is acutely sensitive to the service you use and integrates Amazon’s Alexa assistance. Roku offers a very sophisticated search feature and doesn’t bother to care about the streaming provider.

Other than that, these two gadgets come from distinct producers. Therefore, it is difficult to predict if the Roku controller will function on the FireStick in the future because of these variances.

Final Remarks

Even with an HDMI connection, the Roku controller does not function on the FireStick. This is because the FireStick is set to interpret the signals from the FireStick remote, as mentioned earlier in the post. Consequently, it cannot appropriately decode the Roku remote’s transmissions.

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