The Ultimate Hands-Free Cleaning Solution: Introducing the MIGO Ascender Robovac

The Ultimate Hands-Free Cleaning Solution: Introducing the MIGO Ascender Robovac

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March 27, 2024

For some people who like to clean, dusting and washing the floor can be relaxing. People will either do the unpleasant job immediately or put it off for days. The robot Hoover cleaner has saved many lives and energy over the past 25 years. But think about the steps. There have been robotics (robot vacuums) that could clean stairs before, but Migo Robotics’ Ascender looks like it will be the most advanced yet.

The company website for the business says, “Cleaning multiple floors has never been easier.

With its cutting-edge features and technology, the MIGO Ascender is the first stair-climbing robot hoover from MIGO Robotics. It will change the way you clean with its new features and technology. MIGO Robotics is always on the cutting edge of new ideas regarding automatic cleaning. The Ascender robot hoover and mop cleaner cleans a whole house quickly thanks to its unique ability to climb stairs. It has an advanced mechanical design, a large battery, advanced artificial intelligence systems, and a stylish closed-off dock.

MIGO Ascender Robovac Features

Cleaning AreaUp to 5380 sq. ft. (500㎡) on a single charge
Obstacle AvoidanceAI-based detection for over 100 objects
Edge CleaningZero-gap, seamless edge cleaning
Mopping Pressure17N mopping pressure
Passable DistanceUltra-narrow passable distance
Noise LevelLow noise operation
Self-MaintenanceSelf-emptying, refilling, washing, and drying
Suction9700 Pa
NavigationLiDAR scanners, HD camera, 6 ToF sensors, advanced AI algorithms
AI Computing5 TFLOPS AI computing engine
Smart Home IntegrationCompatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit (Matter 1.2)
Stair ClimbingAbility to climb stairs up to 8.7 inches (22 cm) high
BatteryLarge-capacity battery (capacity not specified)
DockSleek and fully enclosed all-in-one dock

What’s inside that box?

You can anticipate getting the following items in the box when you buy the MIGO Ascender:

  1. Robot hoover cleaner MIGO Ascender with a dock that can fill up and empty itself
  2. Base for charging
  3. Control from a distance
  4. Instructional guide and paperwork

What Is The Business of MIGO Robotics?

The company was formed in 2022, making us newcomers compared to big names like iRobot, Ecovacs, and Dreame. The company wants to make the best robot ever for everyone, though, and that’s what keeps us going. The company can assemble a world-class robotics team with the help of top startup capitalists. They overcame considerable problems to make this revolutionary robot Hoover cleaner. Importantly, Ascender is backed by a significant robot cleaner maker. This means the company has a firm name, reliable supply chains, and high-quality products.

These are the things that make the MIGO Ascender stand out:

  • Effectively cleans an area as large as 5,380 square feet (500 square meters) with just one charge.
  • AI-Po Object Avoidance for Over a Hundred
  • Cleaning Every Edge Without Leaving a Trace
  • Pressure for Mopping 17N
  • Almost Invisible Safe Distance
  • Auto-Depletion and -Refilling
  • Quiet Operation
  • Auto-Wash and Dry

How Robot Vacuum Cleaners Have Changed Over Time

The Ultimate Hands-Free Cleaning Solution: Introducing the MIGO Ascender Robovac

There has been a lot of progress in robotics over the last few years, and many company-known brands have used this to make robot Hoover cleaners. Still, Dyson is one of the most famous of these. When the Eye 360 came out in the U.S. in 2016, it caused a considerable stir. This event was the first time the first robotic Hoover cleaners. The company used. Many people know that iRobot’s Roomba line of robot vacuums can move around rooms and pick up things like hair and dust that have landed on the floor. This means the company is a good choice for people who want to clean their floors.

Their robotics can clean up even liquid messes because they have a mop attachment. Many robot vacuums are on the market, and some types are designed to clean certain things. That said, no one has yet made a robotic that can go up and down stairs. MIGO Ascender, the company’s niche product, is the best way to fix homes with multiple stories. People who like clean stairs will enjoy this.

Ascender’s Unparalleled Price and Usability

LiDAR sensors let the Ascender clean up to 5,167 square feet and go up and down stairs. It is a combination of Hoover and mop. The company said that LiDAR + Vision, an AI system based on transformers, can better sense and reconstruct the world than any other system. The Robovac can suck up to 6,000pa, and a smartphone can be used to control it. Because it has two uses, the Hoover’s suction can simultaneously take dust and water from surfaces.

Amazon’s Alexa can be used on the company’s website to tell Ascender what to do. The super early bird deal from the company is now live and costs $999, which is $400 less than the expected $1,399 price. The rectangular Robovac says it can easily clean up even the dirtiest messes. This is probably Migo Robotics’s first product, but the company says that its staff includes people who used to work for Google, Boston Dynamics, Dyson, and Ecovacs.

It moves its four legs to the ground and then lifts its rectangular body to the next stair step. When the square body is placed on the step above, the legs fold up and lift to connect with the robot vacuum. After that, the Ascender starts to clean the surface like any other robot vacuum.

New and improved way to clean multiple floors at once

The Ultimate Hands-Free Cleaning Solution: Introducing the MIGO Ascender Robovac

There will be no more big hoovers to carry up and down the stairs. Because it is flexible and reliable, the Ascender can quickly climb stairs up to 8.7 inches (22 cm) high. To clean everything without any help from a person, the Ascender uses its multi-function stair climbing skills to climb all kinds of stairs by twisting, turning, pivoting, and other moves. It also deals with different step heights, obstacles, and surfaces.

Putting smart home devices together

The MIGO Ascender lets you keep track of your cleaning schedule through its smart home connections. Smart home systems like Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa can all talk to Matter 1.2, which enables you to control the Ascender, schedule cleanings, and check on progress.

Using smart navigation to get precise cleaning

As the Ascender cleans your whole house thoroughly and correctly, you will see how precise it is. With its six-to-force sensors, high-precision LiDAR, and high-definition camera, it can navigate very accurately. In addition, Ascender is intelligent thanks to its 5 TFLOPS AI computing engine and complex AI algorithms.

Here is where you can preorder the MIGO Ascender!

The Ultimate Hands-Free Cleaning Solution: Introducing the MIGO Ascender Robovac

MIGO Robotics is now taking preorders for the Ascender. Donating $5 to its crowdfunding effort can get it for a special price of $999. That’s a hefty $400 off from the original price of $1,399 for the Robovac. But act quickly because this deal won’t last long. There has never been a better time to get a better cleaning device if you want to get your stairs cleaned and improve your robotic experience.

Conclusion: Ascender is an entirely new way to Hoover

It might seem old-fashioned to hoover the old-fashioned way in this day and age of smart homes and automated jobs. Most robot vacuums can quickly move from one floor to the next by avoiding obstacles and charging themselves when their batteries run out. The trouble is that they can’t handle stairs, which are familiar in homes with multiple floors. This is Ascender, the cutting-edge new robot vacuum from Migo Robotics. Ascender says it can give us the smart and company The company needs in our busy lives. This next-generation robot vacuum changes how you clean your home in ways that have never been seen before. It combines innovative technology with easy-to-use controls. How is the Ascender different from other types on the market? It’s a creative way of climbing stairs. You can now use your Hoover to clean the stairs’ dusty cracks and crevices. The Ascender robot cleaner is an improvement and a big step forward.

Is It Worth Buying?

Especially for homes with multiple stories and staircases, the MIGO Ascender is a one-of-a-kind robotic vacuum cleaner that will change the game. The Ascender eliminates a significant problem that has plagued conventional robot vacuums for some time: it can climb and clean stairs. The Ascender could revolutionize vacuuming for people who live in multi-story homes and hate lugging heavy vacuum cleaners up and down the stairs. Those looking for a simple, effective way to clean will find it appealing due to its cutting-edge LiDAR technology, intelligent navigation, and strong suction. While you can get the Ascender for $999 during the early bird sale, the total retail price is $1,399, so it’s not cheap. Not everyone can afford it, even though the stair-climbing feature and modern technology make it worth it.


Is The Ascender robot vacuum different from other ones, and in what ways?

Ascender is the first robot Hoover that can clean stairs. It uses cutting-edge LiDAR technology and a unique design.

Could the company mop at the same time?

The Ascender can be used for more than one cleaning task. It can mop and dust, quickly cleaning up any mess.

Explain how the Ascender robot vacuum’s home tracking system works on the inside.

LiDAR scanners make detailed maps that help Ascender find its way around places and figure out the best ways to clean them.

What is the price of the Ascender robot vacuum?

Migo Robotics is currently having an early bird deal where you can get the Ascender for $999. When it comes out, the regular price should be $1,399.

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