Samsung Odyssey G9 Review 

Samsung Odyssey G9 Review 

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May 28, 2023

Ultrawide monitors, also called 21:9 game monitors, have shown that they are useful and worth the money. The diagonal sizes run from 34 to 38 inches, and the radius of the curves is between 1800 and 3800. The 49-inch 32:9 mega-wide class, on the other hand, has the most extreme specs. These screens are made with gaming in mind, but their big size and curved shape make them better for home theatre use.

The AOC Agon AG493UCX and the Viotek SUW49DA are two more high-resolution, 32:9 screens with a very tight 1800R curve radius that we’ve looked at. The LC49G95T is the latest Odyssey G9 from Samsung. Samsung’s 49-inch Odyssey G9, which has the sharpest curve we’ve seen so far (1000R), is one of the best game screens we’ve tried. If you stand 2-3 feet away, it will fill your full line of sight. Also, the screen is pretty.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor Specs

Panel TypeSVA / W-LED, edge array, quantum dot film
Size49 inches / 32:9
Resolution5120×1440 @ 240 Hz
Brightness420 nits SDR
Video Input2x DisplayPort 1.4
Audio3.5mm headphone output
Panel Thickness11.5 inches (292mm)
Weight36.8 pounds (16.7kg)
Warranty3 Years


  1. Clear and vivid imagery
  2. Straight out-of-the-box colour accuracy Superb HDR
  3. Quick and effective
  4. Maximum immersion is achieved by the tight curve.


  1. There is no blurring of movement.
  2. No talkers
  3. Lacks a framerate indicator.
  4. Expensive


samsung odyssey g9

The Odyssey G9’s screen is surrounded by a black bezel that is almost unnoticeable and is flush with the panel on all sides except the bottom, where a small bezel has the Samsung logo on it. Around the bottom right part of the screen is a control stick with four directions and the power button. The back of the monitor is white, which is an unusual design choice that only Alienware’s game displays have in common. (A “Lunar Light” Alienware computer would look good with the panel’s bland colours.) It has a wide, V-shaped base and is held up by a thin, strong, V-necked stand. The stand lets you change the height, but you can’t move the screen because it’s so big.


samsung odyssey g9

The Odyssey G9 has a 49-inch QLED screen with a 32:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 5,120 by 1,440 pixels. When you are sitting easily in front of it, the 1000R curve takes up your whole field of view. It works with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology because it is ready for adaptive sync and has a frame rate of 240 Hz. When I first used the Odyssey G9, no matter how bright it was, there was a bright spot in the middle of the right side of the screen. This seems to be a problem with the edge-lit light source, since Samsung quickly released a spare that didn’t have the same problem. If that bright spot shows up on the screen of your Odyssey G9 within the first year of owning it, Samsung will fix it for free.

Setting up and parts

The Odyssey G9 comes in a long box without being put together. Once the large but thin base has been joined to the strong upright, four captive screws hold the mount to the panel. To put it together, you’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver, but you won’t have to look for the tiny tool bag. The RGB lighting effect at the back of the monitor is made by a plastic trim ring that snaps into place at the pivot point of the panel. The package comes with a DisplayPort cable and a USB cable. The included IEC cord has simple connections at right angles, and the power source is inside.

Game play and interaction

samsung odyssey g9

For this 49-inch monitor to fit, the desk needs to be more than 4 feet wide and about 17 inches deep. Because of its height, you won’t have to sit as far away as you would with a big 16:9 screen. It’s best to sit about two to three feet away. The pixel structure is not visible, and you can only see the screen’s edges from very wide angles.

With a screen this size and shape, it would be hard to keep shadows from happening, so the anti-glare layer is a nice touch. Direct sunlight can wash out details in a picture, so it’s still best to stay away from sunny windows. But its power is strong enough to drown out even very bright indoor lights. The 1000R is very off-centre. But the G9 doesn’t have this problem because its body is so big. When you work, your papers are usually in the middle of the screen. There didn’t seem to be any sounds or commotion from the outside.

It doesn’t look like the Odyssey G9 can be used for anything else besides games. This was not true, though, after a few hours in front of computers and spreadsheets. When we just put a piece of paper in front of our eyes, we didn’t notice the distortion. But when we moved windows around, it was like seeing things float in a fishbowl. The screen was great for seeing many windows at once, which was especially helpful when looking at stock tickers or news crawls. It’s the same size as two 27-inch screens, but it works more like three. Even when you move your head or look around the screen, everything stays clear. It has just the right shape.

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