Power of Compounding Calculator: Compound Interest Formula and Steps to Use

Power of Compounding Calculator: Compound Interest Formula and Steps to Use

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November 17, 2023
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An online compound interest calculator makes it easy to ascertain estimated compound interest, without doing any math of their own. Individuals can use the tool to find out how much returns they will generate on mutual fund investments and how they will benefit from compound returns. The investment tool to see how one’s mutual fund investments will grow over a given tenure. To use an online power of compounding calculator, individuals need to enter the principal amount they plan to invest, the rate of interest, and the investment horizon they plan to invest in a scheme. The financial calculator will then display how much their investment will be worth over the tenure, taking into account the earned compound interest. Typically, such a tool follows the principal of compound interest to estimate returns on investment – which is basically earning interest on interest earned on investments.

That said, let’s discuss more compound interest, the power of the compounding calculator, and the steps to use it.

How to Calculate Compound Interest?


To compute compound interest individuals need to know the following :

  • Principal amount
  • Rate of returns offered by investment scheme
  • Number of times the interest gets compounded in a year
  • The number of years investors plan on staying invested

After figuring out these details, individuals can determine the amount of money they wish to earn on their investment and benefit from the power of compounding. Subsequently, individuals can use the power of compounding calculator to ascertain returns and plan their approach accordingly.

Compound Interest Formula


A power of compounding calculator uses this formula to ascertain estimated returns on investment –

A = P (1+r/n)nt


A signifies the future value of the principal investment

P signifies the Principal amount invested

r signifies the rate of interest in decimals

n signifies the number of times interest will get compounded per period

t signifies the tenure for which the money is invested

Using this formula, users can easily calculate the compound interest they could earn on their investment amount and find the maturity amount they would receive at the end of the investment horizon.

For instance, Radhika decided to invest Rs. 10000 for an investment horizon of 10 years and earn interest at the rate of 5% annually.

To use the power of compounding calculator, Radhika enters the following into the financial tool:

P = INR 10,000

r = 0.05

n = 1

t = 10

and the tool uses the formula to find –

A = 10000 (1 + 0.05/1)10

= 16,288.95

In other words, she finds that by the end of 10 years, she will earn Rs. 16,288.95 out of which 6,288.95 is the interest earned.

Individuals can also use the formula to calculate the returns and maturity amount manually. However, the same process will encompass multiple steps and make the exercise lengthy and time-consuming. Furthermore, one silly mistake could make them end up with inaccurate results. This is why it is a smarter option to choose a compound interest calculator and simplify the task of computing returns and planning investments. With the time saved, individuals can compare different variable combinations or seek different investment plans that support their financial goals.

How to use the Compound Interest Calculator?

Individuals who wish to use a compound interest calculator need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the principal amount you wish to invest upfront

Step 2: To add more money to their investment at specified intervals, individuals can enter the amount and choose whether they would pay toward the scheme monthly or annually.

Step 3: They need to decide how many years they want to invest in the particular scheme – for 5, 10, or 25 years. However, they should pick the time horizon based on their investment goal.

However, the key to experiencing the power of compounding is to remain invested in the scheme for a long time. This will help the investment interest to get reinvested and accrue further interest, facilitating the accumulation of interest and ensuring capital appreciation. This in turn helps individuals to build a corpus and achieve their financial goals and long-term objectives with much ease.

Individuals who are clear about the money they want to receive at the end of their investment horizon will be better positioned to use the tool and determine which combination of variables, particularly tenure works best for them.

Once individuals enter these details into the tool the calculator will display the outcome instantly. Individuals can readjust the variables multiple times to facilitate quick comparison and plan their approach on its basis.

Benefits of Online Compound Interest Calculator


An online compound interest calculator helps users estimate their investment returns from mutual funds by providing accurate results. It is a valuable financial tool that helps investors take charge of their finances and investment plans and make the most of their capital. These are among the top benefits of using an online compound interest calculator –


An online compound interest calculator is a flexible financial tool. It can help users determine how much to invest, assign investments based on their needs, and ascertain their returns from the investment option. This helps individuals to make future financial planning easier.


The online calculator is generally reliable as it helps users make informed and effective investment decisions. However, it is crucial to note that these financial calculators, including the FD calculator, use mathematically accurate formulas based on historical data and valid assumptions about the investment option’s future performance. It is best to consult with an experienced financial advisor before making any decisions.


Many online compound interest calculators are available today that allow users to customize the inputs to match their specific financial goals. This makes it easy to avail of accurate estimates of potential investment returns.

These features make the power of compounding calculator an effective financial planning tool. Individuals can make the most of the calculator and make more confident decisions when it comes to their investments.

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