Nextbase iQ 4K: Review

Nextbase iQ 4K: Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Gadgets, Published On
December 1, 2023

Nextbase’s new iQ series dash cameras include all the latest monitoring and safety capabilities. It’s great, but $500 for 1080p and $200 for a back-view camera is a lot of money. Plus $10–$20 a month for LTE services like cloud incident storage.

Nextbase iQ 4K Specs

Front camera viewing angle 140 degrees
Cabin camera resolution 1080p
Cabin camera viewing angle 180 degrees
Rear camera viewing angle 140 degrees
Wifi/4G Connection 4G Network
Instant footage access YES
Night vision Enhanced infrared
Connection type Plugs directly into the OBD port


The iQ 4K has a 180-degree FOV (2160p) front cam and a 140-degree 1440p internal cam. Nextbase omitted the 1440p back camera, which provides nearly 360 degrees of coverage. Omnivision supplied the sensors; however, Nextbase did not specify models. The iQ 2K 1440p/1440p and 1K 1080p/1080p versions are also available. All the Nextbase dash cams I’ve tried take nice photos, so I expect the lower-resolution ones will too.

Nextbase surprised me with a modular power cord with two sizes of piggy-back fuse box connections and an OBDII connector. These extensions link to the main cable via a single-pin connection. The OBDII port isn’t a pass-through connector, so I have to remove it to use diagnostics. Not important, but worth knowing. Consider fuse types. The cable above utilizes an angle connection to fit flush with the camera base. It looks like a Type-C USB, but its squared edges prevent it from fitting into a normal port. The connection matches the back camera (Nextbase didn’t include one).

Nextbase iQ 4K Specs


A tiny, semi-permanent adhesive attachment holds the iQ’s power connection on the camera. Installing is simple, but be careful with orientation. The camera can only swing forward and back, not horizontally. Once on your windscreen, connect the power cord to the OBDII port or fuse box and have fun. Download the Nextbase IQ app on your phone and start the setup. You may then buy an LTE membership for $10 (no live view, automatic cloud uploads, or emergency SOS) or $20. Scan a QR code on the dash cam’s little display to connect the phone. Smooth and wonderful, right out of the box. Or it will be—my prerelease model needed updating.

Safety Features

“Safety,” dubbed ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), is in quotations because lane-departure alarms affect drivers differently. A breast will save lives. If you drive well, they may distract you. Besides lane departure, collision imminence, etc., driver monitoring and notifications help you stay awake. Everyone is talking about AI, even if pattern recognition is simply one aspect of intelligence. However, the iQ series will ultimately track vehicle speed and location. With the embedded GPS (it automatically adjusts the time!), which embeds details into the film, you can analyze your excursions in depth.

Nextbase’s Guardian mode (coming soon) lets you follow children (or low-IQ criminals who can’t remove the iQ) while driving. Nextbase calls its parking mode Smart Sense because it monitors your surroundings to detect dangers and automatically capture and save them. In case of an accident, Nextbase’s SOS mode will call for aid.


Despite its impressive features, the iQ’s pricing likely deters most buyers. This $700,4K model is evaluated. The $500 and $600 iQ 1K and 2K are also available. Adding the $200 back dash cam costs $700–$900. Plus $120–240 a year for LTE options. This dash cam is not your typical Amazon bargain. Dash cameras are continually exposed to the sun, making their lifespan a worry, especially for expensive ones. Most dash cams I assess are given free, and sometimes the response to my questions regarding their performance is “it died.”, especially desert-adapted ones.

Nextbase IQ dash cam footage: how is it?

Good captures, thanks. Excellent detail and natural-looking color. My only complaint is that the first photo is overexposed in brilliant white parts. Most cameras have this issue, so it’s not a big deal. Daytime interior captures are fine except for my car’s poor interior. They’re colorful and detailed. My face is obscured intentionally—the details are so superb! The only problem with my front-night shots is the windscreen. The darkness caused me to overlook certain locations while I cleaned. Official explanation It causes streaks or blooming. You can’t read the license plate in front, but my headlights were off. It reads well with these on.

Great shotsExtremely costly
Excellent monitoring and safety.Several monitoring functions require LTE subscriptions.
Sleek-design GPS


Should you buy the Nextbase IQ 4K dash cam?

Nextbase iQ is a great dash cam with unique features that make it a contender. To use its services, you must pay lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous prices and monthly fees. If you can afford it, it’s the best dash cam.

What is The cost?

  1. 1K (1080p) £349
  2. 1440p, 2K, £399
  3. 4K UHD: £449

When will Nextbase iQ launch?

The business originally planned to release the IQ in 2022; however, it was delayed until spring 2023. The final release was on October 30, 2023, for the iQ.

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