Unveiling the Vivo V25 Pro: A Comprehensive Review

Unveiling the Vivo V25 Pro: A Comprehensive Review

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December 9, 2023

To woo thе lovеrs of photography and tеch еnthusiasts, thе most rеcеnt rеlеasе by thе Chinеsе smartphonе manufacturеr has bееn christеnеd as Vivo V25 Pro. With an attractivе look, and potеnt camеra functionalitiеs, as wеll as offеring a plеasurablе intеrfacе, this charming gadgеt assurеs an еnticing advеnturе to whoеvеr will еmbracе it into thеir livеs.

The Vivo V25 Pro is a mid-rangе smartphonе that aims to improve its layout, camеras, and ovеrall pеrformancе. Launchеd in July 2023, it boasts a colouration-convеrting lowеr back panеl, an еffеctivе procеssor, and a succеssful digital camеra systеm. Is this the right smartphonе for you?

Lеt’s divе dееp into its fеaturеs and find out

Specifications for Vivo V25 Pro

Display6.56-inch AMOLED FHD+ (2376 x 1080 pixels)
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 1300
RAM & Storage8GB/12GB RAM, 128GB Storage
Rear Camera64MP OIS (f/1.89) + 8MP Wide Angle (f/2.2) + 2MP Macro (f/2.4)
Front Camera32MP AF (f/2.45)
Battery4830mAh with 66W Flash Charge
Operating SystemFuntouch OS 12 based on Android 12

What’s in the box?

Unpackaging the Vivo V25 Pro is awesome.

The standard box of Vivo v25pro contents are as follows:

  • Vivo V25 Pro smartphone
  • Protective case
  • 66W Flash Charge adapter
  • USB Type-C cable
  • SIM card ejector tool
  • Documentation


Vivo V25 Pro

Firstly, they shine beyond V25 pro owing to its superior AMOLED technology which makes the screens apart. The 6.5-inch display offers a good look, full of vibrant colours and well-defined contrast. It provides a crisp, luminous screen for high-definition video viewing and browsing of photographs in the photo gallery.


The V25 Pro emanates from a powerful platform based on the latest version of an operating system and provides user-friendly solutions. The phone presents itself with a clean UI and there are different options for personalisation which enable them to customise their phone as it’s most appropriate for them. This phone always gets updated software, so that it can have all new features and be safe also from safety concerns.


Vivo V25 Pro

The camera of V25 Pro will amaze social media addicts and photography lovers alike. The quad-camera design on the back takes stunning pictures in various settings. Some of the other accompanying lenses are the ultra-wide lens, depth sensor, and macro lensing which can add to your photography experience by providing more diverse options.

Likewise, the 32MP selfie shooter packs in plenty of details and clear selfies. The AI enhancements make settings automatic and guarantee the best Instagram-ready pictures when you’re on the go.

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Vivo V25 Pro

Fast and smooth processing in v25 Pro is made possible by its octa-core processor. If you are gaming, streaming, or working with several apps concurrently, then all this happens thanks to the processor.

The V25 Pro features one of the most potent processors with huge RAM, making it a very credible phone, especially in terms of its superior specs.


Notably, benchmark tests should provide a qualitative performance assessment, therefore, the V25 Pro should be good at that. In benchmarks under the most popular names such as Antutu, GFXbench and Geekbench, the phone makes it manifest that it has a better CPU. The above finding is quite important regarding the use of the V25 pro in daily activities.

Battеry and Charging:

Vivo V25 Pro

The battery which comes along with V25 Pro enables you to ride on the e-bike for hours without having to recharge it. The great battery life is attributed to the high battery capacity, as well as improved hardware and software optimization. Users can charge their phone with minimal battery interruption for a very short period thanks to fast charging technology.

Pros-Cons of Vivo V25 Pro

Super AMOLED display.Bloated OS for some users
A complex, multichip digital imaging system.Plastic build quality
High-performance octa-core processor.

Clean and intuitive user interface.

No expandable storage
Lots of available space plus expandable memory.
Ensure that you have included a protective cover in the package.
All-day battery; support of fast charge.

Should You Buy V25 Pro?

Medium class V25 Pro has a good feature set for its price. It offers incredible value based on a large powerful screen, an excellent mighty camera array, and rugged performance capabilities. There can be no doubt whatsoever because, without any reservations, the V25 Pro can be considered one of the top choices for an affordable phone in fashion and speed combo.

V25 Pro Vеrdict

Therefore the V25 Pro emerges as a formidable competitor in the smartphone market catering to users demanding a premium experience but still being pocket-friendly. The v25 Pro has an exemplary display, versatile camera system, powerful processor, and thoughtful inclusions, all of which make it a perfect midrange device. However, this overall package makes it a choice for those seeking a feature-rich smartphone. It is a feature-rich smartphone that delivers on several fronts and therefore, a compelling option within its price range.


Q: Can you use 5G connectivity with the V25 Pro?

 The V25 Pro is not a 3G phone.

Q: Will the new V25 Pro model offer face unlock functionality?

 The V25 Pro uses facial recognition technology for secure and convenient unlocking.

Q: How expandable is thе storagе on thе V25 Pro?

 Yes, there is a slot for microSD cards that can hold memory space up to 512 GB.

Q: Is it good for taking photos under dim lighting conditions?

Thanks to the advanced camera system in the Thе V25 Pro, it does well even when light is not enough. It has features like the Night Mode and AI enhancements that ensure its picture is always clear regardless of the lighting conditions.

Q: Does the V25 Pro have a warranty?

 As a matter of fact, the V25 Pro usually has an original maker’s limited guarantee. The retailer should be contacted for further specific details.

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