Asus ROG Strix G18 Review

Asus ROG Strix G18 Review

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August 18, 2023

The ASUS ROG Strix G18 is a high-powered gaming laptop with competitive pricing (Rs 1,69,990 for the base edition with 8 GB of RAM and Rs 2,19,990 for the maximum configuration). This laptop’s powerful Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics make it ideal for completing intensive activities and providing breathtaking gaming experiences.

Asus ROG Strix G18 Specs

Display18-inch, QHD+ (2560 x 1600)
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 4090
RAM32GB DDR 5 / 4800 MHz
CPUIntel Core i9-13980HX
Storage1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe solid-state drive
Ports2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A
NetworkingWi-Fi 6E (802.11 ax), Bluetooth 5.3
Dimension15.71 x 11.57 x 0.91 inches
Weight6.61 lbs (3kg)


  1. Powerful performance is generated by the CPU and GPU.
  2. The 18-inch QHD+ screen is big and vivid.
  3. The dark is brightened by Aura Sync RGB light bars.


  1. Moderate battery life
  2. The trackpad’s surface is excessively hard for prolonged use.


Asus ROG Strix G18

The Intel Core i9-13980HX CPU has 24 processing cores, eight dedicated to performance and 16 to efficiency. With a top Turbo Boost speed of 5.6 GHz, it is Intel’s fastest mobile processor. In benchmarks, the Strix G18 outperformed even the latest and greatest laptops from a few years ago by a stunning 30 percent margin. It scored exceptionally well on CPU performance tests like Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R23, showing that it is far superior to its predecessors.


Asus ROG Strix G18

The G18 is unabashedly a gaming laptop, as evidenced by its massive size and extensive feature set. I can’t fit it in any of my laptop bags because of its bulky dimensions (15.71 x 11.57 x 0.91 inches), but there are benefits to being just a hair thinner and a hair longer in a gaming laptop. The G18’s 18-inch QHD+ display, which has lower bezels than most 17-inch laptops, a screen-to-body ratio of 89 per cent, and a 16:10 aspect ratio, was particularly enticing. It was like playing games on a more expensive and glitzy Smart TV, which is something I never thought I’d say in a laptop review.

The G18’s significant form factor also accommodates its cutting-edge 13th-generation Intel and RTX 40 Series processors, providing desktop-level performance. The G18’s motherboard and chassis were rethought to improve cooling, and a wide, three-section heatsink was integrated into the design. A third intake fan could only be installed in a chassis this size, allowing for better-sustained performance during lengthy gaming sessions. With all these upgrades compared to the G18’s forerunners, the Strix/Scar 17 models, you may assume that this laptop would weigh at least 7.01 pounds. Even though I don’t understand how Asus managed it, I’m not complaining if it means I can keep gaming like I’m on a desktop and then fold the laptop up like a book when I’m done.


Asus ROG Strix G18

The Asus ROG Strix G18 would drain its battery in a few hours, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it lasted nine and 39 minutes. That’s much better than most gaming laptops, and it’s usable for everyday tasks. The Strix G18 outlasts other laptops that could keep up with it, such as the Razer Blade 14 (7 hours and 59 minutes) and the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (8 hours and 46 minutes). It’s comparable to the MSI Delta 15, lagging behind it by just one minute. The ROG Strix G18’s massive 90-watt-hour battery is helpful, but that’s not all it has going for it. The laptop’s discrete GPU can be disabled with Nvidia Optimus, allowing the system to switch to the more energy-efficient Intel UHD graphics while it’s not in use. Even when running on battery power, Asus’ software will check for apps taxing the graphics processing unit. It’s helpful for real-world battery life because it lets you know if any app is sneakily draining power.


Asus spared no expense when designing the speakers on the Strix G18. They struggle to produce a full, rich sound at high volumes and instead sound hollow and tinny. The speakers are adequate for emergency use but lag behind other gaming laptops. The quality of the webcam could be better. It’s just a basic 720p webcam that records a fuzzy, blurry image with muted colors. You can use the webcam for basic video calls without worrying about your appearance.

Keyboard and trackpad

Asus ROG Strix G18

The keyboard looks great and has a very roomy layout with large keys and features like a dedicated numpad and large arrow keys. It also contains a few specific hotkeys, which may take some time to memorize but will significantly improve the speed with which you can access frequently used functions. The keys are considerably more comfortable to type on for extended periods than those on my Asus TUF A16 Advantage Edition, feeling lighter and more springy. In contrast, the trackpad has a silky feel, albeit requiring a little effort to register clicks. That’s OK for casual use, but I noticed a peculiar throbbing sensation in my index finger after using it for an entire day, so I’ll stick to using a mouse in the future.

Gaming performance

Asus ROG Strix G18

What a great way to start reviewing laptops with Nvidia’s new RTX 40 Series GPUs with the Strix G18! Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is the pinnacle of mobile GPU performance. The Ada Lovelace Architecture used in its construction is highly energy efficient, and the card’s innovative cores and AI technologies work together to provide superior overall performance to that of Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series. The G18’s display is Pantone Certified, so it’s safe to assume that it’s an excellent pick for designers who need a robust and accurate laptop for work at home or in the office.

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