How the Event Recording Feature in 4k DashCams Comes in Handy During Critical Situations

How the Event Recording Feature in 4k DashCams Comes in Handy During Critical Situations

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July 10th, 2023

The world we live in evolves at a fast pace. Years ago, events were recorded by carving on walls, then by writing on paper, before finally entering the computer age. Now, event recording is done with cameras. Cameras are devices used for the recording of events in the form of photographs, videos, or film.

Camera evolution never stopped as people grew the need and knowledge to record everything and anything for different purposes. These purposes consisted of keeping a record of events for future reference, for the sake of history keeping, as a source of evidence, and for memories. So, it came as no surprise when the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, put into law the necessity of dash cams for law enforcement purposes. Now, a dashcam, also known as a dashboard camera is a small video camera used to record the events outside the windscreen while being attached to the vehicles’s dashboard.

It remains mind-blowing that it took years for cameras to evolve into digital cameras and now, it has evolved into dash cams with different features. In fact, an ordinary dashcam is losing ground as a wireless dashcam that uses wifi is now trending. This brings us to the importance of this technology and the essence of its revolution for event recording.

Advantages of the Event Recording Feature in 4k DashCams

4k DashCams

Every camera has its advantages more profound than its disadvantages. It is in plain view how important dashcams are to drivers. In this epoch where road safety is a thing of high regard, dash cams have proven to be of huge help. This is because they are quick to capture and record high footage of unforeseen events or simply the scenery. This article emphasizes the importance and value of the event recording feature in 4k dashcams and its role in ensuring safety and accountability. However, before immersing yourself in these advantages, here is some trivia about photography and dashcams.

Trivia 1 –

In 1928, the word photogenic which meant produced from light meant photographing well. However, today it is used to describe a person who looks good in pictures or videos.

Trivia 2 –

The basic difference between a wired and a wireless dashcam is the connection to your cloud storage. A wireless dashcam, also called a wifi dashcam is automatically connected to your cloud storage, so, in case it gets tampered with, the footage is uploaded to your cloud. Yes, you guessed correctly; a wired dashcam doesn’t come with this awesome feature.

Now, back to the advantages of 4k dashcams; Below displays these cons.

  • Simplifies insurance declarations.
  • Automatically captures unforeseen moments.
  • Speeds up legal proceedings.
  • Another source of protection.

Simplifying Insurance Declarations

In cases where there has been an accident and no one wants to take the blame, if there is someone who is to be blamed, a wireless dash cam does all the judging. There have been numerous stories about people being frauded thousands of dollars because of a lie during the cause of an accident. It has become easier for settlements out of court to be concluded due to the evidence, each dashcam provides with their recorded footage. This, in turn, allows for judgments to be dispersed accordingly.

Automatic Capture of Unforeseen Moments

It is of a truth that dashcams have provided us with videos of unpredictable moments. There are some recorded footage of the license plate number of a bad driver’s car which can in turn lead to the arrest of this person or a natural disaster which gives rescue teams exactly where to find such a driver in perilous times. Most times is just an unexpected accident. This technology has advanced to the extent that it gives us a footage of the everyday life of drivers. Similarly, it still depends on moments that no one saw but you and such cases, there is no need to be alarmed because one can be sure their dashcam caught it all on camera.

Speeds Up Legal Proceedings

All complex cases of road accidents end up in court as civil cases. There are some situations in which quick investigation may yield no result or proof of what each victim is saying and so, the need for a more deep-end investigation is implemented. These investigations can take more than a few weeks to be processed correctly when this could be prevented with just the use of a dashcam. Events recorded on the dashcams are automatic evidence as to what happened and who was at fault here. Therefore, legal proceedings are concluded faster than usual.

Another Source of Protection

What people are not aware of is that dashcams can also act as a big source of protection. In cases of road rage, people are taken aback at their faces being captured by a camera and would rather take off than unleash their rage on another driver. This is also due to the truth that we are in an era where cameras are used everywhere on people who know they are being captured and people who don’t.

In a way, dashcams that are wireless and record your front and rear car ends help a lot here in case this raged driver isn’t frightened by the camera and decides to damage it. You can be rest assured everything has been uploaded to your cloud storage. It builds in people a conscious attitude to behave well in public and adhere to road regulations when driving. This in turn would reduce the high chart of road accidents.


It is now widely accepted that dashcams have helped reform the way road safety is approached. Its ability to record footage in critical moments has been a huge assistance to law enforcement officers, judges, and also to drivers. Dashcams, by acting as a companion, have given drivers a level of confidence and security when on the road.

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