OnePlus Nord Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

OnePlus Nord Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Gadgets, Published On
April 6, 2023

When OnePlus released the Nord in 2020, the company’s first smartphone wasn’t in its main number-series range. It also costs a lot less than the company’s main number-series models. Since then, the number of smartphones Nord makes has grown a lot, and now they also make audio products. The OnePlus Nord Buds wireless headset has been one of the company’s new products in the last few months.

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds are the company’s most affordable wireless headset. They have a list price of Rs. 2,999 but can be bought for Rs. 2,799 at the time of this review. Like Nord smartphones, this is a cheap and straightforward wireless headset compared to the OnePlus Buds Z2 and OnePlus Buds Pro, which have more features. This pair of truly wireless earphones don’t have fancy features like noise cancellation, but they promise good sound and long battery life.

Top Specifications Of OnePlus Nord Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds

Read this review to find out.

Headphone TyeIn Ear
ConnectivityTrue Wireless
Water ResistanceIP55
Charging PortUSB Type-C
Weight4.80 grams


  • It fits well and is a good shape and size
  • Controls that are simple and useful Easy-to-use switch
  • It sounds that are punchy and fun
  • The battery lasts long and charges quickly.


  • The sound could be more precise.
  • A bit pricey for what it has to offer
  • Price

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

At the beginning of June 2022, OnePlus Nord Buds went on sale. In line with the Nord brand, they come at a reasonable price. They cost only $39 in the US but £49 in the UK. This price is becoming the sweet spot for many budgets for accurate wireless earbud models. We’re seeing quite a few come in around this price, and sometimes the price of earbuds like the Sony WF-C500 drops to this price.

  • Sound Quality

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

Many people think the OnePlus Buds Z2 is the follow-up to the OnePlus Buds Z, but the OnePlus Nord Buds is a better choice. Even though it has features like fast charging and Dolby Atmos support, the main focus is on good sound quality, and I think OnePlus got this right for the price. Starting with Pretty Lights’s “Hot Like Dimes,” the significant drivers of the Nord Buds immediately showed how loud they could get. Even at about 50% volume, these headphones gave a loud, immersive listening experience. This was helped by the in-canal fit, which kept out a lot of outside noise. This sample-based electronic song had a lot of thumps and drives, thanks to its bass-friendly sound signature. The beginning of the song had a great atmospheric feel.

  • Style and Function

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

Design-wise and in terms of features, the OnePlus Nord Buds keep things simple. The short, pill-shaped stems have a slightly concave, shiny dish that gives them a bit of style. These shiny little dishes can also be used as touch controls, so knowing where to poke to control playback is easy. Aside from that, the design of the buds is standard, with a small speaker port wrapped in a silicone sleeve. Each earbud has two mics, one at the end of the stem and one on the inside of the buds. These mics are likely used to pick up and eliminate background noise.

  • Touch Controls

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

The OnePlus Nord Buds’ wide, tactile touch-sensitive regions on the earpieces make their touch controls rather comfortable and straightforward to use. The HeyMelody app allows you to personalise these buttons, and you can use touch gestures to control playing, call up your phone’s default voice assistant, and rapidly swap between the two most recently associated devices. The software also allows users to update the earphones’ firmware, choose from four different equaliser profiles, and check the battery status of the headphones and charging case.

  • Performance

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

The OnePlus Nord Buds are impressive because of how well they work. They’re suitable for $40 earbuds. The low signal-to-noise ratio is more noticeable when listening to a podcast or video with just speech because high-frequency noise comes through. However, these earbuds are great for listening to music or other sounds that use a more comprehensive range of sounds. OnePlus says that the 12.4mm titanium drives can deliver deep bass, which is true. Every time a big bass hit comes in, it’s surprising and doesn’t have some of the problems we’d expect from a small speaker. The performance does depend a little bit on what can be heard.

How do you connect the OnePlus Nord Buds?

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

The OnePlus Nord Buds is a basic set of wireless earbuds, so the ways to connect them are also pretty basic. Apple devices don’t have Google Fast Pair or H2-enabled quick pairing, so you must connect it the old-fashioned way on iOS and Android.. It’s too bad that earbuds made by an Android phone company don’t have a codec like aptX that supports higher bitrate audio on Android devices. Although it has improved, AAC must still be more reliable outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

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