Skullcandy Crusher EVO: Review

Skullcandy Crusher EVO: Review

Written by Ramsay, In Headset, Published On
April 21, 2023

Listeners have grown to expect headphones and speakers to reproduce the same level of bass as many of today’s most popular musical genres. Although many well-known companies offer bass-enhanced headphones in the low- to a moderate-price category, no one has gone as far as Skullcandy. One thing that sets the Crusher headphones apart is their sensory bass, which can be adjusted with a slider to give you as much or as little low-end thud and ferocity as you like.

In 2019, I wrote a review of the Skullcandy Crusher ANC and found its unique method of adjusting bass to be really impressive. On the downside, it had an initial price tag of Rs. 27,999 and had middling ANC performance. The Crusher Evo, a new product from Skullcandy, features the same sensory bass customization as its predecessor but at a more wallet-friendly price of Rs. 13,999. What are your thoughts on these headphones, specifically their bass response?

Read our analysis to find out!

Skullcandy Crusher EVO Specifications

Release Date9/3/2020
Noise isolationYes
HeadphoneOn the Ear
AccessoriesUSB Charging Cable, Pouch
Maximum Frequency Response20000 Hz
Price$175 USD


  • Crazy low end
  • Superb audio quality all around
  • Powerful batteries at a reasonable price


  • Sometimes the bass is just too much.
  • No ANC

Structure and Function

Skullcandy Crusher EVO

Normally, I wouldn’t begin a review of headphones with a discussion of sound quality, but given that the bass slider is the primary selling point of these headphones, I figured it made sense to do so here. These are around-ear headphones, which are my go-to style of headphones because they don’t “crush” (haha) my ears.

The cup cushions don’t bother my glasses and are soft enough to wear for long periods of time. While the band’s cushioning is denser than the cups’, it’s still gentle enough that I can wear it even when my head is bare. Without any preexisting padding on your head, a padded band is a necessity.


Skullcandy Crusher EVO

There are no claims that the Skullcandy Crusher Evo is tailored for high-resolution audio or that it is designed for audiophiles. Instead, you’re looking at a mid-tier wireless headset whose primary focus is on bass. The bass can be adjusted with the slider from mild, in keeping with the headphones’ basic tune, to a level at which the headphones themselves begin to shake. Right off the bat, let me say that the maximum volume is, well, excessive.

Even the most ardent fans of low-end sound will find that it’s too forceful and distracting. With the bass slider adjusted to around 20%, these headphones have significantly more punch and attack than their competitors. At this volume, the bass doesn’t sound like it’s competing with the mids and highs; rather, it sounds like it’s being produced by a dedicated subwoofer.


Skullcandy Crusher EVO

The Crusher Evos from Skullcandy are reasonably cosy. They don’t weigh a tonne, and the headband doesn’t squeeze your noggin. The headband and ear cup cushioning are also quite soft and comfortable to wear. Like the Skullcandy Crusher 360 Wireless, they have a comfortable, secure fit. However, with prolonged use, they may become hot to the touch.


Skullcandy Crusher EVO

The in-ear monitors can be adjusted adequately. The headphones have an on/off switch and a button to start the pairing process. The volume controls double as play/pause buttons when held down. The central button controls playback of audio and answering of calls. The audio and haptic bass may both be adjusted with the help of a slider. The buttons have a satisfying click to them, and they also provide audible feedback.

Build Quality

Skullcandy Crusher EVO

The Crusher Evos from Skullcandy are well made. They’re largely plastic, but the ear cups and headband are padded with faux leather, silicone, and fabric, respectively. The hinges are a potential weak point, but otherwise, they feel very sturdy and durable.


Skullcandy Crusher EVO

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo is about as far as you can go from wireless headphones designed for audiophiles, but that’s not always a bad thing. These headphones are designed for bass fans who will like the headphones’ on-the-fly bass adjustments. At moderate volumes, the music has plenty of energy and drive without the bass being muddy or overbearing, and the Evo is competitively priced in comparison to the pricey Skullcandy Crusher ANC.

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo’s strengths are not limited to its above-average bass punch; it also has a sleek design and a long battery life. While the Skullcandy Crusher Evo is a good pair of headphones for the price, you may want to look into Sony’s WH-CH710N or WH-XB900N if you’re after something more balanced or detailed. Both of these models also feature active noise cancellation, which is absent from the Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

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