Beats Studio Pro: An Honest Review

Beats Studio Pro: An Honest Review

Written by Sanket Goyal, In Headset, Updated On
January 1st, 2024

Beats return with noise-canceling over-ear headphones after almost six years. Designed from the ground up, the Studio Pro is a major upgrade from the Studio 3 Wireless. This new model improves active noise cancellation (ANC), spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and USB-C wired audio modes using Beats’ second-generation audio processor. Beats’ flagship headphones cost $350 and have minor design changes and better battery life.

Beats Studio Pro Specifications

Released DateJuly 2023
Water resistanceNO
Battery LifeUp to 40 hours
ColorsBlack, Deep Brown; Navy, and Sandstone
Dimension80 x 160 x 180 mm


Beats Studio Pro

Beats hired Samuel Ross, a fashion and product designer who has worked with Hublot, Nike, Oakley, and others, to update the look. The new style includes new colors, materials, packaging, and branding. The changes are minimal, and the folding design remains the same, but there are some noticeable ones. First, Studio Pro comes in four new colors, including matte black. The model name has been removed, and the headband hinge is now tone-on-tone, while most variants had a distinctive color.

The lowercase “b” logo is on both sides. Another major alteration is the earpads. Beats and Ross used new UltraPlush memory foam cushions encased in leather for a seamless design. Beats confirms that earlier Beats models’ clamping force and weight have not altered. The redesigned ear pads assist, but after an hour, I sense the pressure that Beats headphones have had for years. Since its launch, Beats headphones have been a gym staple and pro-athlete favorite. Many professional sporting tournaments use Beats headphones during warm-ups. However, the firm has not issued a sweat- and water-resistant IP rating. Beats says the Studio Pro is good for workouts, but it won’t sell earpads. You’ll need a third-party source if they get dirty.

Apple’s second-generation technology

Beats is moving away from Apple audio technology with the Studio Pro. These headphones use Apple’s second-generation technology, yet many of its functions remain. iOS includes hands-free Siri, one-touch pairing, iCloud pairing, Apple Watch hand-off, and Find My Beats said multipoint pairing and automatic switching between devices may come to iOS, iPad, and Mac later. On iOS, you can access settings in the Control Center without downloading an app.

The previous model supported immersive sound but didn’t have head tracking or audio personalization, which Apple introduced last year. Beats enabled USB-C wired audio on the Studio Pro for the first time. Take calls while charging your headphones and listen to high-resolution, lossless music. The Studio Pro’s built-in DAC supports 24-bit and 48-kHz sample rates. That’s enough for Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, and Tidal high-res streaming. Beats have signature, entertainment, and conversation USB-C sound settings for wired listening. Each is tuned to music, movies, TV shows, and calls, altering the frequency curve for the company’s best fit. 3.5mm playback is still available for ANC and Transparency Mode.

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Sound quality

Beats Studio Pro

Beats replaced the drivers inside with 40-mm ones. A two-layer diaphragm, microvents, and fine acoustic mesh streamline airflow and reduce distortion. The company claims the new drivers have “near-zero” distortion at high volumes, an 80% improvement over the Studio 3. That’s accurate because the Studio Pro doesn’t distort at full volume. More impressive is how the new components improved clarity and balanced sound. Beats was known for its bass-heavy early days. While it hasn’t been for a while, the corporation still emphasizes low-end. The Studio Pro has plenty of bass when a track needs it, but it doesn’t lose mids, highs, or detail. TesseracT’s “War of Being” kick drum has texture throughout the song. It’s not a repeating boom.

The Studio Pro’s clarity and even-handed EQ curve adjustment make it immersive out of the box. Everything is open and airy, with wild metal instruments audible. Turn on something softer like Charles Wesley Godwin’s Live From The Church or Nickel Creek’s Celebrants (country and bluegrass, respectively) to hear the layers of acoustic instruments and finer detail. The greatest headphones can make those albums sound like you’re in the room, and the Studio Pro does. As expected, this latest Beats model thrives on hip-hop. The droning bass tones on Killer Mike’s Michael laid the groundwork for the song.

Spatial Audio returns, but it may not sway your purchase. Like before, personalized Spatial Audio is added to Beats and Apple earbuds and headphones. The technology simulates 64 speakers and can move with you if you have head tracking. Those who have experienced spatial audio expect significantly louder, more airy melodies with immersive technology that varies by album and genre. Like Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow,” classic songs gain new life when they strike. The record by Boy Genius is indistinguishable with spatial audio enabled. Also, I wouldn’t say I like Studio Pro’s dynamic head-tracking beats.

Call Quality

call quality

Beats claims voice-targeting microphones and a machine-learning algorithm improve voice clarity by 27% over Studio 3 Wireless. The company says it trained the system on over 7,000 hours of “real-world environments” to “precisely hone in” on your voice. Those are lofty claims, but some are true. Studio Pro eliminates background noise like fans and A/C units. Neither got through on calls when I was sitting underneath them. It sounds better than most headphones and earbuds’ speakerphone-like quality, but it’s imperfect.

Battery life

battery life

With ANC off, Beats claims 40 hours of battery life. It guaranteed the same figure on Studio 3. With noise cancellation or transparency mode, the corporation provides 24 hours, two hours more than the previous model. Fast Fuel still charges in 10 minutes for up to four hours of use. After 25 hours of ANC, or ambient sound, use on the Studio Pro, the battery was at 23%. Also, playing music, podcasts, streaming TV, and answering calls. I powered the headphones off numerous times and plugged them in through USB-C for a few minutes to test those modes.

Pros and cons of the Beats Studio Pro headphones:

Excellent Sound QualityExpensive
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)Heavy and Bulky Design
Comfortable Ear CushionsLimited Customization Options
Long Battery LifeOveremphasis on Bass
Bluetooth ConnectivityLack of AptX Support
Touch ControlsNon-removable Earpads
Premium Build QualityNot Foldable for Compact Storage
Siri IntegrationLimited Compatibility with Non-Apple Devices
Quick Charge FeatureSome Users Report Durability Issues
Stylish DesignNot Ideal for Audiophiles who Prefer Flat Sound Profile


How long do Beats Studio professionals last?

The Beats Studio Pro Bluetooth headphones are lightweight. Some of the popular headphones of 2023 have up to 40 hours of battery life, USB Type-C charging, wired playback, a 3.5mm connector, ANC, and Spatial Audio.

How long does Beats Studio last?

Each Beats Studio Bud Plus earbud can play for nine hours. The charging case provides 36 hours of playing. Fast Fuel allows one hour of playback after five minutes of charging.

Is the Beats Studio Pro waterproof?

Is my Beats wireless earphone waterproof? The Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Studio Buds, Beats Studio Buds Plus, and Beats Fit Pro earphones are sweat and water resistant* but not waterproof.

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