A Deep Dive into the SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Wireless Earbuds

A Deep Dive into the SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Wireless Earbuds

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Earbuds, Published On
December 30, 2023

True wireless headphones are prevalent. True wireless headphones are now available in dozens of variants at low prices. However, one of the latest versions is much cheaper. The SoundPeats TrueFree headphones cost $35.99, which is astounding for a set that would have been revolutionary five years ago. What concessions were made to make these headphones so cheap? Should you buy them or look elsewhere? SoundPeats TrueFree headphones were tested to find out.

Specifications Of SoundPEATS TrueFree+

SoundPEATS TrueFree+

ChipRealtek 8763BFR
MaterialMedical Silicon
Battery Capacity800mAH(case)
Standby Time300 Hours
Product Dimensions1 x 0.9 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight4.8 ounces

What is In The Box?

  1. SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Wireless Earbuds: Dual wireless earbuds for unique ears.
  2. Charging Case: Portable earbud case and charger.
  3. Power cable: USB Cable for charging the case (USB-A to micro-USB or USB-C).
  4. Manual: User Installation and use instructions.
  5. Ear Wings and Tips: Tips and wings of different sizes enable customization.
  6. Warranty Card: Card with warranty information.
  7. Information about Product Registration: Product registration info if appropriate.

Design & Comfort of SoundPEATS TrueFree+

The original SoundPEATS TrueFree, a QCY QS2 rebrand, was good. It sets trends. The QCY was the first affordable wireless earphone with superb sound. TrueFree 2 prices have risen. Soundpeats’ TrueFree costs $35, more than their amazing TrueDot. The model is currently primarily a TWS for sports and exercise. That’s not simply because of its IPX7 waterproof certification, which makes them heavy rain and sweat-resistant.

Rubber sport wings in three sizes may cover the SoundPEATS TrueFree 2’s earpieces. They are composed of durable rubber and have a sharp corner that may pierce ears. These earpieces fit snugly once adjusted. It’s easier to remove them with removal. The TrueFree 2 can’t be moved in your ears, no matter how intense the sport, laughing, smiling, or hanging upside down. Though uncomfortable, these are great exercises. Thankfully, the earbuds are smaller than the QCY T9S, which seems larger. The Mpow M30 costs the same, is smaller and features more flexible sport wings that fit better in your ears. TrueFree 2 batteries last around 4 hours per charge, which is poor. The enclosure can completely charge them three times before requiring USB-C power. Unfortunately, the case (with four LED charging lights) is large. They are not the most portable earphones.

What is the Sound Quality of SoundPEATS TrueFree+?

SoundPEATS TrueFree+

Many inexpensive headphones sacrifice sound quality, but the SoundPeats TrueFree headphones sound OK. They’re hardly audiophile headphones, but they’re alright. First, the headphones’ bass is deep and strong for their size and price. Despite their poor bass extension, kick beats may cut through a mix. As expected, the midrange is inconsistent but not a dealbreaker. The increased upper mids might sound harsh, while the low mids are warm. We enjoy the highs, but they need to be louder. The music is detailed at this price but could be more flawless.

Is The Performance Of SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Great?

We found the SoundPeats TrueFree headphones good at maintaining Bluetooth 5.0 connections. We never had skips or jumps while playing and paired the headphones easily. The headphones’ 3.5-hour battery life is poor. However, the charging case will last 15 hours, so if you only use the headphones for a few hours, the 3.5-hour battery life of the buds should be plenty.

Controls of SoundPEATS TrueFree+

SoundPEATS TrueFree+ Wireless Earbuds

Surprise—the SoundPEATS TrueFree 2 has buttons, not touch panels. They need pressure to activate, which is uncomfortable because of the tight earpieces. In contrast to the Mpow M30, where touch panels might ‘hang’ and modify volume too much, physical buttons prevent accidental touches. Play or pause music with one touch. Volume may be increased or decreased by double-pressing right or left. Hold the right bud for 1.5 seconds to skip to the next song; hold the left for 1.5 seconds to return. Finally, triple-pressing a button activates your phone’s voice assistant. Bluetooth 5.0 on the TrueFree 2 is stable up to 10 metres away. Works out, runs, and cycles without sound interruptions.

Calling and Movie Sounds of SoundPEATS TrueFree+

This section shows that TrueFree 2 is a sports TWS. Video playback and call quality are poor. Video synchronisation is good on Android but not on the iPhone’s YouTube app. Game sound effects are also delayed. The latter is true for most wireless earphones. The Soundpeats TrueFree 2 has the poorest Scarbir.com TWS call quality in recent years. Worse than Soundpeats TrueEngine 3 SE. Your voice is faint, and even a tiny breeze disrupts the call. Darker background noises, such as motors, become woosh-like. You might become inaudible without knowing why when brighter noises combat your voice. It’s garbage.

SoundPEATS TrueFree+: Pros and Cons

The sound is clear and balancedNo sweat or water resistance
Comfortable to wearLimited charging case battery information
Bluetooth 5.0 is dependable
Amazing price

SoundPEATS TrueFree+: Should I buy?

When evaluating truly wireless earbuds, you need to temper your expectations, but even so, SoundPEATS can improve in several aspects. The lack of an IP rating is the most aggravating. This makes the TrueFree+ unsuitable for workout headphones because they are neither water- nor sweat-resistant. SoundPEATS’ exclusion is notable given the $30 Aukey EP-T21’s IPX4 classification. IP ratings may be pricey for firms. I also have charging case issues. There are two LED lights on the front to show if the battery is low or plugged in and charging, but there’s no way to monitor it. Most charging cases feature LEDs to display charging when you put the earphones back in, but not here. Though not a dealbreaker, evaluating the case’s battery level is hard before it’s severely low.


 The battery life of SoundPEATS TrueFree+?

The SoundPeats TrueFree+ charging case has 800 mAh of battery life, which should charge the earphones 9–10 times. In our tests, the earphones charged eight times, which is impressive.

What About the Microphone Quality of SoundPEATS TrueFree+?

Our tests showed that the microphone is good for informal chat and is somewhat muted yet intelligible.

Does SoundPEATS TrueFree+ have multifunction button controls?

Before listing all the controls, I’ll discuss this design. SoundPeats TrueFree+ contains a multifunction button instead of a touch-sensitive area like TrueDot.

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