Explore the JBL Free X In-Ear Headphones’ Wireless Freedom

Explore the JBL Free X In-Ear Headphones’ Wireless Freedom

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December 28, 2023

Wireless audio solutions continue to grow in popularity, giving customers a freeing aural experience. JBL is a pioneer in this industry, and the JBL Free X shows its dedication to superb sound without wires. True wireless in-ear headphones like the JBL Free X deliver immersive, untethered audio. These slim, ergonomic earbuds fit snugly into the ear canal for comfort and security. The tiny and lightweight JBL Free X is perfect for commuting, working out, or enjoying music on a stroll.

Specifications Of JBL Free X

JBL Free X

Driver size (mm)5.6
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB)96
Frequency Response10 Hz – 22 kHz
Weight (g)99 g
Bluetooth version4.2
Charging time (hours from empty)2 Hours
Number of drivers per ear1 Drive

How is the headphones unique?

Untethered freedom distinguishes the JBL Free X. Traditional headphones restrict movement, whereas wireless headphones let users move freely. The genuine wireless design goes beyond convenience; it changes how people interact with audio content without cords.

Sound Quality

JBL Free X

JBL is known for its rich, dramatic sound, and the Free X is no exception. These earbuds deliver a clean, balanced sound with good bass for a variety of music genres. JBL Free X caters to your musical tastes, whether you like complex classical pieces or bass-heavy modern sounds. Its intuitive touch controls let users control music playing, answer calls, and access voice assistants with a tap on the earphones. This simplified control technique improves easy device interaction. The JBL Free X is a solid communication tool and music player. Users may easily take calls with great speech quality using built-in microphones. Bluetooth technology guarantees a reliable and efficient connection with compatible devices, eliminating usage interruptions.

Battery Life Is Great

JBL Free X

Wireless headphones must have good battery life, and the JBL Free X does. The earbuds come with a charging case that protects, stores, and charges them. The combined battery life lets customers listen to their favourite songs for longer without worrying about running out.

Fit To Wear

Both versions fit well; however, I liked the JBL Free X. The sound isolation is somewhat better, and the buds suit my ears flawlessly. The Tune 120TWS protrudes significantly from the ears and feels less tight than the Free X. The Free uses optional rubber coverings over the entire bottom of the earphone to increase fit. For thick sweaters, the Free X is safer. I didn’t worry about either model sliding out of my ears. This should be fine if you’re using actual wireless earphones for exercise.

Design Is Superb

Free X wins with 24 hours of gameplay. The Tune 120TWS has a 16-hour battery life. Both types may be used for 4 hours before needing to be charged. Charging both devices takes roughly 2 hours from empty. Both variants implicate via micro-USB.

Call Clarity Is Cool

JBL Free X

The Tune 120TWS is best for frequent callers for two reasons: First, it has more explicit calls than Free X. Second, the Free X only uses one earbud for calls, whereas the Tune 120TWS uses both.

Controls and Function are simple, Awesome

This department is similar. Both employ the earpiece buttons for play/pause, track skipping, phone answering, and voice assistant activation. Neither model has earpiece volume control.

Bluetooth Version Is An Older One!

Both devices support Bluetooth 4.2, which is an older version. JBL’s lack of a Bluetooth 5 update is unexpected, given its more dependable transmission. There were no lost signals with either earbud.

Comes With Waterproof Build

JBL Free X

Though I wouldn’t swim with it, the Free X’s IPX5 waterproof designation can handle sweat and splashes. Tune 120TW lacks sweat resistance. Thus, the Free X is the natural pick for workout buds. I seldom have time to put my earphones in the charging case after taking them out to chat. So I put them in my pocket. To compensate, JBL made the Tune 120TWS shells magnetic. If you don’t have your charging case, pair your buds to avoid losing them. This is not available on Free X.

Pros and Cons Of JBL Free X

True Wireless DesignNot Fot For All Ear Shapes
Great Sound QualityLimited Noise Isolation
Ergonomic Design:
Good Touch Controls

Should I Buy JBL Free X?

The JBL Free X combines beauty, utility, and sound quality. The Free X is a pioneer in wireless audio, offering a smooth and immersive listening experience. Modern customers want flexibility and quality in their audio gadgets, and the JBL Free X delivers with its ergonomic design, straightforward controls, and excellent sound performance. JBL has again delivered cutting-edge audio solutions that exceed conventional headphones by embracing the wireless revolution.


Does JBL Free X eliminate noise?

The JBL Free X does not require battery power for active noise cancellation.

Are JBL Free headphones good?

The JBL Free X is suitable for most uses. A somewhat bassy sound, sturdy yet comfortable fit for sports, good noise isolation for commuting, won’t leak sound at work and is pleasant and portable. Unfortunately, they lack volume controls.

JBL earbuds—good brand?

JBL has been making high-quality Bluetooth speakers and music equipment for over 70 years, but their earbuds are definitely worth checking out. JBL offers AirPod competitors, affordable wireless earbuds, and noise-cancelling headphones.

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