Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Earbuds, Published On
October 16, 2023

The second-generation Apple AirPods Pro have the same instantly recognisable design as the first, with a few minor upgrades. The U1 chip and built-in speaker in the casing make it easy to locate using Apple’s Find My iPhone app, while the H2 chip improves active noise cancellation (ANC) and battery life.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Specification

ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3 wireless technology
ChipApple H2 headphone chip
Weight0.19 ounces
Water resistanceBluetooth 5.3 (codec support: AAC)
Size1.22 x 0.86 x 0.94 inches
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3 (codec support: AAC)
Battery Life6 hours; 30 hours (charging case)
Price$249 / $329 CAD / £249 / AU$399


  • Modalities of Adaptive Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation
  • Superior self-wear monitoring
  • A waterproof carrying bag and earbuds
  • Four different ear tip sizes provide a snug fit. (XS-L)
  • Stems that respond to pressure and slidable knobs


  • Lightning cable charging.
  • Numerous unique Apple-only options


Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

Both the original and updated AirPods Pro appear identical, even down to the glossy white charging cases. On the previously blank block, Apple has now placed a silver lanyard loop and speaker. The speaker on the casing doesn’t play music; instead, it makes a sound that can be tracked down using the Find My Phone app. An alarm tone will sound when the battery is low or when pairing is complete; you may silence these alerts in the iPhone’s Settings menu. Apple’s AirPods are the first wireless headphones to include an IPX4-rated casing and earbuds, making them resistant to sweat, moisture, and light rain. The buds are accessible with a simple thumb motion to open the casing.

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The earphones with the celebrity stems slip out of the casing and may be easily reinserted. The drawbacks of a stemmed design outweigh their advantages because they can catch on things like masks and longer hair. Towelling off in the middle of a workout sometimes results in a flung earpiece because the towel gets caught on the earphone’s stem. The same thing might happen if I take off my bike helmet carelessly. It’s not a dealbreaker because the AirPods don’t go far, but it is something to keep in mind with any headphones that fit snugly in the ear canal like the AirPods do. Ear hooks or stabilising wings are common features of more ergonomic exercise earphones.


Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

The new AirPods Pro let you manage your media library, switch between listening modes, and answer calls. Using the popular trigger phrase “Hey Siri,” you may conduct hands-free commands and inquiries when coupled with an Apple device. Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro also include the company’s first swiping motions. However, the Nothing Ear 1 and the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds have had swipe motions for a while now, so this isn’t an absolute first for the AirPods range.

The AirPods Pro have an auto-play/pause feature. Taking out the earphones will pause the music, and putting them back in will play it again. Interestingly, when you take off the earphones, any active noise cancellation or Transparency mode will automatically deactivate as well. The skin-detection sensor prevents playback when the headphones are removed from the skin. We’re glad to see this sensor is back in the third-generation AirPods and Beats Fit Pro.

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

Not only is it unexpected (there were suspicions of a price raise) but also welcome (given the overall surge in costs across digital items) that Apple kept the AirPods Pro 2’s launch price at £249, $249, or AU$399. The new model is also available at reasonable prices in the United Kingdom and the United States. Priced between the recently released Sony WF-1000XM5 (£259/$299/AU$TBC) and the award-winning, superb Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II (£280/$299/AU$429), this pair of headphones is competitive with other top models on the market. They’re in excellent company, and they’re the most reasonably priced of the three leading candidates right now.


Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

The Pro 2’s active noise suppression is excellent. Apple says that the new earbuds filter out twice as much ambient noise as the old ones, which is immediately noticeable. It’s a soothing, airy effect that allows you enjoy music without distractions. We tested the first-generation AirPods Pro, but the second version offers far better noise cancellation.


Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

They also sound great. Apple’s audio quality has impressed us with its clarity, tonal balance, and speech handling. The original AirPods sound heavier, more detailed, and more dynamically nuanced. Each earbud has a new unique low-distortion, high-excursion audio driver, transducer, and high-dynamic-range amplifier, and when combined with the H2 chip’s advanced audio algorithms, the sound is substantially better than the original Pro. The AirPods Pro’s airy and open sound remains despite the noise cancellation. The new venting system’s circulation helps. Disabling ANC clarifies sound and lets music breathe. Dynamics and details are subtly tweaked.

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We were surprised by the AirPods Pro 2’s performance boost. Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 has caught up to Sony and Bose, surprising us. They sound great, suppress sounds well, and are comfortable to use again. It’s fun. Apple’s audio efforts are impressive, but the AirPods should be enhanced (ANC modes, higher-quality audio codecs). Apple took sound seriously when we heard the AirPods Max headphones. It’s fantastic to see that Apple has brought the same exceptional performance to the commonly utilised, tiny, and affordable AirPods Pro range.

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