Anker SoundCore Space A40: An Honest Review

Anker SoundCore Space A40: An Honest Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Earbuds, Published On
December 12, 2023

Wireless headphones are possibly one of the hottest trends right now in this millennial and Gen Z-dominated era. Can you imagine a street without anyone wearing headphones or having earbuds with them? Of course, not as wireless headphones or earbuds have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you’re at home or commuting, carrying a wireless earphone is an absolute must-have that allows you to maintain the convenience factor everywhere.

Anker SoundCore Space A40 Specifications

Released OnAugust 24, 2022
PriceUSD 99.99
Dimension68 x 44 x 29mm
Weight0.02 lbs
Connection TypeBluetooth
Frequency Range20Hz to 40KHz
Battery Life10 Hour

What are the features of the Anker SoundCore Space A40?

Anker SoundCore Space A40

Anker’s recently launched Space A40 wireless earpiece is presently the talk of the town, as people are going crazy over it. It is highly appreciated by current-day users for its seamless sound and excellent features. You are still in a dilemma? To buy an A40 earpiece or not? Then this review can be the right place for you to come up with significant answers to the questions. When it comes to purchasing a headphone, which features do you prioritize most? Fret not, as here we have got you covered with the essential features of the Space A40, for which it is a must-have item.


Portability is the primary thing that comes to mind when we plan to buy a headphone. And here in the context of Space A40, earphones are ideal to fit easily in the ears and are extremely lightweight to cause no such burden to your ears. With this newly launched earphone from Anker, your musical journey will be more seamless than ever. Additionally, it can withstand sweat or rain, which means your musical experience is going to be unhindered.

Superior sound quality

Anker SoundCore Space A40

Are you looking for superior sound quality in the readily available earphones in the marketplace? No worries, and just go for SoundCore Space A40 for a continuous musical experience. Moreover, you’re going to have access to a wide range of EQ presets that encompass genres like Hollywood songs, jazz, and podcasts without creating a hole in your pocket.


The noise cancellation feature is something that the user craves. Anker’s SoundCore Space A40 simply nails it, and in return, you can expect superior noise cancellation. Whether you’re in front of a train station or a market, we can vouch for the fact that this earpiece is going to reduce the rumbling noise of the train or the hustle-bustle of the market. So, Anker’s headset is your sound partner at an affordable price.

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In this era of inflationary pressure, there’s nothing wrong with saving a few bucks from the budget you have allocated for purchasing fancy electronic gadgets. Anker’s SoundCore can fulfill this wish of yours, as you are free to purchase this earbud for just $100. Besides that, to grab them at a budget lower than that, you can visit the e-commerce platforms where you can claim extra offers.

Multipoint Bluetooth

Anker SoundCore Space A40

Multipoint Bluetooth is something that won’t leave you disappointed, and simultaneously, you can connect these earbuds with two devices. The process of connecting with the devices is similar to that of the other earphones, and that means you are free to enjoy the ease of use factor.

Battery life

Up to 7 hours and 55 minutes, these earbuds can accompany you constantly without the need for charging. However, this battery life is subject to your way of using it.


Anker SoundCore Space A40

Along with great battery life and superior sound quality, stylish design is one of the major aspects associated with Anker’s SoundCore. Not only the sturdy case, but this earpiece comes in a variety of colors and is undoubtedly a great option for the young generation of people.


The most intriguing aspect of wireless headphones is their portability which can easily be carried in a handbag or can fit into your pocket. From free movement to noise cancellation, wireless headphones are always there to cater to your diverse needs without causing a hole in your wallet. Anker SoundCore Space A40 is an outstanding choice in the domain of wireless earphones to become your sound companion anywhere. Let’s check this review to find out more about this best-selling headphone and to point out the reasons for which investment in it is the wisest decision ever.

Great Sound QualityNo Wireless Connectivity
Comfortable DesignLimited Features
Good Wired Connection
Durable Build

Final Verdict

Anker’s SoundCore earbud is a simple yet stylish gadget that you can keep with you. Packed with multiple features, this gadget is capable of making its place in your daily tote bag or your pocket. Keep enjoying the immersive melodious experience with this earphone.


Q1: Are Anker SoundCore Space A40 headphones wireless?

The SoundCore Space A40 headphones are wired, not Bluetooth.

Q2: Do these headphones offer ANC?

 The SoundCore Space A40 headphones may isolate passive noise but not active noise.

Q3: What devices work with these headphones?

 The headphones work with cellphones, tablets, computers, and 3.5mm audio players.

Q4: Can I make calls using these headphones?

The SoundCore Space A40 headphones normally have a microphone for hands-free calling.

Q5: Are these headphones’ ear cushions replaceable?

 Replacement ear cushions may be available. Contact Anker’s customer service or authorized merchants for more.

Q6: How long is the headphone cable?

 SoundCore Space A40 headphones have [insert length] cables.

Q7: Do these headphones feature volume and playback controls?

SoundCore Space A40 headphones provide in-line volume and playback controls.

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