Ca’Lefort 24” Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

Ca’Lefort 24” Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

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April 8th, 2023

Those who enjoy wine but lack space for a wine cellar may find it difficult to properly store their bottles. Fortunately, there are a variety of viable wine storage alternatives accessible today. The Calefort 24’’ Dual Zone Wine Fridge is one such solution, offering an impressive capacity and dual temperature zones that make it a great choice for wine lovers.

Ca’Lefort 24” Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

Ca'Lefort 24 inch Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Design and Capacity

The stainless steel exterior of the Calefort 24 inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler gives it a contemporary appeal that complements any home’s kitchen or dining room. With a width of just 24 inches, this refrigerator is ideal for apartments and other tight quarters. The fridge is perfect for both occasional wine drinkers and serious collectors due to its capacity to store up to 46 bottles of wine despite its small size.

The interior of the fridge is designed with adjustable shelves, which make it easy to customize the storage space to suit your specific needs. The shelves are constructed of high-quality wood and can hold the heaviest all wine bottles gently. The fridge’s interior is also well-lit, making it easy to view your collection without having to open the door.

Dual Cooling Zones

Calefort Dual Zone Wine Cooler Fridge’s ability to maintain separate temperature zones is one of its most appealing features. The refrigerator was created with designated areas for storing red and white wines at their ideal temperatures. Red wine(short-term): 54-65°F (12-18°C), White wine(short-term): 40-54°F (4-12°C) or All wines(long-term): 54°F (12°C).

The digital control panel on the wine refrigerator is intuitive to use and provides precise temperature regulation. The current temperature in each zone is also displayed on the screen, allowing you to keep tabs on the environment for your collection with ease.

UV-Protecting Glass Door

The wine in your fridge will be safe from the damaging effects of light thanks to the UV-protecting glass panel in the door. Premature aging and bad tastes in wine are both results of UV radiation exposure. The glass door of Ca’Lefort Dual Zone Wine Fridge shields your wine from UV rays without obstructing your view of your collection.

Quiet Compressor

The 41 decibels of noise output by the refrigerator’s low-vibration compressor is impressive. Because of this, the refrigerator is ideal for quiet areas like bedrooms and home offices. The refrigerator won’t be a distraction in the room where it’s placed because of how quietly it runs.

Reversible Door

The door on this wine cooler can be switched to open from the left or the right. Because of this, the refrigerator is a good fit for rooms where the door’s position must be altered to accommodate the decor. The fridge may be placed in a variety of locations because to the door’s ability to swing in either direction.

Adjustable Feet

The wine refrigerator’s leveling feet make it simple to place the appliance on a variety of surfaces. Because of this feature, the refrigerator can be placed on less-than-level surfaces without fear of tipping over. The height of the refrigerator may be changed with the turn of a screwdriver, thanks to its adjustable feet.

Energy Efficiency

This 24’’ wine fridge is an excellent appliance because to its many functions and its low energy consumption. The refrigerator’s low-vibration compressor cuts down on both energy use and noise. The LED lighting in the refrigerator saves power, making it a green option for storing wine.

Built-in or Freestanding Model

Calefort 24″ Undercounter Wine Fridge is a flexible option due to its built-in or freestanding installation. Whether you opt for built-in or freestanding placement, you can easily level the fridge thanks to its adjustable feet and front ventilation system. The refrigerator’s adaptability allows for installation in a wide range of locations, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and home bars.

Installation and Maintenance

It requires minimal set-up and upkeep. The refrigerator’s adjustable feet and comprehensive instructions make it simple to level the appliance on any surface. The refrigerator’s removable shelves are very simple to clean with a moist towel.


  • Warranty: 1-year unit, 2-year parts, and 3-year compressor
  • Return: 30-day easy return
  • Shipping fee: Free shipping
  • Delivery time: 3-8 business days


  • Size: The refrigerator’s width of 24 inches means it won’t work in every kitchen. Customers should check the refrigerator’s dimensions against the available space before making a purchase.
  • No alarm function: The refrigerator doesn’t have an alarm to sound if the internal temperature deviates too far from the user-set range. Those that are careful with their wine inventory may be concerned about this.

When looking for a high-quality wine refrigerator, Calefort 24’’ Dual Zone Wine Fridge is a great option. The refrigerator’s two independent climate zones, movable shelves, and large capacity make it ideal for keeping bottles of wine of varying temperatures and volumes. The refrigerator’s modern aesthetic and safety features make it a great choice for any home. It is an excellent option if you’re shopping for a new wine refrigerator.

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