Everything To Know About Jolo Chips Price

Everything To Know About Jolo Chips Price

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October 6, 2023

Want to feel like your tongue is on fire? Try Jolo chips. Jolo chips are the spiciest and hottest chips in the world, and they are the best sample of real spice. These are made with Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Canonlia Oil, Caroline Reaper, Iodized Salt, Sodium Propionate, Edible Activated Charcoal Powder, Jalapeno Spice, Calcium Propionate, and other things like corn. The Jolo chip is called “Hot as Hell!” because it can make people feel like they are on fire.

Describe Jolo Chips

The Indian company Anand Snacks makes Jolo chips as a snack. They are called the “world’s hottest” potato chips on the package. Ingredients like the Carolina Reaper, the ghost pepper, and the Trinidad Scorpion pepper give these chips their very hot taste. There is also chilli spice in them to give them even more kick. Because active charcoal powder was added, the chips are the colour of charcoal. This powder is completely safe to eat, and it might be good for your health.

Facts About Jolo Chips

What's in a Jolo Chip?

  • Indian snacks are made by Anand Snacks.
  • Known as “the hottest chips in the world,”
  • Made with the hottest peppers, such as Carolina Reaper.
  • Black from powdered activated charcoal

How hot do Jolo chips taste?

Jolo chips are happy to say that they are the hottest in the world. Is this really true, though? We need to look at the Scoville scale to find out how hot they really are. This shows how hot a pepper or other spicy food is. The Carolina Reaper pepper used to season Jolo chips has a Scoville heat unit (SHU) score of 1,641,183. That’s way too hot! A pepper, on the other hand, has only 2,500 to 8,000 SHU. So Carolina Reaper Jolo chips are more than 200 times hotter than jalapenos.

How much hot is Jolo Chips?

A Mexican chip called a Jolo chip is known for being very hot. The chip is made with the hottest spices, like the Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion peppers, and can be bought online for Rs. 199. People who take the Jolo chip dare, which has become famous on social media, eat the chip to see how much spice they can handle. With the phrase #jolochipchallenge, the challenge spread all over the internet.

What’s in a Jolo Chip?

We know that peppers like the Carolina Reaper give Jolo chips their heat. But what else do these spicy snacks have in them?

Typical Jolo chip elements are:

  1. Corn Oil from Canola
  2. Powder made of activated charcoal
  3. Carolina Reaper peppers are very hot.
  4. Ghost chilies
  5. Trinidad Scorpian peppers
  6. Seasoning with jalapenos
  7. Salt with iodine
  8. Calcium propionate Calcium propionate
  9. Propionate of sodium

As you can see, the list of things in these chips backs up the claim that they are very hot. Jolo chips are very spicy because they are made with the world’s spiciest peppers.

Facts about the food in Jolo Chips

You might wonder, with all those hot peppers, if Jolo chips are good. Let’s look at how healthy it is:

  1. Size of a serving: 1 package (28 grammes)
  2. 150 calories are in one serving.
  3. Fat: 8g
  4. 18g of carbs
  5. 2g of protein
  6. 1g of fibre
  7. 280mg of sodium

Jolo chips are high in fat and carbs, like most chips. But they also have a little bit of fibre and protein. The number of calories in each bag is pretty high, so these are more of a treat than a healthy lunch. Not at all healthy food!

Jolo Chips Price

What's in a Jolo Chip?

Jolo Chip is a brand that you can buy in India. You can find it in stores and on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and the brand’s own website. In India, a 5gm bag of Jolo Chip costs about INR 164 and a 10gm bag costs about INR 378.

How Jolo Chips Taste?

How do Jolo chips taste, besides just being hot? Well, there are mixed reviews. Some people say that the high level of spice makes it hard to taste the corn chips. Some people say that Jolo chips taste like jalapenos, which goes well with the heat. Most of the time, ultra-hot chips like these are more about how spicy they are than how they taste. But the jalapeno sauce probably adds a nice hot kick to the raw pepper heat of Jolo chips.

Why do people all over the world like Jolo Chip so much?

Jolo Chip is so famous because of its unique package, which is black and blood-red and has a white ghost face and skull on top. So, the packaging is both dangerous and hard to figure out. It also makes the chip more appealing because it looks like a forbidden fruit. This makes the Jolo chip challenge even more appealing to people who want to see how much spice they can handle. The ghost and skull pictures on the package have helped make the chip famous and given the Jolo chip a sense of danger and mystery. Influencers on social media have also helped make the chip famous by giving prizes and awards for eating the Jolo chip and using comments like “ALMOST DIED” in their videos. This has made people talk about the chip, especially young people, who are easy to persuade by social media. When so many people try the Jolo chip, it can make some people feel like they’re losing out if they don’t try it too.

Do you want to take the Jolo Chip Challenge?

What's in a Jolo Chip?

If you want to try the JOLO CHIP challenge and want to be one of the 300 lucky winners, now is your chance. If you want to join the hundreds of people who have already tried JOLO CHIP and are looking for a place to order JOLO CHIP online, you’ve come to the right place. You can easily buy a Jolo chip online, and you can do so at any time. Want to know how much these Jolo chips cost?

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