Sending Money to Bangladesh Just Got More Exciting

Sending Money to Bangladesh Just Got More Exciting

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March 20, 2023

Sending Money to Bangladesh Just Got More Exciting: Win One of Two Honda X Blades or One of 8 iPhone 14 Plus with ACE Money Transfer.

About 7.5 million Bangladeshi migrants live in different countries worldwide, of whom a majority earn a living and send money to Bangladesh to extend financial support to their families back home.

But those Bangladeshi migrants who are living in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland are going to get some exciting prizes and rewards in their money transfers back home.

One of the leading remittance transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer, has launched a campaign for its valued customers to dole out some exciting prizes and rewards.

More exciting than the prizes and awards themselves are the easy steps to take to participate and the even easier process to increase your chances of winning those awards.

Keep reading to learn the exciting details.

The Campaign And Its Details Explained

Sending Money to Bangladesh Just Got More Exciting:

ACE Money Transfer has launched yet another exciting campaign in which some amazing prizes and awards are being given away through a series of lucky draws.

This campaign is designed for Bangladeshi migrants who live in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. If any migrants from these countries send money to Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer between the 1st of March and April 30th, they will become eligible to participate in this exciting campaign.

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But remember that your eligibility to participate does not mean you stand qualified to win the awards and prizes right away.

There are some simple and easy steps to follow to ensure your chances of winning.

Rather, it is not that you will have to take some new steps or have to go out of your comfort zone. It is more of a slight tweaking in your money transfer practice instead of making a whole new movement and bringing about big changes.

To know the inside out about how to participate, Click Here.

You must be wondering about the impetus behind launching such campaigns by now.

And this is natural.

Because how many service providers that you know of have launched such campaigns to dole out exciting and amazing prizes to their customers?

Hardly any. Right?

Then you naturally wonder about how and why ACE Money Transfer does so, and that, too, regularly!

The Impetus Behind Launching Such Campaigns

The company knows full well that migrating to another country is not without a pressing reason. Nobody wants to leave their loved ones, family and comfort zone to travel to another country, particularly to earn a living.

There have to be some pressing financial reasons behind such a move.

Migrants have to ensure their families have all the life essentials at their disposal that are otherwise difficult to have due to limited means.

A couple of the basic life essentials nowadays are a vehicle and a good-quality smartphone – for commuting and communication.

These are two commodities that a large chunk of the money migrants send back is diverted towards.

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Considering this, the company has launched this campaign to facilitate its valued customers’ commuting and communication.

What Prizes Are On Offer?

The prizes on offer in this campaign are as under:

For Commuting

To facilitate the commuting of the winners, 2 brand-new Honda X Blade Motorcycles are included in this campaign.

For Communication

To facilitate the communication of the winners, 8 iPhone 14 Plus 128GB are being given away as prizes in this campaign.

Why Is This Campaign Focusing On Bangladeshi Migrants?

Well, simply because Bangladesh is a low-income country. Its flailing economy makes life difficult for the people of the country.

A look at the following few statistics will help you understand it.

A Look At The Fast Facts About Bangladeshi Economy, Migrants, And Remittances

  • The nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bangladesh in 2021 was $416.26 billion, a report by the World Bank noted.
  • Its GDP per capita income in 2021 was $2,457.9, another report by the World Bank revealed.
  • A report by IOM UN Migration said that about 7.5 million Bangladeshi migrants reside in different countries.
  • These migrants, a report by the Dhaka Tribune said, sent $12.45 billion in remittances to Bangladesh from abroad in the first 7 months (July-January) of the current fiscal year 2022-2023.

These statistics will answer the question asked above.

Steps To Participate And Brighten Your Winning Chances

While you will learn the details in the document linked above, a couple of points merit further explanation lest you get confused.

To Participate

You have to be a Bangladeshi migrant residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland and send money back home through ACE Money Transfer.

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It will make you eligible to participate in the campaign and the following lucky draws.

To Win

Regularly make as many transfers across the campaign duration (March 1st till April 30th) as possible. Make sure to initiate one transfer daily instead of making many in a single day.

This will brighten your chances to win through the lucky draws.

ACE Money Transfer – Creating A Win-Win Remittance Service Situation

Indeed it is a win-win situation for you if you choose ACE Money Transfer for your online money transfer to Bangladesh, as you get speed, safety, live exchange rates, and low fees in addition to having a high chance of winning one of the two brand-new Honda X Blada Motorcycle or one of 8 new iPhone 14 Plus 128GB, for doing nothing new!

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