Hva Er Forbrukslån Without Collateral, Should You Get One & How

Hva Er Forbrukslån Without Collateral, Should You Get One & How

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Updated On
September 19th, 2023

Whether you’ve been thinking of buying a new car, funding a vacation, organizing an important event, paying off your debts, or you’ve found yourself in an emergency situation, needing money and needing it quickly, you’ll most likely react the same way. Sure, while the situations definitely differ from one another, the solution is pretty much the same, which is why your reaction won’t be different. Put simply, you’ll start thinking about how to get the actual money that you need and that your salary cannot cover.

First off, you’ll probably toy around with the idea of borrowing from someone you know, from a family member or a friend, thinking that they will be ready to lend you any amount you need without having any kind of guarantee that you’ll repay it. Then, you’ll realize how bad of an idea this is, because not only will the people you know probably not have the amount of cash you need ready at hand, but they’ll also be reluctant to lend it to anyone, especially if it means waiting for a long time for the debt to be repaid. And, since you probably wouldn’t be able to repay it right away, this would take a toll on your relationship, which is certainly not what you want.

Is there anything else you can do, though? Sure there is. As you know already, people usually rely on banks to get the money they need when buying a vehicle or doing any of those things I’ve mentioned above and much more. In short, they get personal loans from these institutions, agreeing with the lender to repay the money in monthly installments during a certain period of time. Quite convenient, isn’t it? Precisely what you need.

Of course, since you’re familiar with the idea of personal loans, you’ll most likely be a bit worried about a few things and you’ll want to research them and get your facts straight before actually starting to work with one of the lenders. For example, you’re worried about having to provide collateral so as to be able to borrow the money you need. Legitimate thing to be concerned about, but there is a concept you should be familiar with if this is what’s bothering you.

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What Is a Forbrukslån Without Collateral?


Unsecured loans, also known as loans without collateral, have become rather popular recently. People are increasingly turning towards them, using them to fund all kinds of personal projects, from vehicle purchasing, to traveling and many, many more. Before you, however, decide if you want to use this particular option to your advantage, you’ll want to understand what it really is. Put differently, you’re wondering hva er forbrukslån without collateral, that is, what this concept actually entails, and that’s something you’ll have to learn if you want to make an informed ultimate decision.

As mentioned, these are also called unsecured loans, and the reason why lenders and people call them like that is quite simple. Basically, they are not secured by collateral. Is it clear to you what that precisely means?

Put as simply as possible, it means that these are personal loans you can get without having to provide collateral to the lender as security that you’ll actually repay the money. If collateral is what you’ve been worried about when you first began thinking of getting a personal loan, then you can stop worrying, as there is a simple solution to the issue. You simply find the unsecured option and forget about any kind of collateral whatsoever.

One thing you’ll have to know about this specific loan type, though, is that it comes with slightly higher interest rates than the ones you may have been seeing on the secured option. If you’ve been doing any research or if you know some people who have taken out loans in the past, you may have already noticed the difference between the interest rates. You may, however, not be sure why the difference actually exists, although it is quite obvious.

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Since the lenders don’t require you to provide any of your assets as security that you’ll repay the loan, it is no wonder that they are offering slightly increased interest rates. Basically, they’re doing that to protect their own interests by deterring borrowers that aren’t serious. Of course, they also perform extensive credit checks on the applicants, aiming at approving only those candidates that have a good credit score, which is another form of protection – of keeping themselves safe and not winding up working with borrowers that are highly likely to default on the loan they’ll get.

Should You Get One?

Wondering now if you should get an unsecured loan, since it seems like a great opportunity to borrow money without offering collateral? Yet, the part with the interest rates is making you postpone the final decision, since you definitely don’t want to have to pay a fortune in interest after borrowing money and you’re worried that’s what will happen if you go for the unsecured solution. Well, put as simply as possible, it won’t.

While it is true that the rates will be slightly higher than on the traditional, secured loans you’re used to, those rates will still be reasonable and “normal”, so to speak. Meaning, you won’t have to pay a fortune in interest when you get them. Depending on the lender you’ll work with, of course, you can get offered higher or lower interest rates, which is why you should be careful to choose a great one for you. Furthermore, your credit score may also have a say in the offer you’ll get from the lenders, meaning you should definitely work on it as well before applying if that’s possible.

We’ll talk about the process of actually getting this loan a bit later, though. For now, what you want to know is whether you should proceed to getting one in the first place. Well, most people, this is quite an amazing option, as it allows them to borrow money without being worried after having to offer up some of their assets as collateral, while also securing reasonable interest rates. Plus, sometimes, this is the only borrowing option, for those people that don’t have any assets they could offer up as collateral. No matter what group you’re in, this could be the perfect solution for you when trying to fund just about anything.

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How to Get It?

I’ve briefly mentioned above that your credit score will affect the actual offer you’ll get, which further means you should work on it before taking any concrete steps towards applying for a loan. This means you should repay any small debts you may have, as well as pay your bills on time, check your credit report to identify any errors and correct them, and do pretty much everything you can so as to improve the score. After you’ve done that, you’ll get to focus on the rest of the process.

The main part of the rest of the process, naturally, is finding the perfect lender for you. The Internet will help you with that, but you can also get some suggestions from the people you know if you think they could tell you something useful. While researching the lenders, you should focus on comparing the interest rates they’re offering, as well as all the other borrowing terms, such as processing fees, late fees, the repayment period, and anything else that’s important.

Having compared everything, you’ll be ready to make your final decision and start the process of borrowing from one of those lenders. Filling out the application won’t be difficult, especially since most lenders allow you to do that online these days. After filling out the application and providing the lender with the necessary documents, you’ll simply have to wait for approval, after which you’ll get the money.

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