How to Get a Credit Card With The Most Up-To-Date Features?

How to Get a Credit Card With The Most Up-To-Date Features?

Written by Moli Mishra, In finance, Published On
May 17, 2022

Credit cards have a lot of varieties; hence it may be tough to choose one card. Here is a list of various kinds of credit cards and how to get the best credit card for you. 

Different kinds of credit cards

  1. Lifestyle Cards – These cards usually have a high joining fee and annual fee, but they also have many privileges. However, some banks offer lifestyle cards to individuals with minimal income, and they have zero or low annual fees. 
  2. Shopping Cards– These cards are usually affordable and have an annual fee of Rs. 499. These cards usually have many benefits, such as reward points, welcome gifts, discounts, deals, and are more focused on shopping. 
  3. Rewards Cards– These cards offer many rewards in most spending categories. You may have many redemption options, from cashback, air-miles to gifts. 
  4. Fuel Cards– These cards offer reward points on fuel surcharge facility, fuel spends and redemption of reward points against purchases of fuels. They also have value back advantages that let users keep a check on their fuel costs. 
  5. Travel Cards– These cards often only provide air travel offers. These cards are ideal for you if you travel a lot. Their services and features mostly focus on air travel. 
  6. Cashback Cards– You can gain cash rebates, cashback, and other monetary benefits when you purchase using this card. 


Which credit card should you get?

Are you wondering how to get a credit card that is ideal for you? Continue reading what different cards offer and choose according to what appeals to you the most-

  1. Reward Type- Credit cards often offer rewards such as reward points, air miles, and cashback. 
  2. Spending Pattern – It is important to understand your spending pattern when choosing a credit card. 
  3. Credit Card Offers– Some credit cards have amazing discounts and offers applicable on certain websites or in certain stores. If you use some stores or sites more than others, it is good to get these cards. 
  4. Charges and Fees – You can compare the charges and fees and interest rate on different cards before you apply for one. 
  5. Payment Choices– Most cards let you make payments using multiple methods. 
  6. Welcome gift or bonus– Some issuers offer new applicants joining bonuses and welcome gifts. Gifts could be anything from miles, bonus points to the latest gadget. 


Using a credit card

Here are some ways how you can use your credit card- 

  1. Convert your bill payments into EMIs

One of the most popular uses of credit cards is to convert bills into EMIs and then repay them as and when you can. 

  1. Use the correct card in the correct store

If you own multiple cards, ensure you use the one that gives you the most benefits at particular stores or websites.

  1. Reward points

Banks let card users redeem their credit card reward points to obtain discounts on flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc. 

  1. Online payments

Credit cards often offer multiplied reward points for online purchases. 

  1. Personal loan in case of emergencies

Many card issuers will let you take a loan against your credit card. You can convert your unutilized limit into a loan at a nominal interest rate. 


Apply for a credit card with Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv offers a complete application process where you can look through 17 credit cards and apply for the one that best suits your needs. You can even compare the credit cards. Bajaj Finserv has a simple credit card application process and offers a representative who will guide you during your documentation and application process. Hope this article answers all your questions concerning getting a credit card that is ideal for you.

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