VOGRACE Acrylic Charm Review

VOGRACE Acrylic Charm Review

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June 4, 2023

Vograce stands out in the acrylic charm manufacturing industry with its impressive range of options and exceptional quality.

Acrylic charms are decorative accessories made of acrylic material that can be attached to various items like keychains, bags, and accessories to add visual appeal and personalization.

Vograce’s acrylic charms are a delightful addition to any collection. Considering the overall reviews, Vograce products & services are highly satisfying.

Vograce offers a variety of acrylic charm options for customization, and there is no minimum requirement, which is great for trying out different samples.

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VOGRACE Acrylic Charm

VOGRACE Acrylic Charm

  • Diversity & quality in products:

Vograce acrylic charms feature vibrant colors, holographic rainbow, single-side-printing, series-connection, glitter effects and 3D designs.

The quality of the charms is impressive, with vibrant colors and attention to detail such as taking care of the cut lines.

The 3D acrylic charms, with artwork placed in front and behind the acrylic, create an eye-catching visual effect that adds depth and uniqueness.

The glitter epoxy finish gives the charms a polished and professional look.

The regular acrylic charms, without the 3D effect, are also beautifully designed, with pastel colors and a glitter epoxy finish that adds a touch of sparkle.

Vograce is recommended especially artists as there are no issues like stolen designs.

Vograce’s commitment to maintaining a zero percent flaw rate has impressed customers, providing them with products in perfect condition.

The pricing is reasonable, considering the quality they offer. You can also order other decorative items for your room, clothes & accessories such as custom keychains, stickers, pins washi tapes to custom body pillow in different designs & themes.

They are perfect for decorating your belongings or for use in crafting projects.

  • Customization options:

In terms of customization options, Vograce provides various choices for the shapes, sizes, finishes & clasps including options like carabiners, hearts, and stars, allowing customers to select a fitting attachment for their charms.

Additionally, the company accommodates special requests, such as the inclusion of two pin backs to prevent rotation for certain designs.

Their commitment to quality and customization is evident in their products.

The holographic film and vinyl finishes available for their charms are a testament to their commitment to providing diverse choices for customers.

Customers have praised the overall printing quality, vibrant colors and well-defined details of acrylic charms by Vograce noting that each piece is carefully crafted and free from flaws.

  • Fine Epoxy Coating:

Most acrylic charms have an epoxy coating giving them a glossy visual appeal especially for pill-shaped designs.

The coating on the front and back ensured durability, and the bits added a delightful touch. The shiny rounded dome shape makes the charm less susceptible to scratches.

However some categories such as holographic charm may not have an epoxy coating, but it still looked stunning.

These charms consist of two layers of acrylic carefully stacked to produce a visually striking three-dimensional effect.

  • Protective packaging & timely delivery:

Both the front and back surfaces of charms are coated with a protective layer, showcasing the attention to product handling.

Also the self-healing property of the protective epoxy layer helps recover minor scratches.

Customers have also reported receiving extras in their orders, compensating for any potential flaws or imperfections.

Pricing, delivery time, and the effort put into the products by Vograce are all commendable.

However, you may face delays in shipping due to the company’s location and external factors such as the COVID-19 outbreaks.

  • Quick order & support:

Vograce’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their user-friendly website, quick turnaround time, and willingness to accommodate individual designs. Ordering is simple & with secure payment tracking. Before manufacturing they confirm the final design by contacting you.

Customers recommend staying in contact with the company’s service representatives and joining their Discord community for updates on production and potential delays.


Vograce is highly recommended for acrylic charms. Their wide range of options, customization possibilities,high quality, water resistance, attention to detail & excellent service make them a reliable choice.

The team at Vograce are responsive and ensure that your products are handled with care.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking for high-quality acrylic charms, Vograce is a company you can trust.

Acrylic charms from Vograce are a must-have for any charm enthusiast & also ideal as a present.

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