Types Of Lip Piercing

Types Of Lip Piercing

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February 23, 2023
Last modified on March 26th, 2023

Lip piercings are super cute and a unique way of expressing not only style but personality too. There are so many types of piercings that can be done on the lips. You are only required to choose the piercing that you think best represents your personality or the one that best fits your physical features, specifically the lips, for this matter.

Piercings on the lips are likely to heal way quicker than most other types of piercings. The piercing is also noticeable and an ideal option if you want to get some attention to your lips. The piercing is also affordable and heals within the first few weeks. The following are different types of lip piercing that you can choose from.

Labret Piercing


Labret piercing is the most standard type of lip piercing. Most people actually figure out this style when they consider getting their lips pierced.

The definitive feature of this type of piercing is that it is done above the chin and directly below the lower lip. The positioning should be the center which can be determined using the positioning of the nose.

The piercing can also be done to the left or right for those who do not know what is placed at the center of the mouth.

This piercing is also sensitive, unlike ear piercings, because the lip has so many nerve endings. This means that it may be a bit more painful than ear piercing.

Monroe Piercing

Also known as the Madonna piercing.  It is done above the lip and directly under the nose on either of the sides that you choose. The choice of whether left or right s what determines where the piercing should be named a Monroe or Madonna.

The right is considered a Monroe, and on the left, it is considered a Madonna piercing. This type of piercing heals in a time span of between eight and twelve weeks.

Medusa Piercing

They were known as the philtrum piercing before because the piercing goes all the way through the philtrum of the face. This area is directly above the upper lip and is done using a hollow piercing needle.

You can get any jewelry of choice for the medusa lip piercing. The average healing time is between six and twelve weeks.

Jestrum Piercing

For this piercing, you will particularly have two holes. One hole is featured on the philtrum, and the other comes through the center of the lip. For full healing, this piercing takes a minimum of six months. The piercing is done using a hollow needle.

Vertical Labret

This piercing means that the needle gets through the center bottom of the lip all the way through to the middle bottom of the lip. A standard needle is required to make this delicate piercing. The piercing may appear to be healed after six to eight weeks, but the full healing takes up to six months.

Horizontal Labret

Lip piercing

This means you have the holes horizontally on the bottom lip. The piercing should be done on the thickest part of the lower part.

The most suitable piece of jewelry is the barbell which is placed horizontally on the area below the skin of the lower lip. A standard hollow needle is also needed to perform this piercing.

Snake Bites Piercing

This is an advanced form of labret piercing. The specification is that they are two labret piercings, with each going on each side of the lip. The piercing takes between 4 to 8 weeks to fully heal, depending on how fast your body heals. You can wear any jewelry of your choice for this piercing.

Spider Bites Piercing

This is a modification of the labret piercing too, where there are two labret piercings both on one side of the lip. They may either be done on the right side of the lip or on the left, based on your preference.

Angel Bites Piercing

This is specifically when you have two lip piercings. Each piercing goes on each side of the upper lip. It can also be described as having a Madonna and a Monroe but on the upper lip at the same time.

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