Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

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June 15, 2021
Last modified on November 3rd, 2021

While going to the workout or attending a party, track pants are always your best friend. Wearing track pants with different tops and t-shirts makes the right pair of attire that is stylish as well as classy at the same time. The era of style and comfort is back and people nowadays search for things that are cool and classy. Vibrant colors and funky designs are the most trending choices nowadays. So here we are giving suggestions about the Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men.

Some looks are unforgettable and some are perfect for every occasion. One such is the stylish track pant look for men that is dashing, appealing, and the best. It has a specific place in the fashion world which is becoming the first choice of every man.

The track pants were specially introduced as sportswear but their style and comfort made it popular among men and also women along with the passage of time. They are simply paired with a jersey or a shirt that makes a tremendous pair for night-outs and workouts.

Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

There are different types of track pants that are eligible to provide a stunning look to the wearer which can be worn at different occasions and events. Like colors, there are even a variety of track pants from which you can choose the most likely one.

Basic length Track Pants – 1st From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

These track pants have the standard length that is eligible to suit everyone. They are not too lengthy nor too short. Those with short height will get one or two wrinkles at the ankle and those who are a bit taller may have the length a bit above the ankle. You are ready to go anywhere when you wear these pants.

Elastic Cuff Track Pants -2nd From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

Track pants or sweatpants with elastic cuffs at the waist and at the ankle are largely preferred by women as they can be easily adjusted at the ankle and provide you the eligible length that you want. The pants can be loose or fitted depending upon the width that you want. The tracks are available for both men and women.

Relaxed Track Pants -3rd From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

The tracks which are loose and parallel from top to bottom are the relaxed track pants. They are usually found in basic colors such as black, white or grey with some stripes at the side of the track giving it a more interesting look. These sweatpants are eligible all day long and will look amazing when paired with casual t-shirts.

Joggers Track Pants – 4th From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

Another stylish yet classy one that is suitable for every occasion is the joggers track pants. It has a grip at the ankle and elastic at the waist that gives a sterling look to the wearer. These pants are loose from top to bottom making some wrinkles from knees to ankle that gives a perfect stylish appeal to the wearer.

How to Style the Track Pant

There are different ways to style track pants. There are different types of shirts and t-shirts that can be paired with those track pants and will provide you a drastic appeal.

Baggy Tracks with Hoodie – 5th From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

The pair of baggy track pants and a hoodie is just amazing for casual wear or workouts. A full sleeves hoodie with a zip-in front looks super amazing. These loose tracks are made from comfortable fabrics that can be cotton, nylon or polyester that are breathable and highly absorbent. The hoodie made from the same fabric will look amazing with that track. You can style it with a pair of sport shoes and complete the overall look.

Track Pants and Sweatshirt – 6th From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

The basic track pants and a bright-colored sweatshirt make a perfect combination. A grey track pant or a black track pant paired with a bright colored sweatshirt having full gripped sleeves and a round neck will make a perfect combination. You can also opt for a short-sleeve sweatshirt or a t-shirt that will look amazing with an ankle-length track pants. Pair a fitness band with perfect shoes to make the right combination.

Track Pants and Track Jackets -7th From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

A set of track pants and a track jacket is available at the store that saves you from getting both the things separately. A double-colored track and jacket or a multicolor track and jacket make a sophisticated combination. It is the best outfit for winters and a perfect gym cloth for every season. When made from spandex or lycra, it gives the wearer a breathable and fresh feel. They also prove to be perfect for yoga sessions.

Denim Jacket and Track Pants – 8th From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men


For nightclubs and parties, the combination of a denim jacket and denim track pants is the drastic choice. It is fashionable and stylish and provides a classy western appeal to the wearer. The combination of a blue denim jacket and a plain back stringer with black pocket joggers is super amazing and highly attractive. This stylish pair is perfect for parties and evening events where you need to wear something trendy.

Track Pants and Blazer – 9th From Top 9 Stylish Track Pants for Men

Track Pants and Blazer

Another rocking yet comfortable pair is the pair of track pants with a blazer. A colorful blazer paired along a loose-fitted track pant looks perfect at places where you need to wear semi-formal clothes. They are sometimes preferred for offices too when you are willing to wear something casual yet comfortable. You just need to add your favorite blazer at the top of the tank top or stringer that you are wearing.

All the above-mentioned gym track pants for men will look extremely dashing at every event. The thing is that you just need to choose the right color and pair it with the right tees so that you can get a perfect look. Along with it you also need to add a pair of shoes, a smartwatch, and a cap if you like when you are not wearing the hoodie. That’s it your entire look is completed with the fusion of style and comfort.

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