The Best Joe Rogan Podcasts You Must Listen To!

The Best Joe Rogan Podcasts You Must Listen To!

Written by Alison Lurie, In Entertainment, Published On
June 30, 2023

Joe Rogan is a rare breed in the United States. He has many talents, including stand-up comedy, sports commentary, martial arts, hosting television shows, and more. Rogan’s interest in podcasting dates back to the 2000s, when he first began sharing raw recordings of himself and his friends online. People all over the world took notice of his films, and they were even brought up in deep discussions. He was able to turn producing podcasts into his full-time occupation due to their increasing popularity. He has produced and released over 1,900 shows.

Joe Rogan’s podcasts span a wide variety of topics, including business, health, relationships, conspiracy theories, politics, mental health, current events, instructional podcasts, the paranormal, and more. If you are a fan of Joe Rogan, I have produced a list of the top podcasts that you should listen to at least once. If you’re just getting started with the group, the items below should get you up and running.

Can you tell me about the Joe Rogan Experience?

Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor, and UFC commentator, and he hosts a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience (or JRE, for short). Many different types of people, from politicians to philosophers to psychologists to physicists to ufologists (yes, Joe Rogan is a big extraterrestrial enthusiast), have appeared on his show. Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, and Edward Snowden are just a few of the well-known people who have appeared on the show.

And those are simply the most prominent names among the many others involved. Rogan signed a $100 million contract with Spotify in 2020 (though current rumours say the actual deal was to the tune of $200 million), making JRE available only on Spotify. Each episode of the podcast is watched and downloaded by millions of people around the world, making it one of the most popular podcasts ever.

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts You Must Listen To

  • Elon Musk (#1169, #1470, & #1609)

To hear Elon Musk discuss his many businesses, it is worth tuning in.

Joe’s podcast is great because it features in-depth interviews with well-known people on various aspects of their lives and careers. As a bonus, admirers of Elon Musk will enjoy hearing him discuss his many business endeavors. Elon discusses AI, Neuralink, Tesla, and more in this podcast. Elon got into such a tangle in Episode 1169 when he smoked marijuana while chatting with Rogan. The action also temporarily drove down Tesla stock prices. One of the most popular JRE episodes, with 60 million views, is the same podcast.

  • Sanders, Bernie (#1330)

Reason to hear the senator’s thoughts on the issues.

The Democratic nominee for president in 2019 was a guest on Joe’s show in 2019. He added his support for Bernie by saying the candidate’s political views have been “insanely consistent” throughout his life. Even more crucially, Joe asks Bernie, “If you went into the office and found out something about aliens or UFOs, would you let us know?”

After an interesting hour of talking about gun control and drug decriminalization, the question was asked. Bernie responded, “My wife would demand I let you know.” Considering Bernie’s potential presidential bid in 2024, is there still any chance that this age-old mystery will be solved?

  • Armstrong, Lance (#737)

You should watch this so you can get all the juicy details of Lance’s doping scandal.

Armstrong discusses the doping episode with Joe in great detail. As an insider, he also shows the audience that doping is pervasive even in the highest levels of professional cycling. He then elaborates on the reasons behind his drug use, the fallout from the controversy, and the impact it had on his Livestrong charity.  The chat was candid and revealing, providing a wealth of information about the cycling champion’s tragic downfall.

  • Stamets, Paul (1035)

If you’re interested in discovering how medicinal mushrooms might improve your wellbeing, this talk is for you.

This episode features Paul Stamets, a mycologist and author who has written many books on the fungus, and will teach you all about mushrooms (no, not the one in your fridge) and psilocybin. You’ll also get an in-depth education on the various medicinal mushrooms available, including the Lion’s Mane, reishi, and cordyceps, none of which produce psychedelic effects. If you want to learn more about mushrooms, this episode is for you.

  • Neil Degrasse Tyson (#1159, #1347, & #1658)

The scientific justification for listening

The astrophysicist has made multiple appearances on Joe’s channel. Since Joe is a layperson and naturally inquisitive, he often asks speakers to explain complex scientific concepts in terms that he can understand. In their numerous podcasts, Neil and Joe cover a wide range of topics, from extraterrestrials and science denial to the future of water scarcity and beyond.

  • Kanye West (#1554)

The artist with the strange opinions is worth listening to for that reason alone.

In this odd episode, Kanye West makes a number of bizarre assertions, such as that God wants him to be the leader of the free world (referring to the time he ran for president), that cities function on four resources (air, earth, fire, and water), that the cost of the earth is incalculable, and so on. While this podcast probably won’t teach you anything about the world, it will keep your attention for a while. After all, we are discussing Kanye West.


  • Joe uses what kind of podcast player?

Joe Rogan’s podcast combines an interview with a more casual discussion format. To prevent the discourse from becoming too information-heavy, he switches between light and serious topics.

  • How much money does Joe Rogan have?

Joe Rogan has an estimated $120 million in wealth. His success in comedy and as a UFC analyst for pay-per-view helped, as did his $100 million Spotify contract.

  • I was wondering how much Joe Rogan makes for each podcast he creates.

Joe’s earnings per podcast have yet to be made public, so an exact amount cannot be determined. But he signed a $100 million agreement with Spotify (the latest reports indicate that the actual amount was $200 million).

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