Everything To Know About Alone Season 8 Winner?

Everything To Know About Alone Season 8 Winner?

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September 17th, 2023

The tension of ‘Alone’ on the History Channel comes from its central concept of humanity vs the natural. The show puts off seasoned survivalists into the dangerous, isolated wilderness with only ten items of their choosing. Each competitor has the option of “tapping out” in the event that they can no longer continue using their survival skills. In the end, whoever is still standing is the victor. Biko Wright became well-known after appearing in the eighth season of “Alone.” Biko, a hardened survivor, won over audiences with his charisma, charm, and dogged persistence. Biko’s fans want to know where he is now because he finished second in his season. Well, we’ve got solutions for you!

Season 8 of Biko Wright: The Journey

The Wright family, to which Biko Wright belonged, were avid outdoorsmen and survivalists. His parents instilled in him an early appreciation for the outdoors and the skills necessary to survive in it, including hunting, snowboarding, snorkeling, and spearfishing. Biko’s father, a former Los Angeles sheriff’s sergeant and Marine veteran raised him in Topanga Canyon, California, where he quickly gained an appreciation for the forest and an aptitude for the wilderness survival instruction he provided. Biko also began avalanche training and later joined his father’s search and rescue squad when he was older.

In a fascinating twist, Biko enlisted his father’s support in training for ‘Alone,’ with the latter providing extensive preparation for the hardships that Biko would face in the Canadian wilderness. Biko was trying to make it on the shores of Chilko Lake in British Columbia when he came into some food, drink, and shelter. He never wavered in his will to make it through whatever came his way. His plan worked brilliantly at first, and Biko survived deep into the season when most others had already given up.

Biko and Clay Hayes, who had both made it more than 70 days, were in a tight battle to the finish. Sadly, Biko eventually exhausted his food supply and began to starve to death. Moreover, he got “a heart condition from lack of nutrition.” Thus, Biko “had to be flown via helicopter” and “had to tap out” after 72 days. The doctors advised Biko that if he had pushed himself any farther, he would have gone into cardiac arrest. Biko spent two days in the hospital recovering from his injuries. No matter how difficult it was for me, it was the correct choice.

What Happened to Biko Wright?


Biko Wright’s twins’ mother, Erin, was expecting them when he was out in the bush attempting to make a living. Thankfully, Biko made it back to his family in time to see the birth of his twin girls. The couple’s two sweet girls are now the center of their universe, and Biko’s love for them is palpable in the heartwarming messages he often makes to his social media accounts. Erin appears to share her partner’s appreciation for nature, and the two of them are creating a warm and welcoming home together.

They have two daughters, Xyla and Nixie, and they currently live in the woods of Western Oregon with their parents. They try to aid animals in need and live in a sustainable manner. In addition, Biko uses his expertise in forging and welding to provide for himself and his family. Biko is also a member of the Oregon-based folk band Endelos and the melodic metal band Sirion. The family is happy and healthy, and they get to spend their days surrounded by breathtaking nature, which they adore.

The Bottom Line

In season 8 of “Alone,” Clay Hayes emerged victorious after enduring 74 days in the Canadian wilderness. In the show, Clay overcame every challenge by demonstrating remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. Despite having worked as a wildlife biologist, Clay ultimately found his passion in bowmaking and archery. So, he left his work as a biologist to pursue his passion of becoming an expert in making and using ancient bows.

As a result of his dedication and hard work, Clay is currently in high demand as a teacher of bow construction classes. He has also helped to disseminate information on archery and bow making by contributing to a wide variety of print, audio, and visual media. His YouTube channel features films on a wide range of topics, including bow manufacturing, bushcraft, survival techniques, and more.

Clay is married and has two sons, Coye and Fen. The family lives on a homestead outside Lewiston in North Idaho. Like her husband, Liz is passionate about green living, and the family is doing its best to instill this value in their children.

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