Why Do Students Lack Interest in Studies?

Why Do Students Lack Interest in Studies?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Updated On
April 10th, 2024

The prosperity of any nation lies in the education of its students. The more you direct students towards learning, the better future you can create. Students must enrol in an institution and adhere to the curriculum well. But unfortunately, with the changing circumstances, students are lagging interest in their studies. They don’t want to attend schools, face their teachers, and comply with the educational requirements. They think school is boring and only attend because it’s needed. There are many reasons for losing interest in studies. Here, I’ve compiled the best among the many.

Top Reasons Why Do Students Lack Interest in Studies?

  • Lack of Digital Education

Covid19 has transformed the world. Everything has shifted to the internet and also the education system. However, some schools still rely on the old learning methods, such as board and marker teaching. On the contrary, if you watch the Internet, you’ll see many videos and tutorials on any topic you want. Schools and teachers don’t adopt digital learning methods like augmented reality and virtual reality, and that’s why students feel a bit bizarre about learning and attending schools.

The solution is to focus on changing the teaching methods and using the Internet to make students learn.

  • Forced Education

Every student has different learning capabilities and requirements. They don’t want to be forced to choose a subject; they want to learn everything. But some parents force subjects on their children and ask them to study according to their choice. This particular habit kills students’ interest and slowly deprives them of education.

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You shouldn’t force your child to study, but listen to them and make decisions based on their capabilities and interests.

  • Lack of Help

Some students are tired of their complicated syllabus and quit in the middle because they don’t feel like studying. It’s because they don’t pursue help and do whatever they feel like doing. With enough help centres and academic institutions, students will feel free to get help and efficiently overcome obstacles. For example, thesis writing isn’t easy, but it’s an important paper to get over with your academics smoothly. If students have access to any thesis writing service in Pakistan, they won’t only feel the burden but can also relax while studying.

Students should be encouraged to seek help from experts rather than feel bad about it. This will allow them to study without barriers and improve their study process.

  • Boring Environment

Extremes of anything can be wrong for students. For example, an environment focusing only on studies but not on creative thinking and activities will bore students. You must have heard the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” That’s true in the case of students. It would be best if you designed the environment so your students feel like giving their time to it, attending the school of their choice, and studying according to their interests. If the environment is black and white, students will only come to pass the time and won’t take any keen interest in learning.

Work on the environment and make it interesting enough to capture the student’s attention. Use creative activities to grab students’ interest in learning.

  • Lack of Appreciation

The reward system in education is very discouraging. Only a few students out of 50 scored in the position, and the few who did felt below average. They didn’t feel appreciated and lacked motivation to study. To tackle this, there should be an appreciation system for everyone who performs above average. Even if students go out of their way to perform well, they should be appreciated for their slight improvement.

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If we only reward a few students out of many, we’ll discourage students from studying. There shouldn’t be any comparative distinction and grade system. And every student who tries should be encouraged so they can do better the next time.

To Wrap It Up

There are many ways to transform the education system. If we focus on digital learning instead of loading students with a heavy syllabus and making it easy for students to acquire education, they won’t feel sidelined. Instead, they attend schools with interest. It’s time to instil a new method of teaching that is fun and easy to adopt.

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