How Much Time Does It Take to Get TOGAF Certified?

How Much Time Does It Take to Get TOGAF Certified?

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August 31, 2022

Are you considering the TOGAF certification training as your next milestone? If yes, you might have been clouded by various thoughts regarding the syllabus, the time it takes to get certified, etc. Housing these doubts in your mind only disturbs you and keeps you from putting your 100% effort into preparing for the TOGAF exams.

First things first! If you have a short deadline, you might want to know when it takes to become TOGAF-certified. If that’s the case, this article is your go-to resource to get an in-depth answer to your doubt. The time it takes for an enterprise architect to get the credential varies according to many factors, including the TOGAF certification training. You can find some experts getting certified within a month, while it might take several months for you to earn the prestigious certification.

This article will provide a complete portrayal of the estimated time it takes for anyone to become TOGAF-certified. So, let’s understand what affects the time taken to become TOGAF-certified, from your preparation journey to the TOGAF certification training.

Let’s get started!

An overview of TOGAF

A high-level framework for corporate software development is provided by the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), a methodology for enterprise architecture. Through a systematic method meant to cut down on errors, manage deadlines, keep within budgets, and integrate IT with business units to generate excellent outputs, TOGAF certification training aids in organizing the development process.

  • The Open Group announced the most recent revision to the framework in 2022
  • The latest roll-out brought TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition, which replaced the TOGAF Standard, 9.2 Edition.
  • Businesses should find it much simpler to adopt TOGAF and integrate best practices within the organization with the help of this TOGAF upgrade.
  • According to The Open Group, the 10th Edition will boost corporate productivity and offer more significant direction and straightforward navigation while using the TOGAF framework.

Types of TOGAF certification training

The time it takes to become TOGAF-certified depends on the certification you choose. So, knowing the various TOGAF certifications is essential before going forward in the article.

Here are the types of TOGAF certification training you can choose

  • TOGAF 9 Part 1 Exam

This test is required to obtain the TOGAF 9 Foundation certification.

  • The exam has 40 questions.
  • You will get the questions in a simple multiple-choice format
  • It will cover the Level 1 learning outcomes
  • The pass mark is nearly 55% (you need to solve at least 22 questions among 40).
  • Each correct answer scores a single point.
  • TOGAF 9 Part 2 Exam

This test is required to obtain the TOGAF 9 Certified certification.

  • The exam comprises eight complex scenario questions with gradient scoring.
  • The entire set of Level 2 learning outcomes is covered by the second test, which is an open-book test.
  • The correct response receives 5 points, the second-best answer gets 3 points, and the third-best response gets 1 point.
  • The distracting alternative receives no points.
  • The cutoff is 60%. (24 or more questions should be correct among 40).
  • TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 & Part 2 Exam

It combines the TOGAF 9 Parts 1 and 2, making it ideal for students who want to pass just one exam to become TOGAF 9 Certified (Level 2).

  • It has two sections and the exact pass requirements mentioned above in the TOGAF 9 Part 1 and 2 exams.
  • You must pass all sections.
  • No certification is granted if you fail either Part 1 or Part 2 of the combined examination.
  • However, you only need to repeat the exam for the failed section.

What do you need to learn to become TOGAF-certified?

The topic areas are weighted so that there are more questions in essential areas of the syllabus. The eleven subject areas included in the TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam, together with the number of questions per subject area, are listed below:

  • Core Concepts (3 questions)
  • Basic Concepts (3 questions)
  • Introduction to the ADM (3 questions)
  • ADM Phases (9 questions)
  • The Enterprise Continuum and Tools (4 questions)
  • ADM Guidelines and Techniques (6 questions)
  • Architecture Views, Viewpoints, and Stakeholders (2 questions)
  • Architecture Governance (4 questions)
  • ADM Deliverables (2 questions)
  • Building Blocks (2 questions)
  • TOGAF Reference Models (2 questions)

The TOGAF certification training learning outcomes comprise the TOGAF 9 Part 2 examination syllabus. With eight scenarios and eight questions, the exam samples the learning objectives.

The eight questions represent the following subject areas:

  • ADM Phases: Project Establishment (phases Preliminary, A, Requirements Management)
  • ADM Phases: Transition Planning (phases E and F)
  • ADM Phases: Architecture Definition (phases B,C,D)
  • Adapting the ADM
  • ADM Phases: Governance (phases G and H)
  • TOGAF Reference Models
  • Architecture Content and Capability Framework

How much time does it require to become TOGAF-certified?

The amount of time required for preparation will determine how long it takes to earn The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) certification. You must pass the two-part exam to receive the certificate. You can self-study if you like; you are not required to take a training course before the exam.

The TOGAF certification training courses will be more thorough, and you can decide how long you want to spend getting certified. You might not require spending as much time studying if you already have a basic understanding of the subject matter, or you could be able to go through it quickly.

  • You can take the examinations or a Part 1 and Part 2 exam together. The exam is divided into two sections.
  • You must pass Part 1 with a minimum score of 55% to pass.
  • Multiple choice questions are included in Part 1.
  • You must provide written responses for part 2, which is scenario-based.


As you know, preparing for the TOGAF certification training can delay your certification date. So, you might want to prepare for the test and earn the certification quickly. Accessing the best TOGAF certification training session, like Simplilearn online bootcamp, can help you skyrocket your preparation and achieve your goals in a short span.

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