Hustlers University 3.0 : Points To Know

Hustlers University 3.0 : Points To Know

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Education, Published On
September 27, 2023

Hustlers University 3.0 was outstanding five years ago but does not compare to other similar courses in 2023. Consider Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab for internet income. Master shock marketer Andrew Tate He commands attention. Neither is he a master entrepreneur, digital marketer, e-commerce person, or crypto investor. He’s knowledgeable, and you can learn some basic affiliate marketing and other internet business strategies to make money, but it’s basically entry-level. $600 a year equals $50 a month.

For the same or more, you can discover better online business programs or courses. Most course information is free or on YouTube. Tate’s main value to readers is being part of his Hustlers community and worshipping him as a god. Not that I blame him—it’s not worth a monthly membership. He used to encourage students to advertise the course strongly in exchange for 50% of the lifetime value of a signup, so every favourable review is incentivized. Tate gets hundreds of influencers to promote his ideas to young guys and show them a desired existence. While he’s not as awful as Tai Lopez, I recommend investing in other online courses with more recent, realistic advice.

What Is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University offers to teach you high-paying talents you can use to make money online. Tate’s viral marketing and student success stories are making headlines. Its “experts” teach 100,000 pupils copywriting, digital marketing, SEO, eCommerce, and crypto, among other money-making talents. The idea is to help people make money online quickly. Tate founded it in 2021 to replace The War Room. He promises to teach anyone how to create “passive income” online. The business plan is simple: enroll students, encourage them to market his product, pay 50% commission, and watch sales soar due to student success stories.

For whom is Hustlers University designed?

Hustlers University

Hustlers University promises to help beginners generate money online. Tate promises to improve your online income with high-paying skills from day one. Personally, I disagree. Tate teaches many business strategies, and unlike most online programs, he offers private Discord channels for regular interaction. However, most of this information is free elsewhere, and many of his teachings are outmoded or unsustainable. Again, Tate seems more interested in establishing a large following and expanding his personal brand and business enterprises than providing young men who look up to him with the best advice.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Emery Andrew Tate III is an American-born English kickboxer, entrepreneur, influencer, media personality, and controversy magnet who has made him renowned and infamous. When Andrew was in his teens, his father, American chess master and kickboxer Emory Tate, moved the family to the UK. Andrew followed his father into kickboxing and won four world titles before retiring and pursuing semi-celebrity, entrepreneurship, and influencer marketing. He says he never made money kickboxing. He’s often in the news for his harsh remarks regarding women. Actually, his words are often misinterpreted, and he’s villainized by people who don’t know his true beliefs. He’s dating Jordan Peterson’s daughter.

What Made Andrew Tate Famous, and Where Did He Get His Money?

Hustlers University

Andrew Tate became recognized for kickboxing and British reality TV before starting an online business. While living in Eastern Europe, he taught internet moneymaking to create an online brand. He says his money comes from a thriving webcam business, casinos, and crypto investments. My main issue is that many crypto millionaires aren’t investors. They bought BTC at $1 and sold it for $60,000. I can’t say he’s an expert until I see more proof. I don’t know him enough. His webcam business has a lot of evidence, so he understands how to run it. He says he gained money through a webcam business, not through writing, Amazon, eCom, or other things he teaches. The course has nothing to do with his past. It seems more likely that he made money in business and invested in crypto.

Why is Andrew Tate so controversial?

Hustlers University

Tate tried to become famous through MMA or reality TV before social media algorithms pushed his viral lessons on everyone. After that failed, he flaunted his wealth and lifestyle on social media to young, naive males with identity difficulties. He is a role model for millions of directionless young men who struggle with women, careers, families, and self-worth. The debate is because he often says incendiary things to garner more views. He even says women shouldn’t drive and are men’s property. His words are often taken out of context, yet the terminology is problematic. I also dislike people who stir up controversy for attention.


Hustlers University: Legit?

Hustlers University is neither fraudulent nor legit. Andrew Tate is not an expert at making money online with the abilities he promises to teach in the course. The most successful students made all their money advertising the course, not using the skills.

Hustlers University 2.0 Monthly

Hustlers University 2.0 is monthly. The monthly fee is $49.99, and an upgrade to 3.0 costs $49.99 extra.

Joining Hustlers University: How?

I don’t recommend joining Hustlers University by making a Discord account and paying for the course.

Hustlers University: Worth It?

Hustlers University isn’t worthwhile. Real specialists could train you for $50 per month. Andrew Tate isn’t an Amazon, eCom, or marketing success.

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