Everything You Need To Know About MTA(Microsoft Technology Associate) Certification

Everything You Need To Know About MTA(Microsoft Technology Associate) Certification

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Published On
December 3, 2020

The demand for a technology degree is at an all-time high as people realize the value of these training courses. What can a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification do for you?

All Microsoft certifications are an asset in the IT industry, regardless of where you are in your career. They can make a difference by creating new opportunities, changing your career path, getting a promotion, and increasing your salary.

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is one of the most basic and essential options for everyone just emerging in the wider world of information technology.

While Microsoft’s certifications in any specialty area are of great value no matter where you are in your career, an MTA certification is especially important for anyone just starting out.

Is MTA certification worth it?

The demand for Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) is increasing across the field across all industries, and many of them have started their way as MTAs.

The MTA certification is an entry-level certification that helps potential candidates to stand out from the crowd. If you are a current student, you can even improve your GPA, which will boost your resume.

Passing the MTA exam means that you have fulfilled the prerequisites that demonstrate a thorough understanding of basic IT concepts.

While anyone can say this on their CV, few can prove it. It’s a recruiter’s nightmare to bring a promising new candidate on board only to find that their actual proficiency at Microsoft doesn’t come close to what is needed for the job.

MTASome people compare MTA certification with entry-level Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification because it shares some of the similarities. Anyone wishing to work with Microsoft technology at any level should have a proficiency in a basic understanding of Microsoft and its core software.

Although MOS training places more emphasis on proficiency in specific Microsoft applications, MTA training covers a wide range of concepts and technical knowledge.
Build your organization

As with any entry-level certification, the MTA is the first step towards the many specialist certifications that you will pursue as you develop your career. In addition to demonstrating your knowledge and skills, getting an MTA certification also reflects ambition and leadership.

In a survey that evaluated employers’ perceptions of training and certification in IT, 86 percent of recruits said IT degrees were medium or high priority. In another survey conducted by Microsoft, 91% of respondents indicated that they consider certifications part of their criteria during the hiring process.

When it comes to asking IT professionals about their experience with certifications, additional Network World research revealed that 60 percent of them said obtaining certification resulted in a new job.

MTA certification can also be an important starting point if you want to shift gears a little on your IT journey. There are a few major options that you can select based on your specific interests.

For example, if you are more inclined to study databases, you can choose a path more focused on that, or if your interests are in software development, you can follow the program path.

Whichever path you choose, an MTA certification can help you set the direction for your emerging IT career on a solid foundation.

To obtain MTA certification, you must pass one of the required exams (see the list below).

Some of the most popular and possibly the most valuable MTA certifications are those that pave the way for specialization.

The MTA IT Infrastructure Windows Server course will prepare you with everything you need to know for the secure installation and management of Windows Server. You’ll get information about hardware, infrastructure, protocol, and network services, plus server setup, performance, and more.

The MTA Database SQL Server training covers the basic basics of working with SQL Server, including the basics of understanding databases, creating and modifying databases, and understanding database storage.

If Software is more interesting, then our introductory MTA Programming course will introduce you to software development and object-oriented programming, web and desktop applications. You’ll start building your coding and learning the basics

You can obtain an MTA certification upon passing one of the following tests:

  • Exam 98-349 / Course 40349 – Fundamentals of the Windows Operating System
  • Exam 98-361 – Fundamentals of Software Development
  • Exam 98-364 / Course 40364 – Basics of Databases
  • Exam 98-365 – Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-366 – Network Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-367 – Safety Fundamentals
  • Exam 98-368 / Course 40368 – Fundamentals and Mobility Devices
  • Exam 98-375 – Fundamentals of HTML5 Application Development
  • Exam 98-381: Introduction to Python Programming
  • Exam 98-382: Introduction to JavaScript Programming
  • Exam 98-383: Introduction to programming using HTML and CSS
  • Exam 98-388: Introduction to Java Programming

MTA certification path

There is no certification path for the MTA. Once you pass any of the aforementioned exams, you get the MTA certification. The MTA exams do not qualify for MCP certification, and they are not a prerequisite for MCSA or MCSD certification.

MCPs are almost guaranteed to be hired due to their expertise with Microsoft technology. Almost all organizations, large and small, use Microsoft platforms and apps.

They need the right people who understand technology, even if only at the most basic level. MTA certification clearly shows that you have mastered the basic concepts of Microsoft technology and can provide a crucial foot in the door for the junior candidates.

For those looking to change their IT career in a new direction, an MTA certification can also be the first step in this new path. In short, an MTA certification is extremely valuable and can bring many unique benefits in many applications.

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