E-Learning v/s Classroom learning

E-Learning v/s Classroom learning

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Updated On
April 11th, 2024

Nowadays, it is a burning topic of which mode of education is best suited for children: online learning or traditional classroom learning. Students are also tasked with writing various essays on the difference between e-learning and classroom learning and which is better.

While everyone would have different opinions on this matter, we would provide you with some essay writing help for homework help by stating some of the differences between the two learning modes. Then you can decide which is better and write your essay or homework accordingly.

E-Learning v/s Classroom learning

1. Interaction between the students and the teachers

The interaction between students and Teachers has changed drastically with the change in the mode of education from classroom learning to e-learning. Mentioning this point in your essays will provide you with a lot of essay writing help and homework help.

In the traditional classrooms, the students interacted face-to-face with their teachers and classmates or colleagues. Students participated a lot in the school and provided their thoughts, and they would get their queries solved within minutes without hesitating. The teachers and the students used to share many experiences with one another, which would develop a lot of interest in the students in their classes. The students also shared many experiences with their colleagues that made school life enjoyable. The dynamic experience of learning that traditional classroom teaching provided to students resulted in the development of their intellect and knowledge.

On the other hand, this kind of interaction between the students and the teachers is not possible with the e-learning teaching method. The only place where the interaction happens is in online classrooms or through emails or webinars. This provides a minimal opportunity for the students to interact with each other or the teacher; all they talk about is their studies and nothing else. This snatches away their whole feeling when they used to study in their traditional classrooms, and they also lose interest.

2. Practical knowledge

In your essays or homework, you can also mention the reduction of practical knowledge in the classrooms.

In traditional classrooms, practical knowledge used to be very limited. This is certainly not the case with the online classes that are going on. This may not seem to be confirmed with the subjects that are not practical, but the students who opted for practical subjects like geography, physics, chemistry, etc., suffered a lot in these online classes. Concepts of chemistry and physics need to be explained in the labs; the students can only gain a thorough knowledge of these concepts if they do it alone. Students used to do a lot of practice in traditional labs, but with online courses, they can only watch the teachers doing those experiments, and they would not get the experience of doing it by themselves, which would cost them a lot in their practical examination. This is because not everyone can access all the substances needed to conduct those experiences at home.

3. Place and time of learning

In the traditional classes, the one problem that every student had was that they had to wake up early to get to the classes. We certainly do not address it as a problem as waking up early gives you health. It is a good habit, but many students still find it very difficult to wake up early in the morning to travel a lot of distance to get to one or two classes. However, this problem is solved due to these online classes. This is a great topic that you could mention in your essays, and it would provide you with a lot of homework help and essay writing help, as this is a point that the students must feel. The students find it easy to access these online classes because they can be accessed at any time and wherever. If you had gone somewhere out of your station in the traditional course, you couldn’t take these classes. Still, because of this online learning system, students can take courses from wherever they want, whether out of the station or even out of the country.

4. Cost of the education

The traditional model of learning was a costly one for several reasons that are listed below :

  • Traditional classroom learning requires various fees like tuition fees, library fees, computer lab fees, science lab fees, and many more, which include the entire fee needed on multiple aspects of your learning process.
  • The schools or colleges also charged fees for various co-curricular activities for any cultural programs or any activities you have taken part in like dancing, singing, or any sports.
  • The school and college authorities charged a lot of fees for the students’ travelling, and if the parents did not want to use the school vehicle, then public transportation was also not an inexpensive option.

Online learning is very cost-efficient because :

  • No fees for the core curriculum activities like those for sports, music, or dance are conducted because these activities cannot be performed online and charging fees for them is ridiculous.
  • No library fees, science lab fees, or computer lab fees are collected because students can not be provided access to them.
  • The cost of travelling becomes almost equal to zero because there is no travelling involved in taking classes, and it saves a lot of money for the parents and students.
  • Online classes also include some extra charges of the internet connection and the electricity bill but all of that is a little bit less compared to the expenses that were caused due to offline classes.
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