How Can I Get A Chegg free trial?

How Can I Get A Chegg free trial?

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December 20, 2023

If you are a student you must have noticed when you search for a particular answer or topic that Chegg always pops up in the search results. It doesn’t matter if you are in middle school, high school, or college. You must check it out if you want some help during your study sessions.

What is Chegg?


Chegg is a learning platform made specifically for students. It was developed to help students in their academic journey, no matter their age or question. There are multiple ways Chegg aims to achieve its aim. It provides students with an option to sell and/ or rent their textbooks online through this platform to make their text easily available. With Chegg free trial, you also get help in your actual study process by using the flashcards on its app to revise your topic quickly. This feature is free on the app. What does require payment are the services provided by the platform as such solving your questions, writing your assignments, giving you maths solutions, and the like.

Chegg as a platform is not only good for students who are studying but is also for those who wish to pursue some internships or attain some scholarships because it helps with it as well. It has a financial advice section dedicated to students to help them aware to make financially sound decisions.

Is Chegg a paid platform?


Chegg is a paid platform that requires you to subscribe to avail of its services.

It has two subscription plans available for students:

  • Chegg Study – This plan allows you to access all the solutions of the books assigned to you along with the questions and answers posted by experts on the platform for extra practice. You can also ask your questions on the platform from the experts with this plan. With all this, the Chegg Study plan also includes access to basic flashcards on the app.
  • Chegg Study Pack- This plan allows you all the offers from the Chegg Study and more. Along with solutions to the questions posed by you, your textbook, and expert questions, it also offers you premium-grade flashcards with extra questions and guidance videos. If you are looking for a tool to write your answers or solve your math questions then also you can check this plan out.

How can I get a Chegg free trial?

You can access Chegg for free by starting a free trial on the platform. It would last you for four weeks for all the other services and a seven-day trial for the e-textbooks on the platform. During this free trial, you will be allowed to take thirty minutes of free help from homework as well as online teaching. Along with this, you will also be able to save ninety percent on the books on the platform.

All you need to do to sign up for it is

  • Open the official Chegg website


  • Press the Study button


  • Choose the Try Chegg Study tab


  • Put in your requested details to create an account on the platform
  • When asked to select a plan choose the Chegg Study Pack

If you do not want to pay after your free trial ends then cancel your automatic payments from the platform where you have entered your payment details.

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Benefits of using Chegg

Chegg offers multiple benefits not just for students but also for people who are looking to make a little money in academia by offering them an option to make money by becoming an expert on the platform and solving the questions posed by students.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • You can prose your problems and get real-time answers
  • You can get the answers to your homework or assignments
  • Chegg offers financial advice to students
  • Chegg offers internship opportunities as well as scholarships to the students using the platform
  • It has a flashcard app for free revisions
  • The most important benefit is the diversity of subjects Chegg offers its help in, from Political Science to Philosophy Chegg offers solutions for all the subjects
  • The variety  of experts is another benefit of using Chegg


Chegg as a learning platform is a boon for students. Not just them it has also created a way for people to make some extra money on the side. Chegg has introduced a real revolution in the online learning platform and has inspired many other such platforms as well.


  • What is Chegg?

Chegg is a learning platform made specifically for students to help them solve their doubts.

  • Is Chegg free?

No, Chegg is a paid platform.

  • Is Chegg an offline class?

No, Chegg is an online web-based learning platform.

  • Can I earn using Chegg?

Yes, you can earn using Chegg by becoming an expert on the platform.

  • How long is a Chegg free trial?

Chegg free trial lasts for four weeks only.

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